ADSR Sounds launches video tutorial course bundles

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ADSR Sounds has launched new course bundles of its video tutorial courses for Massive, Absynth, Reaktor, FM8, Sylenth1, and Zebra.

ADSR Massive 4 Course Bundle

Course Bundles at ADSR Sounds

  • MEGA Synth Masterclass Bundle – Take the guesswork out of music production with ADSR’s Masterclass series. for the world’s most popular soft synths in one comprehensive resource. Totalling 20 hours of practical instruction, theoretical insight and professional tips & tricks, literally every knob, button and slider on every synth is explained and demonstrated.
  • Zebra Masterclass Bundle – Over 9.5 hours of instruction this amazing bundle of courses will expand you’re working knowledge of Zebra whatever your current skill level.
  • Reaktor Masterclass Bundle – 42 videos totalling over 6 hours of in-depth instruction step you through everything you need to know to start using Reaktor with sterling proficiency. You will learn it all – from navigating Reaktor and building, right through to the complex programming environment of Reaktor Core and the partials framework.
  • Massive Masterclass Bundle – Are you keen to learn how to use Native Instruments’ Massive like a pro? The Massive Masterclass Bundle offers you the complete package to gain expert command over this mega synth with over 10 hours of in-depth video!

The bundles are now available for purchase at a 30% savings on individual courses.

More information: ADSR Sounds / Video course bundles


The Unfinished releases Absynth Nostromo soundset + Summer Sale

The Unfinished has announced the release of Absynth Nostromo, a collection of 128 sounds for cinematic scoring and ambient electronica.

The Unfinished Absynth Nostromo

Nostromo is inspired by the cinematic sounds of Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross and Dave Porter, and the electronic noises of Boards of Canada, Biosphere and I Break Horses.

Full of wobbly, widescreen leads; broken, beefy basses; lush, lo-fi pads; savage, soulful soundscapes; and complex, compelling sequences.

Hewn out of Absynth’s deep and destructive synthesis and sampling engine, Nostromo has a delicate, analogue soul, wrapped in a robust, digital skin. This soundset is all about drift, dirt and dynamics.

Absynth Nostromo is available for purchase for £19.99 GBP. It is also included in the updated Absynth Bundle.

The Unfinished has also announced a limited time sale on most of its soundsets.

The Unfinished Summer Sale

Nearly everything is at roughly 33% off (I’ve rounded a few prices here and there, so that my OCD doesn’t kick in!). The only exceptions are last month’s releases: Zebra Elysium, Zebra Elysium Dark and the Zebra Bundle.

The sale ends September 4th, 2014. Use coupon FABTABULOUS at checkout to take advantage of this offer.

More information: The Unfinished


Leap Into The Void releases Enchantment Of Absynth Vol. 3 & Trilogy for Absynth

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Leap Into The Void has announced the release of Enchantment Of Absynth Vol. 3 ”Entelechy And The Aesthetic Glitch”, a new soundset for the Absynth synthesizer from Native Instruments.

Enchantment Of Absynth Vol. 3

Enchantment Of Absynth Vol. 3 contains percussive elements, tempo-synced sequences, soundscapes, textures, drones, noise, lead sounds, bass sounds, pads and more.

A big source of inspiration for Vol. 3 come from glitch composers such as a couple of the names from the label raster-noton, with the dark and divined touch of a Leap Into The Void.

All of the sounds are designed for instant seduction. The melodic sounds, the soundscapes, the percussive sequences etc. Simply hold any note. All of the sounds also offer great expressiveness and direct and easy tweaking by only using the mod wheel. Should you want to go beyond, there are tweaking possibilities from the assigned macro faders that go far and beyond including new and innovative ways of accessing delicate nuances, morphing and bewilderedness. The choice is yours.

Enchantment Of Absynth Vol. 3 features

  • Total of 128 presets.
  • Expressive velocity assignments and innovative mod wheel assignments.
  • Extensive macro control for soundshaping, morphing and coloring.
  • All sounds are based on sculpted and hand drawn or stock wavetables (no samples used).
  • Included is a detailed patch list, descriptions of every sound and tweak examples where applicable.
  • Absynth 5.2 required.

Enchantment Of Absynth Vol. 3 is available for a 2-week introductory price of 20.97 EUR (regular 34.95 EUR).

The soundset is also included in the newly released Enchantment Of Absynth Trilogy.

”Organic – expressive – omniscient – suggestive – aesthetic – glitch”, a complete entity of sounds suited for dark ambient, contemporary art music, any electronica, glitch, minimal, industrial, noise, drones, sound installations, film production, games production, drum and bass as well as alternative, progressive and experimental music.

The bundle comprises all three volumes (390 presets) and costs 59.91 EUR, a 40% savings.

More information: Leap Into The Void / Enchantment Of Absynth Vol. 3


Multiples Pro releases SYNF sound pack

Multiples Pro SYNF

Multiples Pro releases SYNF, a sound pack that takes inspiration from the many great hardware and software synthesizers, of olden and more modern times.

Built with it’s hand firmly in software, SYNF has been created with the current trend for modular synthesizers in mind.

All sounds in this library were created for their uniqueness, keeping them as modular and analogue sounding as possible.

We think you will agree that this is an outstanding library of contemporary sounds that will fully complement your mix and song writing style.

SYNF features

  • 10 Bass Multi’s.
  • 10 Key Multi’s.
  • 10 Synth Multi’s.
  • 50 Pads/Drones.
  • 300 One Shots.
  • 30 Drum Sounds.
  • 160 Massive Presets.
  • 150 Absynth Presets.
  • 3 Maschine Groups.
  • 30 Maschine Sounds.

The library is available for purchase for £5 GBP. Individual packs for ReFill, Maschine, Massive and Absynth are also sold separately.

More information: Multiples Pro / SYNF


ADSR Sounds intros Phat Stabs for Absynth

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Talou Sound Phat Stabs

ADSR Sounds has launched Phat Stabs, a collection of 28 Absynth presets by Talou Sound.

This Preset pack contains 28 Phat Presets with one main goal; to go really insane and loud.

In addition to that you get cool FX Presets, some Absynth Side Chain Presets and 50 stereo samples for your Absynth sample library.

The audio preview ‘ Talou Sound – Phat Stabs ‘ is fully produced with Absynth. This means all sounds, drums, reverbs and filter sweeps where made entirely inside the synthesizer, no other fx where used. What you hear is what you get!

The high quality synthesis and sound design involved in making this Preset pack ensures multiple uses.

The soundset costs $18 USD.

More information: ADSR Sounds / Phat Stabs


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