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RealiTone releases Acoustic Lite for Kontakt

RealiTone Acoustic Lite

RealiTone has introduced Acoustic Lite, a virtual acoustic guitar instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt.

We first recorded this guitar as part of our “Sampleholics Guitars for Stylus RMX.” We got so many requests to release a Kontakt version of the acoustic, that we had to do it. But first, we added more features. More sounds. All with a nice small footprint.

Now, we could have sampled gigabyte after gigabyte, 10 round robins, 10 velocities . . . that’s a lot of work! Which means we’d have to charge you top dollar for that. Plus you’d have the bigger RAM hit, along with long load times that go with it.

Instead, we focused on what’s actually important. The sound. We got the sound we want with few articulations and a couple round robins and we have what we believe is an instrument you can use on 90% of your acoustic guitar tracks.

Acoustic Lite features

  • Sampled Takamine acoustic guitar.
  • Includes straight sustain notes, as well as palm mutes, and a combined version of these as a third articulation.
  • Recorded major and minor chord strums, both up and down.
  • Includes 12 String guitar (layering of 6-String samples).
  • Map the entire guitar range onto the keyboard at once or use a “Left/Right” mapping (main 3 octaves of the guitar repeated on two different sections of your keyboard with alternate samples).
  • Effects include falls, chucks and scrapes.
  • Keyswitches allow you to change articulations at will.

Acoustic Lite is available to purchase for the introductory price of $20 USD. Requires Kontakt 4+ full retail version.

More information: RealiTone / Acoustic Lite


Organic Loops presents Spanish Guitars sample pack

Organic Loops Spanish Guitars

Organic Loops has launched Spanish Guitars, a collection of acoustic Spanish guitar loops.

Spanish Guitar has been created exclusively for Organic Loops by Adonis Tsilimparis and features 150 Guitar loops beautifully recorded using high end microphones and outboard equipment to ensure every nuance is captured from the incredible performance and each beautiful tone is teased from the Instrument.

Adonis has put together the perfect companion for any Songwriter or Producer wanting to add something extra special to their tracks whether it be a Downtempo Groove, Afro Latin House Track, or a Film Score Masterpiece or something more traditional.

Spanish Guitar captures all the unique performance styles you would expect to hear in Latin styled music including Bossa Syncopations, Exquisite finger work, Passionate strumming and Delicate picking with every loop offering eight bars of incredible musical inspiration.

The 750+MB sample library costs £19.95 GBP.

More information: Organic Loops / Spanish Guitars


Replika Sound releases virtual guitar instruments for Kontakt

Replika Sound Acoustic Guitar

Replika Sound has announced the launch of three virtual guitar instruments for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Virtual Instrument Sample Libraries. Full MIDI Control. Round Robin Alternations. Key Switched Articulations. Chord Mode with Strum Speed and Direction Controls. Extensive Chord Library.

Replika Sound virtual guitars

  • Round Robin note alternation (in 4s).
  • 12 Key switched articulations.
  • A “Chord-mode” with Strum Speed and Direction controls.
  • Key Triggered Chords.
  • A Vibrato Key to provide a quick way of playing in vibrato on any articulation.
  • MIDI automatable.
  • All sounds were recorded with natural sustain and resonance (no loops). The Electric Guitar and Bass Guitar were recorded directly into a mixing desk allowing users to apply their own amps.
  • RSGL01 Acoustic Guitar (Nylon String):
    • 30 Bar Chord shapes.
    • 26 Common Open Chords.
    • Power Chords for each note.
    • 2 versions of the instrument.
    • Key Switched Articulations – Legato (Non Vibrato), Marcato, Staccato, Hammer On, Pull Off, Slide Up into Note, Slide Down after Note, Fret Noises, Natural Harmonics, Sul Ponticello (Plucked near the bridge), Tremelando, SFX.
  • RSGL02 Electric Guitar:
    • 30 Bar Chord shapes.
    • 26 Common Open Chords.
    • Power Chords for each key.
    • 2 versions of the instrument.
    • Key Switched Articulations – Legato (Non Vibrato), Staccato, Palm Mute, Hammer On, Pull Off, Slide Up into Note, Slide Down after Note, Fret Noises, Natural Harmonics, Artificial Harmonics, Tremelando, SFX.
  • RSGL03 Bass Guitar:
    • 26 Bar Chord shapes.
    • Power Chords.
    • 2 versions of the instrument – Fingered Bass and Picked Bass.
    • Key Switched Articulations – Legato (Non Vibrato), Marcato, Staccato, Hammer On, Pull Off, Slide Up into Note, Slide Down after Note, Fret Noises, Natural Harmonics, Thump Slap (Slap Technique), Finger Pull (Slap Technique), SFX.

The instruments are available to purchase for $42 USD each. A free version of the Acoustic Guitar is available to download. Full retail version of Kontakt 5 is required.

More information: Replika Sound


Good Loops releases Guitar Kitchen Vol 1

Good Loops Guitar Kitchen Vol 1

Good Loops has released Guitar Kitchen, an acoustic guitar loops sample library consisting of 9 songs.

A collection of 9 acoustic guitar recordings designed to inspire for all your indie singer-songwriter needs.

Whether you’re producing music for films, advertisements, private videos or corporate videos, these high quality loops allow you to create an intimate atmosphere that captures the audience.

This library aims to create an authentic indie-pop feel while still being flexible enough to inspire your own music.

The sample library costs $39 USD. Requires Kontakt full retail version.

More information: Good Loops / Guitar Kitchen


Frontline Producer releases Studio Acoustics – Guitar Riffs N’ Rhythms

Frontline Producer Guitar Riffs N Rhythms

Frontline Producer has introduced Studio Acoustics – Guitar Riffs N’ Rhythms, a selection of acoustic guitar loops and patches.

This time we took a selection of beautifully crafted guitars from Patrick James Eggle and Gibson, combined them with some massively talented players and locked them in our sound proof bunker for 7 days and nights.

Courtesy of some great playing, fantastic kit and our usual attention to detail, the quality of these samples is second to none.

The detail in the mid is fantastic and if for some insane reason, you do want to EQ these beauties, as they’ve been recorded with ribbon mics, they’ll accept eq wonderfully.

What we ended with is an ear inspiring collection of song starters, riffs and rhythmic parts that you can build a tune around or just choose a line to slot into your production.

Guitar Riffs N’ Rhythms features

  • 566 MB content, 24 bit quality.
  • 76 80BPM Guitar Loops.
  • 56 100BPM Guitar Loops.
  • 76 120BPM Guitar Loops.
  • 67 130BPM Guitar Loops.
  • 2 Multis (25 Samples).
  • 2 Soft Sampler Patches for NNXT, Halion, EXS24, SFZ and Kontakt.
  • 277 Rex2 Loops.

The sample library costs £24.95 GBP.

More information: Frontline Producers / Guitar Riffs N’ Rhythms


Ueberschall releases Acoustic Guitar Elastik Soundbank

Ueberschall Acoustic Guitar

Ueberschall has launched Acoustic Guitar, a new Elastik Soundbank library featuring a loop collection for songwriters and music producers.

This Elastik sound bank is part of Ueberschalls Instrument Series and dedicated to the acoustic guitar. The library contains 464 painstakingly produced acoustic guitar loops.

Each phrase has been performed three times using different acoustic guitars with instruments made by Martin, Yamaha and Ibanez. Each of the 464 loops has been recorded carefully using selected, high quality equipment. To add flexibility, all loops are available in unaltered versions without equalization and compression.
For immediate use, the sound bank not only contains dry versions of any loop but also mastered versions. In this mixdown, guitar 1 has been panned left, guitar 2 fully to the right and guitar 3 to the middle. The individual loops were not repeated identically. Therefore, they can be used to complement each other rhythmically and dynamically, resulting in an extreme wide but 100% mono-compatible sound.

Each loop was produced, to be possibly integrated into different song structures. Thereby the loops mainly focus on unobtrusive and accompanying phrases as opposed to virtuous licks. The individual phrases can easily be matched to your productions using Elastik Player, regardless of working on music productions, web applications, video- or game sound.

The soundbank costs 49 EUR.

More information: Ueberschall / Acoustic Guitar


Loops Lab releases Urban Acoustic Guitar Vol.2

Loops Lab Urban Acoustic Guitar Vol 2

Loops Lab has introduced Urban Acoustic Guitar Vol.2, a sample library featuring guitar loops by Nikola Jimmie Petrovski.

Fresh from the Loops Lab audio suite played by Nikola Jimmie Petrovski, this guitar sample pack provides an amazing range of warm, structured tones ideal for mainstream pop to rock and urban Hip Hop productions.

This pack provides remarkable complex riffs, picking arrangements and arpeggios delivered in an incredible range across 3 different BPMs. This pack includes layered guitar patterns plus single loops, enabling you to use single parts or to reconstruct full arrangements with each loop.

“Urban Acoustic Guitar Vol.2″ assures a strong array of sound quality that will propel your mix that bit forward!

The sample library costs $21.99 USD.

More information: Loops Lab / Urban Acoustic Guitar Vol.2