Acousticas releases Lexicon 480 IR library

Acousticas L480

Acousticas has released L480, an impulse repsonse library featuring the Lexicon 480.

Today we are releasing our impulse response version of what have managed to manifest itself
as the “Studio Standard” throughout many years. Amazing for making sound appear distant but yet present. Consisting of 711 unique impulse responses this library covers a wide range of the capabilities of the Lexicon 480.

The library has been divided into 9 categories ranging from the complete Lexicon Factory presets to carefully tweaked plates, churches and chambers etc. One we really like is the “Stereo Maker”. This edition is very special and is exclusively made for providing width to any sound source. A cluster of 4 delays have been assembled to achive this and the delay time is variable by adding multipliers to the delay times.

The L480 IR Library is available for purchase for 69 EUR.

Visit Acousticas for more information, a demo video and audio clips.


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