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Native Instruments announces time-limited special upgrade offer on KOMPLETE 8

Native Instruments has announced a time-limited special offer on KOMPLETE 8, to mark the official beginning of spring.

Native Instruments KOMPLETE 8 Spring Special

From March 21st – 29th 2012, owners of MASSIVE, ABSYNTH, BATTERY, FM8, REAKTOR, KONTAKT, GUITAR RIG PRO or GUITAR RIG KONTROL can upgrade to KOMPLETE 8 for the special price of $299 / 299 EUR / ¥29800. This offer is available exclusively at the NI Online Shop and applies to all versions of the single instruments, making this upgrade opportunity especially attractive to those owning older versions of the instruments.

KOMPLETE 8 is a comprehensive and inspiring collection of the highest-quality instruments and effects for musicians, producers and sound designers – the industry-standard bundle for studio and stage. It includes 27 fully-fledged products, 11,000 presets and over 100 GB of samples. The selection covers a wide range of instrument types and musical styles, from detailed sampled instruments to innovative synthesizers and a comprehensive arsenal of acoustic and electronic percussion. Even at full price, it offers tremendous value, with an 80% saving compared to the total MSRP of the individual instruments.

This time-limited offer is valid on purchases of the special KOMPLETE 8 Upgrade, available from March 21, 2012 until March 29, 2012, at the NI Online Shop only. Please note that according to NI terms and conditions, e-vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with special offers.

More information: Native Instruments / KOMPLETE Spring Special


Patchpool launches Spring Special Deals for soundsets and sample libraries

Patchpool Spring Special Deals

Patchpool has announced its Spring Special Deals, offering discounts on its products for a limited time.

Patchpool Spring Special Deals

  • Camel Audio Alchemy – Alchemistry Mega-Bundle (4 Banks + unlimited subscription) for 115 EUR.
  • Native Instruments Absynth – Best of Vol. 1 for 12.80 EUR.
  • Native Instruments Reaktor – Bundle with 3 soundsets for 37 EUR
  • Native Instruments Kontakt – 10 Kontakt items Bundle for 22 EUR.
  • u-he Bundle with all 3 soundsets for 20 EUR.
  • Applied Acoustic Systems Chromaphone – ChromaZone soundset for15 EUR.
  • Tone2 ElectraX – TripleX soundset for 22 EUR.
  • iZotope Stutter Edit – Glitchmania soundset for 12.80 EUR.
  • SoundPacks & Loops – Select 2 SoundPacks and get the least expensive one for free.
  • Groove Bundles – Tremendous Beatz soundset for Tremor + various Preset Banks and LoopPacks starting at 30 EUR.

The discounted prices are available until March 31, 2012.

More information: Patchpool


Patchpool launches Christmas Special – discounts & freebies


Patchpool has announced the launch of its Christmas Special, a limited time promotion featuring discounts and free download.

Until Decembre 31 several patchpool soundsets are discounted.

There will be occasional freebies of the days like Soundscapes and loops (wavs) of course…

Patchpool Christmas Special

  • Alchemy
    • Alchemistry Beyond – 40 EUR (regular 49.95)
    • Alchemistry – 25 EUR (regular 33.95)
    • Alchemistry Bundle (2 sets) + unlimited subscription – 60 EUR (regular 70)
  • Reaktor: Reaktor Bundle (3 sets) – 36 EUR (regular 44)
  • ElectraX: TripleX for ElectraX – 25 EUR (regular 28)
  • u-he: u-he bundle (all 3 sets for u-he Plug-Ins) – 20 EUR (regular 24.95)
  • Absynth: Sound Bank Best of Vol. 1 – 12 EUR (regular 15.95)
  • Kontakt: 10 Patch Bundle – Choose 10 items from the various categories – 20 EUR (regular 27.95)
  • SoundPacks: Get 4 SoundPacks/Loop Packs for 21 EUR.

More information: Patchpool / Christmas Special


Patchpool launches Black Friday Special


Patchpool has launched a Black Friday Special, offering discounts on its soundsets.

Until Decembre 1st several patchpool items are discounted

  • Alchemy – Alchemistry Beyond 40 EUR (regular 49.95 EUR)
  • u-he
    • Sound Bank Zebra2 1st Encounter 11 EUR (regular 14.95 EUR)
    • u-he bundle (all 3 Banks for u-he Plug-Ins) 20 EUR (regular 24.95 EUR)
  • iZotope – Glitchmania for Stutter Edit 12 EUR (regular 15.95 EUR)
  • Reaktor
    • Eternity for Metaphysical Function 15 EUR (regular 19.95 EUR)
    • Spectral Territory for Razor 12 EUR (regular 15.95 EUR)
    • Evil Things for Reichatron 14 EUR (regular 18.95 EUR)
    • Reaktor bundle (all 3 Banks for Reaktor) 25 EUR (regular 44 EUR)
  • Absynth – Sound Bank Best of Vol. 1 12 EUR (regular 15.95 EUR)
  • Kontakt – 10 Patch Bundle, Choose 10 items from the various categories 20 EUR (regular 27.95 EUR)

More information: Patchpool


Patchpool launches Golden Octobre sale

Patchpool Golden Octobre

Patchpool has announced Golden Octobre, a limited time sale.

During the month of Octobre the following items are discounted by 25%

Golden Octobre products

  • u-he
    • Sound Bank Zebra2 1st Encounter, now 11.21 EUR
    • MFM2 Beat Twista, now 7.46 EUR
    • Edgy Scapes for Filterscape, now 7.46 EUR
    • u-he bundle (all 3 Banks for u-he Plug-Ins), now 18.71 EUR
  • iZotope: Glitchmania for Stutter Edit, now 11.96 EUR
  • Reaktor
    • Eternity for Metaphysical Function, now 14.96 EUR
    • Spectral Territory for Razor, now 11.96 EUR
    • Evil Things for Reichatron, now 14.21 EUR
    • Reaktor bundle (all 3 Banks for Reaktor), now 33 EUR
  • Absynth: Sound Bank Best of Vol. 1, now 11.96 EUR
  • Kontakt: 10 Patch Bundle – Choose 10 items from the various categories, now 18.71 EUR
  • SoundPacks and single-wavs:
    • Select 4 SoundPacks from the various categories, now 21 EUR
    • Select 10 single-wavs, now 15 EUR

Currently, the Alchemistry Beyond soundset for Camel Audio Alchemy is also available at 25% off. Today only the price is 37.50 EUR.

More information: Patchpool


Native Instruments announces KOMPLETE 8 and KOMPLETE 8 ULTIMATE

Native Instruments has announced Komplete 8 and Komplete 8 Ultimate, two new versions of its studio-standard software bundle.

While KOMPLETE 8 has been further expanded to include 27 individual products at an unchanged price, the new KOMPLETE 8 ULTIMATE for the first time combines the full arsenal of Native Instruments’ KOMPLETE Instruments and Effects range at the same substantial discount, with 50 individual products conveniently provided on a dedicated external hard drive.

Native Instruments Komplete 8 Ultimate

Further expanding its versatile sonic arsenal, the new KOMPLETE 8 includes the latest KONTAKT 5 and GUITAR RIG 5 versions, and adds the charismatic WEST AFRICA percussion instrument. It also incorporates the versatile new STUDIO DRUMMER drum production instrument and the upcoming TRANSIENT MASTER dynamic processing effect. Furthermore, KOMPLETE 8 includes over 1,300 additional presets for ABSYNTH, FM8 and MASSIVE, derived from several acclaimed soundpacks previously available as individual products.

The new KOMPLETE 8 ULTIMATE includes the full content of the regular KOMPLETE 8 bundle and much more, combining the full range of all currently available KOMPLETE Instruments and Effects on a dedicated USB 2.0 hard drive. The resulting collection comprises 50 individual products with over 13,000 sounds and 240 GB of sample content, at an effective discount of over 80% compared to the individual prices. The hard drive enables a fast and convenient installation process, and also constitutes a compact and robust backup medium for the software.

Both new KOMPLETE versions are optimized for Native Instruments’ groove production system MASCHINE, offering direct browser integration with attribute-based preset search as well as convenient automatic parameter mapping for the rotary knobs on the hardware controller.

KOMPLETE 8 will be available in September 2011 for a suggested retail price of $559 USD / 499 EUR, with an update for owners of previous KOMPLETE versions available for $229 USD / 199 EUR. KOMPLETE 8 ULTIMATE will be available at the same date for $1099 USD / 999 EUR, with an upgrade for owners of any version of the regular KOMPLETE bundle available for $559 USD / 499 EUR.

More information: Native Instruments / Komplete 8 / Komplete 8 Ultimate


Multiples releases Padded Cell sample pack

Multiples Padded Cell

Multiples has released Padded Cell, a free collection of pad samples.

Experimentalism at its best as the Multiples team starts looking closely at Granular synthesis to provide some pleasing yet eerie samples.

Padded Cell is a collection of Pad sounds created with the Aetheriser effect in Absynth 5 and aims to provide pads useful for any type of music but also for video game and movie soundtracks.

The pack comes with 40 raw pad sounds out of the box and is complemented by 40 further sounds that have been glitched and distorted through NI Guitar Rig in order to serve up the most unique sound design palette possible.

Padded Cell is available as a free download from MTBM.NET.

More information: Multiples