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Ghost World – A Story in Sound

Ghost World - A Story in Sound by Dj Spooky that Subliminal Kid

Dj Spooky that Subliminal Kid (Paul D. Miller) has released a free mix done as a project for the Dokolo Foundation at the Venice Biennial 2007.

Paul writes:

The “Ghost World” mix is all about the multiple rhythms and languages of Africa, but it makes no attempt to give you everything – it’s from my record collection. That’s why the “story” of the mix is about: polyrhythm, multiplex reality. There’s even more current material like the Kuduru sounds of Luanda (who says Techno doesn’t exist in Africa!?) and old school hip hop like Zimbabwe Legit from the early 90′s of classic “conscious” school hip hop.

The mix can be downloaded here (m4a format). Check the Ghost World page for a complete tracklisting.

Link via Boing Boing


Time+Space shipping Quazibeat African Secret 2

Quazibeat African Secret 2

Time+Space is shipping African Secret 2, a sample library by Quazibeat, featuring performances from South Africa’s foremost traditional and modern African musicians.

African Secret 2 features

  • 2.3GB of the finest samples performed by South Africa´s foremost traditional and modern African musicians.
  • Format: Wav and Rex2 loops.
  • Included instruments are are Bass Guitar, Bongo, Claves, Egg Shaker, African Flute, Jewish Harp, Low Log, Pandera, Sax Section, Solo Sax, Tambourine, Traditional Guitar, Violin Section, Tapping, Solo Violin, Shaker, Sanza, Mbira, Kalimba, Rainstick, Female Vocal Hooks, Congas, Calabash, Bell, Berimbau, Chant, Djembe, Female Vocal FX, free Tempo Perc, Low Drum, Mouthbox, Sax FX, Shekere, Talking Drum Tambali
  • BONUS: Selected “African Secret Volume 1″ samples in Rex2 format.

African Secret 2 is now available from Time+Space for £ 59.95 GBP.

Visit Time+Space for more information and mp3 demos.


Short links for October 15th, 2007

Some interesting things I bookmarked on on October 15th, 2007:

A tape of Boubacar Traoré
A tape of Boubacar Traoré
  • How to Build an Electric Organ – the original instrument cost its designer, Elmore B. Lyford, a little more than 5 dollars. Its rich organ-like notes delighted the well-known radio pianists that fingered its keys and its simplicity interested the engineers that examined it.