MathAudio releases Room EQ VST & Standalone

MathAudio has released Room EQ VST and Standalone, two room correction programs for Windows. Room EQ VST has been designed to ensure maximum accuracy of the room correction. Room EQ Standalone transforms your PC or … read more

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Ample Sound releases Ample Guitar M Lite

Ample Sound has announced the releases of the Ample Guitar M Lite, a free virtual guitar instrument. releases “Ample Guitar M LITE” Acoustic Guitar Instrument for Win & Mac VST, AU & RTAS Bring … read more

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Audiowiesel releases Hammered Acoustic Guitar for Kontakt

Audiowiesel has released Hammered Acoustic Guitar, a sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt. Hammered Acoustic Guitar (HAG) is the result of “playing” an Ibanez AE acoustic guitar with drum sticks and brushes. In order to … read more

Acousticsamples releases GD-6 acoustic guitar library

Acousticsamples has released GD-6, an acoustic guitar sample library for the UVI Workstation, based on the Guild D-40 custom edition electro-acoustic guitar. We recorded it with a pair of microphones and using the build in … read more

Ample Sound releases Ample Guitar T

Ample Sound has announced the release of Ample Guitar T, a virtual guitar instrument for Windows and Mac. Ample Sound offers a virtual Taylor 714 guitar with Ample Guitar T. AGT is recorded on the … read more

Paul Vo launches Vo-96 Acoustic Synthesizer Kickstarter project

Paul Vo has launched a Kickstarter project for the Vo-96 Acoustic Synthesizer, a new product that is allows dazzling new sounds on the acoustic guitar through precise harmonic control of string vibration. The Vo-96 Acoustic … read more

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Sound Dust releases Steel Drum Percussion Room mk2

Sound Dust has announced the mk2 version of Steel Drum Percussion Room, a percussion based sample library. A kit of lovely dusty binaural acoustic drum samples and slightly prepared steel drums….a kind of Tom Waits … read more

Samplephonics releases Pack Bytes 001 – Witchcraft Guitars

Samplephonics has introduced Witchcraft Guitars, the first in a series of Pack Bytes sample libraries. This sample pack contains a collection of acoustic guitar loops taken from the Analogue Witchcraft sample library. All loops are … read more

Ample Sound releases Ample Guitar M virtual guitar instrument

Amplesound has announced Ample Guitar M, a virtual Martin D-41 guitar instrument for Windows and Mac. Ample Guitar M aims to bring the Martin D-41 Guitar sound to your studio. Ample Guitar M features 3842 … read more

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Prime Loops releases Acoustic Pop Guitars sample pack

Prime Loops has introduced Acoustic Pop Guitars, a collection of 650MB+ of crisp, clean acoustic guitar loops, softly strummed chord progressions and hard n’ funky strumming patterns. If you’re a wizard with the mixing board … read more

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Best Service introduces Cinematique Instruments 2 bundle

Best Service has announced Cinematique Instruments 2, a collection of 16 sample libraries by Cinematique Instruments. Cinematique Instruments 2 is consequently following the path taken with Vol.1, released in 2010 but steadily improving sound quality, … read more

Bluenoise Plugins releases Drummix Rock 1 plugin

Bluenoise Plugins has announced Drummix Rock 1, an acoustic drum instrument for Windows. Drummix Rock 1 is a acoustic drum plugin recorded at a professional recording studio with pristine equipment. The drum kit used for … read more

Loops Lab releases Urban Acoustic Guitar

Loops Lab has announced Urban Acoustic Guitar, a collection a acoustic guitar loops for urban music production. Riffs and chord construction are the foundation for most top 40 charts. If you are looking for melodic … read more

Wavesfactory releases StrumGTR Vol. II. Acoustic sample library

Wavesfactory has announced the release of its StrumGTR Vol. II. Acoustic sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt and Logic EXS24. After the great success of the first volume of the StrumGTR collection (StrumGTR Electric) we … read more

Vir2 Instruments intros Studio Kit Builder for Kontakt and Kontakt Player

Vir2 Instruments has announced the release of Studio Kit Builder, a virtual acoustic drum kit instrument powered by Kontakt Player. Vir2 Studio Kit Builder: A complete encyclopedia of acoustic drum kits. Presenting the most complete … read more

GD-F40 Maynila Acoustic Guitar SFZ by Mildon Studios

Mildon Studios has announced the release of the GD-F40 Maynila Acoustic Guitar SFZ, a sound library that features over 400 MB of bright and expressive guitar samples based on the F40 Valencia. The included Power … read more

Prime Loops R&B Keyz sample pack

Prime Loops has announced R&B Keyz, a collection of acoustic and electric piano loops for RnB music production. Ebony + Ivory = perfect harmony. It’s as simple as that. Be it blues, jazz or pop, … read more

IK Multimedia releases ARC 2 – Faster and better advanced room correction system

IK Multimedia has announced the release of ARC 2, an update for the acoustic correction system that combines a measurement microphone, measurement software and a correction plug-in for most popular DAWs to improve the acoustics … read more

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Impact Soundworks releases Plectra Series 2: Highland Harps for Kontakt

Impact Soundworks has released Highland Harps, a new Plectra Series sample library featuring a collection of stringed instruments. Continuing our Plectra Series of plucked, picked and strummed string instruments from around the world comes this … read more

MaxSynths releases aPiano acoustic piano instrument for Kontakt

MaxSynths has announced that its aPiano, previously available in Wusikstation and Sfz format, is now also available for Kontakt users. MaxSynths aPiano acoustic piano instrument in Native Instruments Kontakt. aPiano is an acoustic piano emulation … read more

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