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Wave Alchemy updates Transistor Revolution MKII with Live & Maschine support

Wave Alchmey has announced Ableton Live and Native Instruments Maschine support for its Transistor Revolution MKII drum machine sample library for Kontakt.

 Transistor Revolution MKII

Our award-winning Transistor Revolution MKII for Kontakt now includes intuitive, custom built Ableton Live Drum Racks (Live 9) and NI Maschine formats as standard when you purchase the main Kontakt instrument.

All Transistor Revolution MKII customers get the new formats for free! We have re-activated all Transistor Revolution MKII downloads for 30 days, giving you plenty of time to log into your account and download.

Ableton Live Pack (compatible with version 9 and above)

  • 3627 drum samples arranged and mapped in custom built, feature rich drum racks (1 drum rack for each drum machine sampled).
  • Kits for both 808 and 909.
  • 22 ‘Drum Modules’ which can be loaded separately into empty Drum Racks to create your own kits. Mix and match drum types to build your own analogue dream drum machine.
  • Each drum module includes 7 pre-assigned macros for quick, intuitive editing within each kit. Cycle through the different sound variations recorded from the selected drum machine. All variations and parameters of the original machines have been recorded, per drum voice; pitch/tune, decay and various other settings (depending on the drum machine).
  • Seamlessly scan through multi-sampled drum sounds with one-knob control over parameters such as Analog Tone, Analog Delay and Analog Snappy.
  • All patches work with Simpler (full Ableton Suite not required).

NI Maschine Pack (compatible with version 2.0 and above)

  • 516 drum samples.
  • Full kits for both 808 and 909.
  • Carefully tagged kits for quick and easy loading from the Maschine Controller. Easily edit sampler voice settings including pitch/tune, filters, envelopes, LFO’s and FX per sound via the Maschine controller.
  • Mix and match drum types to build your own analogue dream drum machine. Each kit includes pre-assigned sample parameters for quick, intuitive editing with the Macshine controller.

Transistor Revolution MKII is available for purchase for £84.95 GBP.

More information: Wave Alchemy / Transistor Revolution MKII


Conductr Ableton Live controller for iPad gets free version

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Patchworks has announced the release of a free version of Conductr, the Ableton Live controller app for iPad.

Patchworks Conductr

Conductr was launched in September 2013. During the last nine months, we’ve got an amazing feedback from both professional and amateur musicians — you can check some of their opinions about Conductr in our Artists portfolio. Reviewers, certified trainers and institutions like Point Blank and the Berklee College of Music have given us extremely positive feedback for our app.

This has motivated us to take a big leap forward: we want everybody to love Conductr as much as us and our supporters do.
So from now on, CONDUCTR IS A FREE APP.

From today, you can download a basic version of Conductr for free which will allow you to control 4 tracks and 11 scenes on any Ableton Live set. You can also create 2 user modules, each one can integrate up to 8 parameters from any device on any track of your set.

You can make in-app purchases for different premium modules and packs to get unlimited features and personalize Conductr based on your needs.

This update also includes a Sends Mode in the Mixer Module, a Mute Hiding button and the possibility to save your projects’ complete set-ups — features many of our early adopters demanded.

In upcoming weeks, new modules will be launched.

More information: Conductr


Loopbased intros Psyder Mind for Ableton Live

Loopbased has introduced Psyder Mind for Ableton Live, a new sound library from Astral Tech.

Psyder Mind for Ableton Live

Astral Tech presents Psyder Mind for Ableton Live is a brand-new Psy-Trance project file for Ableton Live.

It features futuristic and danceable Psytrance sounds and is perfect to edit and to create a new version of the song with you own ideas.

The pack is available for purchase for 25 EUR.

Loopbased has also launched a number of packs from its partners, including titles by Kryptic, Nano Musik Loops, Premier Sound Bank, Prodigy Studios, Pulsed Records, and more.

Packs at Loopbased

New packs at Loopbased

  • America’s Most Wanted Beats Vol 3 (Kryptic) – ‘America’s Most Wanted Beats Vol 3′ by Kryptic contains five Hip Hop Construction Kits that include WAV and MIDI files to make your production process even easier.
  • World Series: Balkan Bagpipe (Pulsed Records) – ‘World Series: Balkan Bagpipe’ kicks off a brand new series of products by Pulsed Records. This one of a kind sample pack features a Balkan Bagpipe with 11 masterpieces that reflect the native culture of several regions of the Balkans.
  • Gumbo Superstars Trap Kits (Prodigy Studios) – ‘Gumbo Superstars Trap Kits’ brings you a dynamite Gumbo collection filled with blazing and unique Trap and EDM sounds.
  • Balearic Trance Vol 4 (Nano Musik Loops) – ‘Balearic Trance Vol 4′ from Nano Music Loops brings you the best Trance and Dance Construction Kits in WAV, REX2 and MIDI file formats.
  • Apocalyptik Vol 2 (Kryptic) – ‘Apocalyptik Vol 2′ by Kryptic contains five Hip Hop Construction Kits that include WAV and MIDI files with banging drums, strings, keys, brass, choir, French horns and more, this pack is especially dark and powerful.
  • Chilled Guitars Vol 3 (Vanilla Groove Studios) – Following on from our hugely popular Chilled Guitars Volumes 1 and 2 comes the third volume in the series. “Chilled Guitars Vol 3″ features 69 smooth and somber loops ranging from 80 to 140 BPM and arranged in 4 Construction kits.
  • Premier Trap Sylenth Presets (Premier Sound Bank) – Our first round of Sylenth Presets here at Premier Sound Bank comes in the form of 90 meticulously crafted Trap presets.
  • Cemetery Gate Vol 3 (Kryptic) – ‘Cemetery Gate Vol 3′ by Kryptic contains six Hip Hop Construction Kits that include WAV and MIDI files to make your production even easier.
  • Floating Trance Vol 5 (Nano Musik Loops) – ‘Floating Trance Vol 5′ from Nano Musik Loops features five of the best Trance Construction Kits, including MIDI files.
  • Female Urban Hooks Vol 1 (Vocals and Samples) – You’ll find 26 individual vocal stems by talented singer and songwriter, Chelsea Davis. Chelsea’s vocal runs, melodies, and the warm tone to her voice will bring you endless song ideas for your next radio hit.
  • Dark Project Vol 2 (Kryptic) – ‘Dark Project Vol 2′ contains five Hip Hop Construction Kits with banging drums, strings, keys, tubular bells, choirs, church organ, French horns, synths, and more, this pack includes all the elements you need to create your own track.
  • House Club Vol 6 (Nano Musik Loops) – ‘House Club Vol 6′ from Nano Musik Loops features five of the most current-sounding House and Dance Construction Kits, including MIDI files.
  • Futuristic Drums Vol 1 (Vocals and Samples) – ‘Futuristic Drums Vol 1′ is packed full of amazing snares, claps, kicks, percussion samples and sound effects all designed to work with just about any modern music genre.
  • Magna Soundz (Prodigy Studios) – ‘Magna Soundz’ brings you five incredible Construction Kits heavily influenced by Rap and Hip Hop sensation Jay Z. This pack perfectly capture the vibe of his 12th studio album, Magna Carter.
  • Producer Tool: Electro Dance Bassline Bundle (Nano Musik Loops) – ‘Producer Tool: Electro Dance Bassline Bundle’ from Nano Musik Loops features 160 of the most current-sounding Electro & Dance Bassline Riffs, including 160 MIDI files.
  • Hell On Earth Part II (Kryptic) – ‘Hell On Earth Part II’ from Kryptic contains five Hip Hop Construction Kits that include WAV and MIDI and will give you that real Old School/East Coast sound as this pack is inspired by Mobb Deep’s music.
  • R&B Smooth Vinyl (Dx Entertainment) – ‘R&B Smooth Vinyl’ is a new Construction Kit set that will help you take your creativity to the next level. This pack features five smooth Construction Kits with some nice 808 sounds to compliment the multi-track WAV loops.
  • Trance & Dance Vol 12 (Nano Musik Loops) – ‘Trance & Dance Vol 12′ from Nano Musik Loops features six of the most current-sounding Trance Construction Kits, including MIDI Files.

The packs are now available for purchase from Loopbased.

More information: Loopbased


Audiobombs releases FM Series Vol.1 for Ableton Live

Audiobombs FM Series Vol.1

Audiobombs has announced the release of FM Series Vol.1, a free sound pack for Ableton Live.

This is the first in a series of FM multi-sample packs from We’ve scoured through hundreds of 4-OP FM patches with our trusty TX81Z and we’re hand picking some of our favorites to sample and make available as free Ableton instruments.

This Ableton live set includes three classic FM sounds sampled directly from the Yamaha TX81Z. Each Ableton instrument includes several zones (and velocity layers when the patch utilized it) for a realistic reproduction of the original hardware.

The download is free at Audiobombs. It includes sets for Live’s Sampler and Simpler.

More information: Audiobombs / FM Series Vol.1


Sample Magic launches Ableton Magic Racks: Mixing & Mastering + MIDI Elements: Deep House 2

Sample Magic has announced the release of two new sound packs.

Mixing & Mastering is a new Ableton Magic Racks title, featuring 5 custom Ableton Racks for dance mixing and mastering.

Ableton Magic Racks: Mixing & Mastering

Five all-new Ableton racks expertly constructed to put intuitive, powerful and versatile mixing and mastering tools at your fingertips.

Designed to make louder, wider, fatter, tighter and punchier tracks easier to achieve than ever, each rack has a career’s worth of mixing and mastering know-how distilled within its 8 macro controls, allowing you to sculpt incisive mixes and polished masters with a few simple tweaks.

The Mixing & Mastering pack is available for £9.90 GBP.

The SM101 series MIDI Elements: Deep House 2 features a collection of MIDI melodics for the deeper shades of house.

MIDI Elements: Deep House 2

From deep and groovy to smooth and soulful: 101 classic chord progressions, deep basslines, intricate arps and lush pads in fully-flexible MIDI format.

Inject deep musicality and fresh inspiration into your tracks with stacks of expertly played melodic motifs inspired by the finest purveyors of the genre.

The Deep House 2 MIDI pack is available for purchase for £9.90 GBP.

More information: Sample Magic


Mabelton releases integration pack for Ableton Push & ReFX Nexus2

Mabelton Push/Spire Integration Pack

Mabelton Audio has announced the release of the integration pack for Ableton Push and Nexus2, the virtual instrument by reFX.

The Mabelton Audio Integration Packs offer an instant way to solve a significant problem – popular third party VSTs cannot be used from Push in the same way as Ableton’s instruments can. So if you own Sylenth, DIVA, Zebra, the Arturia V Collection or Alchemy, this might interest you (more VSTs being added regularly – please check back).

Nexus 2 Push Integration Pack features

  • Find ReFX Nexus2 and all its factory presets inside your Push menu.
  • Browse through all 1,028 of the factory presets from Push’s screen.
  • Load up any of the presets from Push.
  • Control the main knobs and sliders on Nexus2 using Push’s knobs (and record your tweaks using Ableton’s automation function).
  • Use Push features seamlessly with Nexus2, including step sequencer, in scale mode, etc.

The integration pack for Ableton Push and ReFX Nexus2 is available for purchase for £9.99 GBP.

More information: Crafted Sound / Push & Nexus2 integration pack


Desert Sound Studios updates Mk-iii drum machine for Live to v1.2

Desert Sound Studios has released version 1.2 of Mk-iii, a fully-featured modular drum machine built for Ableton Live.

Desert Sound Studios Mk-iii v1.2

The Mk-iii combines the latest music technology with classic synthesizer design. The result is a musical instrument that’s meant to be played.

The core of the Mk-iii drum revolves around two completely independant Max for Live devices, a step sequencer and a sample playback module. Though each device can be used on its own, the Mk-iii drum machine is only realized when the two devices combine into a single musical instrument.

Changes in Mk-iii v1.2

  • Unused parameters no longer affect Lives undo history.
  • Drum Module decay settings now load properly on startup.
  • Sequencer settings now saved with Live Project (v1.1).
  • Adds clear and reset functions to Sequencer (v1.1).
  • Adds new MK-iii Effects device (v1.1).

Mk-iii is available for purchase for $23.99 USD. Requires Ableton Live 9 Suite / Ableton Live 8 or 9 with Max for Live Add-on.

More information: Desert Sound Studios / Mk-iii