Acquit Music releases Greyhound 2 beta

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Acquit Music Greyhound 2 beta

Acquit Music has released a public beta of Greyhound 2, a 4 osc synth made with SynthEdit.

Greyhound 2 features

  • 4 Osc: Sine, Saw, Ramp, Triangle, Pulse, White Noise, Pink Noise.
  • PW, PM, pitch and volume controls for each oscillator.
  • Gate, 16-step with ADSR.
  • FM modulation.
  • Delay, manual or synced.
  • Filter, with LFO modulation.
  • Master section with ADSR, Osc sync, Glide, etc.

You can download the public beta of Greyhound 2 here (Windows PC only).


Acquit Music Greyhound VSTi (free)

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Acquit Greyhound VSTi

Acquit Music has set the previously commerically released Greyhound VSTi free. Don’t know when this happened exactly but it’s worth checking out as it sounds pretty nice.

Greyhound is a 6 osc synth made with SynthEdit.


  • 6 Osc’s (2 Sub)
  • Filter (Env)
  • HP, LP
  • Intuitive Delay (Env)
  • Osc Modulation
  • Mono/Poly
  • Glide
  • MIDI support
  • 256 Presets

Visit Acquit Music for more information and a link to download (read comments below) Greyhound VSTi.


Acquit Music releases SD 2100 v1.0

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Acquit Music SD 2100

Acquit Music has released SD 2100, a virtual drumsampler in co-production with J.Starner.


  • 8 Wav-slots
  • Pan and filtersettings each
  • Load your own samples

Visit the Acquit Music website to download SD 2100 now.