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Acrobatics Minisynth series released

Acrobatics Minisynth Series

Acrobatics has released the Minisynth series, a collection of three instruments: FRET, GRIT and PEAK.

As an overall concept, Acrobatics simplified controls and packed implementations to the highest grade to push-up users creativity first and give steady look and maximum usability to the three polyphonic synthesizers.

Common look and feel and standardized location of knobs and switches goes in the direction of helping musician when in a busy musical work, when certainly requires fast access to basic synthesis controls and settings to fit in the mix. The Minisynth series collection is also suitable for educational purpouses for its separate interpretations of most important synthesis methods and applications.

The Minisynth series for Windows (VST) is available as freeware as part of the KVR Developer Challenge 2012.

More information: Acrobatics


Acrobatics releases Forbice + Minisynth series announced

Acrobatics has announced the release of Forbice, a free auto-filter effect plugin for Windows.

Acrobatics Forbice
Acrobatics Forbice autofilter effect plugin.

A stereo filtering module providing maximum tools for audio cutting and mangling, whether they are drumloops, voice or instrument recordings or audio samples.

The full-stereo and flexible architecture allows complex configurations of parameters and true musical interaction of envelope and filters with user audio input contents.

Two channels -12/-24/-36/-48 dB LowPass filter is driven dynamically through a fast AHR envelope, keytracked and modulated by a synchronized/free running full-featured LFO.

Also available are high-pass resonant filtering, bitcrushing and distortion stages. The effect unit features full VST & MIDI control and a flexible routing of signal with additional balance, mix and dynamics fine-tune processing.

Forbice for Windows is available as a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows.

Acrobatics has also announced the Minisynth series, a collection of three instruments plug-ins developed for KVR Audio’s Developer Challenge 2012.

The Minisynth series collection consist of three of VSTPlugIn instruments: FRET, GRIT and PEAK. We simplified controls and packed implementations to the highest grade, to push-up users creativity first and give a pleasent look to the eye, These virtual synth are coloured, smart and aggressive, and offers easy, creative sounds at your fingertip!

More information: Acrobatics


Acrobatics Spirale, echo morphing delay

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Acrobatics Spirale

Acrobatics has released Spirale, an echo morphing delay effect plug-in for Windows.

A proprietary, original technology delivers natural stereo echoing using very clean delay, filter and pan algorhythms adding subtle modulation to the feedbacked signal without introducing any unwanted distortion into the signal.

Spirale features self-synchronization to the host with regular, dotted and triplet delay times including off-beat fine tuning, full compatibility with unusual time signatures and smooth auto-adaption to value/tempo changes: that makes the plugin work for the most modern dub tweaks or electro-twirls in studio or live performances – it gently follows YOUR time!

Need more? There is advanced morphing capability for each preset with a dedicated slider, host sequencer automation, intelligent MIDI control from external devices, 24 presets slots filled with nice effect programs ready to use and a comprehensive english operating manual.

Spirale for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for 19.90 EUR.

More information: Acrobatics / Spirale


Acrobatics releases Vento

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Acrobatics has released Vento, a free chorus effect plug-in for Windows.

Vento is a high-structured 4 voices chorus which filters every voice with a different harmonic modulation, then the tremolo section gives additional shine and sculpting possibilities using the same voicing architecture.

Every parameter is fully customizable with dedicated knobs for speed and separation of chorusing, giving maximum flexibility and dramatic, smooth changes to the signal, that varies from monophonic tube-flangers to incredibly rich and detailed stereo smearings.

Acrobatics Vento
Acrobatics Vento

Vento features

  • Adjustable Chorus and Tremolo Depth.
  • Proportional speed control.
  • Harmonic expansion/contraction of the 4 voices.
  • Keyboard sync and aftertouch level controls.
  • Serial & parallel feedback paths.
  • Bypass switch for fast comparison.
  • DRY/WET mixing.
  • ON/OFF simulator.
  • 32bit ultra-optimized code, zero latency.
  • DC Block Filter.
  • Samplerate indipendent engine, all sample rates supported.
  • Each control is fully recordable and automatable in host.
  • Most knobs & switches receive external MIDI control changes.

Vento is available to download as a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

More information: Acrobatics Software


Acrobatics Software releases Rombo

Acrobatics Software has released Rombo, an Intellidrive Processor VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

The original Acrobatics technology captures all the dynamics from your audio material with two separated envelope followers (true stereo), then use them to drive an exclusive, ultrasmooth saturation algorhythm.

Acrobatics Rombo

Rombo features

  • Adjustable Input Gain, Attack, Release and Output Level.
  • Optional stereo/mono peak detection.
  • Internal, dedicated bypass mode for fast A/B comparisons.
  • VU Meter with multiple pick views over the whole signal path.
  • Zero Latency, DC Block Filter
  • All samplerates supported: 44.1khz – 192khz.
  • Fully automatable in host.
  • Knobs & Switches receive external MIDI control CC program changes.

Rombo is available as a freeware VST plug-ins for Windows PC.

Visit Acrobatics Software for more information.


Acrobatics updates Alieno to v1.0.9

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Acrobatics Alieno v1.0.9

Acrobatics has released version 1.0.9 of Alieno, a monophonic synthesizer VSTi plugin for Windows PC.

Alieno features advanced step-modulation and is suitable for lead lines, sequences and special FX synthesis. It includes 144 original sounds.

Changes in v1.0.9

  • Vibrato added.
  • Advanced randomize function.
  • Extended MIDI control.
  • New modern ship-style GUI.
  • Lots of other new features.

Acrobatics Alieno is available as donationware for Windows PC.

Visit Acrobatics for more information and a link to download Alieno v1.0.9.


Acrobatics releases Alieno v1.0.7

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Acrobatics Alieno v1.0.7 (Landing Edition)

Acrobatics has released version 1.0.7 of Alieno, a freeware monophonic synthesizer VSTi plugin for Windows PC.

Changes in v1.0.7

  • MIDI Control Changes added.
  • Modified release envelope time to match compatibility with DualCore fast processors whose users were experiencing clicks on note-off messages.
  • Master section now includes “Oversampling” and “Spectroscope” activation/deactivation switches to save system resources (5% less CPU usage when both OFF). Velocity on volume is no more an option but hardwired to the synth engine. The Spectroscope is automatically excluded when in offline mode, so rendering to audio should be faster too.
  • All switches are now automatable in host including the two Modulation Wheel assignments.
  • Interactive display: buttons, knobs and sliders value changes are now monitorized on the LCD, which tracks informations on the current parameter in editing.
  • GUI optimization.
  • Improved: File Manager save/load path.
  • Updated user guide.

The new version also includes Alieno LANDING EDITION, a separate, special version of Alieno 1.0.7 simulating a damaged spaceship, forced to abandon the sound battle and landing on an unknown planet.

Alieno LE features a unique, dedicated skin and a completely redesigned audio effects section with Shift instead of Warp, Echo instead of Repeater (check the included manual for more info).

Visit Acrobatics for more information and a link to download Alieno v1.0.7.