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Acousticsamples updates Kawai-EX Pro

Acousticsamples Kawai-EX Pro

Acousticsamples has updated Kawai-EX Pro, a virtual concert grand piano instrument.

The Kawai-EX PRO sample Library is a fabulous 9-foot (276cm) KAWAI EX concert grand piano that used to be in the Kennedy center in Washington DC. This Library is the result of a collaboration with Lance Herring.

Changes in Kawai-EX Pro

  • Numerous voicing improvements that make releases more accurate and consistent.
  • New release samples for some keys.
  • Improved dynamic range.
  • Improved pedal behaviour.
  • More consistency when using custom controls.
  • New formats (SFZ, HALION 3, EXS24, Mach5).
  • Added compatibility to Kontakt 2.
  • Whole new version for Kontakt 4 and the new scripting capabilities.
  • New GUI for the Kontakt 4 version.

Kawai-EX Pro is available to purchase for $115 USD.

More information: Acousticsamples / Kawai-EX Pro

Acousticsamples releases Elektron

Acousticsamples Elektron

Acousticsamples has released Elektron, a sample library for Kontakt featuring a Godin Multiac electro-acoustic guitar with nylon strings.

Elektron features

  • 2.06 GB of samples recorded at 24 bits, 44.1khz.
  • 5 play modes: Normal, Legato, Hammers, Slides, Strumming (features Acousticsamples’ new guitar strumming engine and a harmonization feature to produce guitar-like chords).
  • Strumming script that helps you play chords, hammers, legato like on a real guitar.
  • 10 downstroke velocity layers and 10 upstroke (20 samples per note) played alternatively.
  • 16 release samples per note.
  • Hammers samples, ghost notes and various fretnoises.
  • Fender Frontman 212R cabinet simulation.
  • Eq with the same parameters as on the real guitar.
  • Bends can be done with pitch bend and/or aftertouch.
  • Easy control of the parameters (like strum speed or play modes) with any controller to be able to control everything via automation.
  • Sensitivity button to adjust the response.
  • KONTAKT 2 format, separate version for Kontakt 3.5 or superior (others will come). Easy to use KONTAKT interface.

Elektron is avaialble to purchase for 69 EUR.

More information: Acousticsamples / Elektron

Acousticsamples releases DrumTaste Free

Acousticsamples DrumTaste Free

Acousticsamples has announced the release of DrumTaste Free, a free drum sample library for Kontakt.

The DrumTaste Free is a Rick Marotta Signature Hipgig drum set with paiste cymbals

DrumTaste Free features

  • 80 MB of samples recorded at 16 bits, 44.1khz.
  • Custom mapping, you can assign every element to any key from the interface.
  • Mappings presets: GM, V-DRUMS, IMAP, NSKIT (NDK) or default one.
  • CC# controlled Hihat that features automatic closing sound.
  • 2 Cycle round robins.
  • Sensitivity button to adjust the response.
  • Detailed instruments: 6 velocity layers per round robin.
  • Kontakt 2 or higher required.

DrumTaste Free is available to download at no cost (free registration required).

More information: Acousticsamples / DrumTaste Free

Acousticsamples releases Bassysm-M and Bassysm-Pack

Acousticsamples Bassysm-M

Acousticsamples has announced the release of Bassysm-M, a muted bass instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt.

The Bassysm-M bass is a four strings Musicman Stingray bass with roundwound strings recorded at 24bits 44.1khz from the direct output of a tube preamp (the same as the bassysm-S and Bassysm-J)

Bassysm-M features

  • 260MB sample bank, no loops.
  • 11 velocity layers.
  • 10 velocities for the release.
  • slide samples.
  • hammers samples.
  • advanced legato/slide/hammers script.
  • Additional frets noises, Multi velocity Ghost notes.
  • 4 different play modes: normal, legato, hammers, slides.
  • Playable instrument, everything can be controlled from the keyboard.
  • KONTAKT 2 or superior (separate versions for kontakt 3.5). Easy to use KONTAKT interface.

Bassysm-M is available to purchase for 49 EUR.

Acousticsamples has also released Bassysm-Pack, a bundle of 3 bass libraries: Bassysm-J (fingered), Bassysm-S (slapped) and Bassysm-M (muted). This bundle is available to purchase for 89 EUR.

More information: Acousticsamples / Bassysm-M

Acousticsamples releases Marchin’

Acousticsamples Marchin'

Acousticsamples has released Marchin’, a military marching band sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Marchin’ features

  • Military marching band set includes:
    • two 24′ bassdrums
    • 8 16′ toms pitched differently
    • 6 15′ snares
    • one 18′ cymbal
  • 2,16Go of samples recorded at 24 bits, 44.1khz.
  • Custom mapping, you can assign every element to any key from the interface in two different ways.You can even assign multiple elements to the same key.
  • Mapping preset that helps you play multiple elements at the same time (see video).
  • Variable mapping repetition to play it with both hands.
  • Multiple microphone positions and custom mixing of each element, we recorded each one with one stereo pair around 3 meters away plus one for the up side and one on the down side.
  • Advanced cymbal action : releasing the cymbal key will play different muting samples depending on the note time.
  • 4 Cycle round robins for each element.
  • Detailed instruments: About 20 velocity layers per round robin (80 samples per element).
  • Sensitivity button to adjust the response.
  • Variable mapping repetition to play it with both hands.
  • Pitch adjustment for every element.

Marchin’ is currently available for Kontakt 3 or higher (other formats will follow), priced at 59 EUR.

More information: Acousticsamples / Marchin’

Acousticsamples releaes The Dulcet

Acousticsamples The Dulcet

Acousticsamples has announced the release of The Dulcet, a sample library featuring the sounds of a Glockenspiel.

It’s a great christmas Glockenspiel (originally an English scholar one). It’s not a regular glockenspiel as it as some extended capabilties.

The Dulcet features

  • English scholar Glockenspiel recorded at 24bits 44.1khz in stereo.
  • 310Mo sample bank, no loops.
  • 1 + 3/4 octave (4 + 3/4 with duplication)
  • Duplicated mapping for a big metallophone or bell effect (listen to the chords in the demos).
  • Up to 9 velocity layers.
  • Both Original (out of tune) and corrected tunings.
  • Optional full resonant or faded sustains.
  • Build in vibraphone type Motor emulation (in the 3d demo).
  • Sensivity control.
  • KONTAKT 2 and 3 format. Easy to use KONTAKT interface.

The Dulcet is available to purchase for 14 EUR.

More information: Acousticsamples / The Dulcet

Acousticsamples updates DrumTaste Brush, VibysM and A-Pian

Acousticsamples DrumTaste Brush

Acousticsamples has released updated version of three of its sample libraries.

Changes in DrumTaste Brush / VibysM V3 / A-Pian V2

  • DrumTaste Brush: now features a Multi-output patch to really be able to mix and apply the effects on every element of the drums.
  • VibysM: The Kontakt Version has been improved and now features a better voicing and a build in motor simulation (tremolo effect).
  • A-Pian: The Kontakt Version has been completely rewritten, voiced and adjusted.
  • A-Pian: Now uses the script of the Kawai-EX PRO.
  • VibsysM / A-Pian: Two new formats are also available: Halion and Mach5 and the existing EXS and SFZ versions have been improved.

The updates are free for current library owners.

More information: Acousticsamples

Acousticsamples releases DrumTaste Brush

Acousticsamples DrumTaste Brush

Acousticsamples has announced the release of DrumTaste Brush, a sample library featuring a brush drum kit.

DrumTaste Brush features

  • The DrumTaste Brush is a Brush Kit featuring a 22″ bassdrum, a 12″ hi tom, a 14″ low tom, a 14″ piccolo snare, two 22″ rides and a 13″ hihat
  • 3382 samples, 1.42 Go of samples recorded at 24 bits, 96khz downsampled to 44.1khz, no loops.
  • 3 mic positions for each drum that you can mix and/or disable from the interface.
  • About 20 velocity layers X 4 round robins (so about 80 samples per drums per position) and only 6 velocity layers for the two ride cymbals.
  • Custom mapping, you can assign every element to any key simply by pressing a key and assigning a sample.
  • Mappings presets: GM, V-DRUMS, IMAP, NSKIT (NDK) or default one.
  • Separated compression module for each component.
  • Hihat with 5 levels on openness and triggering from one key depending on a controller value (any controller) and automatic closing sound (hear it at the beginning of the demo 4).
  • Playable instrument, right hand and left hand mappings (mapping repetition customizable).
  • Detailed snare, 6 different hit positions and multiple brush actions.
  • 4 different brush actions and a script that allows an easy playability on a keyboard or on an e-drum.
  • KONTAKT 2 and 3 format to benefit from the interface, the multiple mic position mixing and the custom mapping. Easy to use KONTAKT interface. Other formats are coming.
  • Includes the demos midi files.

DrumTaste Brush is available for Kontakt 2 and higher, priced at 49 EUR.

More information: Acousticsamples / DrumTaste Brush