Arguru Software sets Aodix v4 free

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Last month Arguru (Juan Antonio Argüelles Rius) had confirmed that Aodix, a tickless tracker-interface based sequencer and VST2 host with ASIO2 support, would soon become free. Arguru did not plan to continue support for Aodix because his work at Image-Line took up most of his time.

Juan Antonio Argüelles Rius
Juan Antonio Argüelles Rius

Sadly, Arguru passed away in a car accident on June 3rd. The talented and well respected plug-in developer made fame in the early days of the tracker scene. His work includes Psycle, Renoise, discoDSP plug-ins and various Image-Line products (Fl Studio 7, DirectWave, Deckadance…)

Keeping true to Arguru’s plans, Zaf (Aguru’s partner in Arguru Software) has now released Aodix v4.2.0.1 for free.

Arguru Aodix v4


  • Full modular audio and MIDI routing
  • 256 tracks, 256 patterns
  • pattern markers and pattern calls, patterns being of virtually unlimited length
  • 32-bit float sample precision
  • Up to 960 PPQN (Pulses Per Quarter-Note) timestamp precision
  • real-time record and automation
  • piano-roll track split view
  • real-time performance with very low latencies

Support for Aodix will only be available for registered users.

More information: Arguru Software


What is the best free data recovery software?

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Just when I was about to shut down my computer and call it a day, my boss — let’s call him Jim — came up to me with an urgent request. You know, one of those moments you wish you packed up a few minutes earlier…

Jim had been working on a presentation for a while and when finished, he had put it on a USB stick, only to delete it minutes later mistakenly thinking he had stored it somewhere else as well. Coincidentally Jim had just told his (new) manager he would show him the presentation, and as the manager walked into Jim’s office, the panic started to set in.

I had used data recovery software before and know of quite a number of software solutions that work very well, but those require commercial licenses and thus are not readily available when you need to recover something right away.

So I did a quick search on Google PC Inspector File Recovery, a free data recovery software I had used previously to successfully recover some files from my personal computer.

PC Inspector File Recovery
PC Inspector File Recovery

Sure enough the software was able to detect the deleted PowerPoint presentation. But the condition of the file was poor, while some of the files which were deleted long before the presentation were in good or even excellent condition.

The file could be recovered, though PowerPoint would not open it, complaining the file was corrupt… To cut a long story short, we then used PPT recovery software demos trying to salvage the corrupt presentation, but only got to see previews of the recovered slides to entice us to buy the software. I wasn’t able to find any free software to recover presentations.

Jim ended up finding an older version of the presentation on his laptop and started to redo the changes he made earlier.

I’d like to know if any of you have a positive experience with a free data recovery software. Please share and save me some time next time this type of thing happens.


Volker Steger’s SCHEIBENKLEISTER, microscopic images of squashed bugs

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Volker Steger took some great microscopic photographs of crushed insects he found on his car bonnet: “SCHEIBENKLEISTER – Tödliche Verkehrsunfälle“. (Scheibenkleister is German for something pasted to a disc/plate, and the images indeed show some deadly traffic accidents.

A squashed bug, part of Volker Steger's SCHEIBENKLEISTER series
A squashed bug, part of Volker Steger’s SCHEIBENKLEISTER series

This series of photographs won Volker the Lead Award, German’s most prestigious Media Design award.

Check Volker’s website for more great photography.


Steve Irwin dies after accident with a stringray

Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, died in an accident while filming an underwater documentary in the Great Barrier Reef.

It is reported that a stingray barb that went through his chest and into his heart, leaving Steve dead on the scene.

When I first saw Steve on the Discovery Channel I thought this guy had a death wish. He was one of the first people I saw on TV taking on crocodiles, spiders and other animals you wouldn’t want to go near. But Steve seemed to have no problem at all getting up close and personal with these animals. “Crikey! A big spider just crawled over me arm!”.

Even though similar shows sprung up after the Crocodile Hunter’s success, Steve and his shows were one of a kind.