Acousticas releases Lexicon 480 IR library

Acousticas L480

Acousticas has released L480, an impulse repsonse library featuring the Lexicon 480.

Today we are releasing our impulse response version of what have managed to manifest itself
as the “Studio Standard” throughout many years. Amazing for making sound appear distant but yet present. Consisting of 711 unique impulse responses this library covers a wide range of the capabilities of the Lexicon 480.

The library has been divided into 9 categories ranging from the complete Lexicon Factory presets to carefully tweaked plates, churches and chambers etc. One we really like is the “Stereo Maker”. This edition is very special and is exclusively made for providing width to any sound source. A cluster of 4 delays have been assembled to achive this and the delay time is variable by adding multipliers to the delay times.

The L480 IR Library is available for purchase for 69 EUR.

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Acousticas releases Bricasti M7 IRs

Bricasti M7 stereo reverb processor

Acousticas has released Bricasti M7 IRs, a free collection of impulse response samples from a Bricasti M7 stereo reverb processor.

Bricasti M7 IRs features

  • The complete set of hardware factory presets has been captured.
  • The impulse response samples are in stereo interleaved WAV format, 24bit/48kHz.
  • A total of 121 stereo IRs, divided into the following 6 categories:
    • – 01 Halls
    • – 02 Spaces
    • – 03 Ambience
    • – 04 Chambers
    • – 05 Rooms
    • – 06 Plates

The Bricasti M7 IRs library is available as a free download here (104 MB).

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Acousticas releases EMT 252 Impulse Response Library

Acousticas EMT 252

Acousticas has released EMT 252, a sample library consisting of 2112 unique stereo impulse responses.

This library reflects 95% of all the reverb possibilities of the real hardware. And using our included modulation delay presets makes it sound exactly like the real thing.

EMT 252 Impulse Response Library features

  • 768 EMT 252 impulse responses.
  • 256 EMT 250 impulse responses.
  • 1024 EMT NON-LIN impulse responses.
  • 16 EMT D-REV (Doppler Reverb) impulse responses.
  • Modeling presets for use with Digidesign’s Mod Delay II and Logic’s Chorus.
  • Screenshots of Mod Delay II for easy re-creation in your choice of LFO based delay or chorus.

EMT 252 is available in three versions:

  1. EMT 252 LE (core library), includes the 252 & D-REV: 69 EUR.
  2. EMT 252 OP, includes E250 & NON-LIN: 79 EUR.
  3. EMT 252 XL, full library: 99 EUR.

Visit Acousticas for more information and video demos.


Acousticas releases Lexicon 224XL impulse response library

Acousticas Lexicon 224XL

Acousticas has released the Lexicon 224XL impulse response library, a collection of 597 raw impulses.

Applying this machine on vocals is absolutely breath taking. The silky lush sound of the L224XL is generating amazing spaciousness. The library has been divided into 7 categories, covering various application styles. Future updates are planned covering even more aspects of the Lexicon 224XL.

Lexicon 224XL library features

  • Hall 01 — 87 unique IRs, made with a general hall setting. This version is appropriate for all applications.
  • Hall 02 — 87 unique IRS, made with another general hall setting. This version is appropriate for all applications.
  • Vocal — 87 unique IRs, made with vocal applications in mind. Reflection delays have been carefully programmed to widen and “stereoize” the image. The reverb tail is slightly lowered but very audible.
  • Orchestral — 87 unique IRs, made with orchestral instrument applications in mind.
  • Plate 01 — 93 unique IRs, made with a short place algorithm with percussive applications in mind.
  • Plate 02 — 87 unique IRs, made with a general plate algorithm for a wide range of applications.
  • Ambience — 69 unique IRs, made with an ultra short setting. Reverb times ranging from 0.20 to 1.30 seconds.
  • The unit has been recorded analog with the L224XL converters and not digitally.
  • All versions have a total of 3 presets: Linear, C-weighted and A-weighted impulse responses.

The Lexicon 224XL impulse response library is available now for 79 EUR.

Visit Acousticas for more information and audio demos.