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Admiral Quality updates Poly-Ana to v1.12

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Admiral Quality Poly-Ana v1.1

Admiral Quality has released version 1.12 of Poly-Ana, an analog model polyphonic synthesizer plug-in for Windows PC.

Changes in v1.12

  • Receptor compatible.
  • New SSE2 optimizations have reduced CPU usage to as little as 75% of version 1.00 on some platforms.
  • Fixed bug in polyphonic mode where stolen voices weren’t retriggering.
  • Fixed some stability bugs in the editor.
  • Added program name edit field, program select dropdown menu (click the program number), and program increment/decrement buttons to top of editor. Authorization controls have moved above keyboard and the “Auth” button has been removed. Simply hit “enter” or select any other control to confirm your key entry.
  • Removed limit from high end of filter cutoff range. This allows the HPF mode to completely cut all sound now, rather than always letting some highs pass through as before.
  • Voices in release stage now show in voice display.
  • Changed behavior: Incoming MIDI no longer turned to automation events. Didn’t prove useful as a feature and can cause conflicts in some cases.
  • Fixed bug when handling “duplicate timestamped” MIDI events of the same type. In this case the last received duplicate event will be used now. Fixes pitch bend and modulation errors from some host/controller combinations.
  • Fixed a long standing bug relating to oscillator sync that was causing Poly-Ana to get “sick” under certain, rare conditions. (Hosts that make random patches were very good at casing this.) Poly-Ana should no longer have “poison patches”.
  • Sustain pedal behavior problem in some hosts fixed.
  • Fixed another oscillator sync related bug where sync was internally turned off after bypassing/resuming even though editor panel still showed the correct setting.
  • Changed the method Poly-Ana uses to find its .dll location, may help users who were having trouble loading the custom background Poly-AnaBG.png.

A new fully functional demo of Poly-Ana has been released, so if you’ve tried it before you can evaluate if for another week.

Visit Admiral Quality for more information and audio demos.

Admiral Quality updates Poly-Ana to v1.1

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Admiral Quality Poly-Ana v1.1

Admiral Quality has released version 1.1 of Poly-Ana, an analog model polyphonic synthesizer plug-in for Windows PC.

Changes in Poly-Ana v1.1

  • VST 2.4 compatible.
  • Filter Cutoff and Resonance Gang buttons. Filter 2 can follow Filter 1′s CF and Resonance controls.
  • Cutoff knob smoothing, no more zipper noise when automating filter sweeps.
  • Oscillator Phase Retrigger buttons.
  • Oscillator Phase Offset knob.
  • Oscillator PWM Source and Amount controls now share double duty with new PM (Phase Mod) controls.
  • Quality control has moved to front panel and is now automatically adaptive to different project sample rates.
  • Analog drift knob, randomly detunes the oscillator pitches and filter cutoffs over time.
  • Saturation button, a “smooth” saturator.
  • DC Cut button, removes unwanted DC levels from output.
  • Pink Noise available now as well as White Noise.
  • Amplifier Pan Modulations now share double duty with new Amplitude Modulation.
  • Anti-click filter button added to Amplifiers.
  • Added 3 way rectifier switch to Mod Mixers. Adds Fullwave or Halfwave Rectification between the S&H and the Lag filter.
  • FX version no longer rectifies the IN-1 and IN-2 audio input modulation sources.
  • User-customizeable .png format background images.
  • Some bugfixes.

Poly-Ana 1.1 is completely patch compatible with version 1.0. A fully functioning demo is available for download (the evaluation period has been reset).

Visit Admiral Quality for more information and a link to download a demo version of Poly-Ana.

Admiral Quality releases Poly-Ana v1.0

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Admiral Quality Poly-Ana v1.0

Admiral Quality has released version 1.0 of Poly-Ana, an analog model polyphonic synthesizer.

Poly-Ana features

  • GUI has several background colors available, optional tooltips, and option to replace Mod Source dials with drop-down lists
  • Maximum 12 note polyphony featuring unison, voice detune and a unique poly-unison mode
  • Three oscillators per voice
  • Two filters per voice, 12/24 dB/Oct, LPF/HPF, can be run in parallel or in series allowing for additional multi-mode capability
  • Filter Resonance Modulation
  • Stereo signal path throughout the voice. Poly-Ana produces dramatic stereo effects without using any tacked-on delay or chorus effects
  • All voice parameters always visible and accessible with a single click
  • Unique modulation routing scheme. All the power of modular without the tedious complications of using patch cables or a modulation matrix
  • Waveform “morphing” creates smooth transitions between oscillator waveforms beyond simple cross-fading, Waveform Mod automatically morphs oscillator waveforms
  • PWM for all oscillator waveforms
  • Noise Sync. Oscillators can sync to noise source as well as normal pitched tones
  • Two LFOs per voice with retriggering, allows separate phase for each voice’s LFOs
  • Full Host-Sync for LFOs with adjustable phase offset
  • Three ADSR envelopes per voice with adjustable curves
  • Two Modulation Mixers allow for complex combinations of modulation sources
  • Unique, oversampled voice engine for analog type sounds
  • MIDI CC# mapping of all controls, automatic MIDI guitar controller support for 6 channel control in MIDI “Mono” mode
  • VST instrument AND VST effect versions

If the source knobs on Poly-Ana make you a bit dizzy you can opt for dropdown lists like in the banana skin.

Poly-Ana has had a reduced price for almost half a year (during beta testing) and is now available for the full price of $129.95 USD.

Visit Admiral Quality for more information and a link to download the demo (there is an evaluation reset for those who already tried Poly-Ana Beta, you can try it again for another week).

Admiral Quality releases Naive LPF v0.5

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Admiral Quality Naive LPF v0.5 VST

Naive LPF v0.5 is a resonant low-pass filter with envelope follower. Version 0.5 now has a GUI made with VSTGUI.

This filter has been developed to closely model the way some real world analog circuits work to achieve a vintage, analog feel.

You will find this filter has a very warm, even distorted, analog flavor. But the distortion it does impart tends to sound very musical to the ear, particularly when processing individual instrument tracks.

Download the plug-in from Admiral Quality VSTs.