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AfroDJMac intros Free Ableton Live Pack #73: Mom’s Piano

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AfroDJMac Mom's Piano

AfroDJMac has released Mom’s Piano, a new free Ableton Live Rack.

My mother has a beautiful baby grand piano. Though I’d feel a bit dishonest calling myself a pianist, I love getting a chance to sit down at this piano to bang out some melodies. As much time as I spend playing around with synthesizers and digital instruments, there really is nothing quite like the sound of an acoustic instrument.

Over the holidays, I sampled a couple of octaves on this piano, while my mother, grandmother, and aunt were in the kitchen having a conversation over a cup of tea. As the notes decay, you can hear their voices in the background, which I think adds a ton of character to this instrument.

Mom’s Piano by AfroDJMac – A Ghostly, Glitchy, LoFi, and Bursting-with-Character Piano for Ableton Live.

The Live pack is a free download at AfroDJMac.

More information: AfroDJMac / Mom’s Piano


AfroDJMac releases Drum Multi FX free Live Pack

AfroDJMac has introduced his 71st free Ableton Live Pack, Drum Multi FX.

AfroDJMac Drum Multi FX

This rack is exactly what I use when I play live. It has both a high and low pass filter. As you turn the filter knobs, the resonance increases, making the effect more dramatic as you turn it up. Second is a Reverb/Delay knob. When the knob is in the middle, the signal remains dry. Turn it left and you add reverb. Turn it right, you add delay. Two FX on one knob, sweet! Third, we have a Bit Crusher/ Beat Repeat knob. Again, the middle is clean. Turning left does the bit crushing. Turning right activates a Beat Repeat. The further you go left, the bit crushing morphs. The further right you go, the repeat time changes. So on four knobs you get six effects. This is perfect when you need to make the most of your MIDI controllers.

The bottom four macros are your Beat Repeats. As soon as you turn the knob past zero, the Beat Repeat turns on. Each knob controls a different Beat Repeat with a different grid size. I like to map these knobs to a Momentary Midi button. This means the effect will only trigger while I hold down the button. To smooth out the sounds, each knob also triggers a subtle Chorus effect. I’ve found this helps mitigate any pops or clicks.

The Live Pack is a free download at AfroDJMac.

More information: AfroDJMac / Drum Multi FX


AfroDJMac releases free Rusty Fender Rhodes Ableton Pack

AfroDJMac has posted the 70th free Ableton Live Pack, the Rusty Fender Rhodes.

The Fender Rhodes is one of the most well known electric keyboards of all time. Unfortunately adding one to your collection will set you back a pretty penny. What’s more is that lugging one around to the gig is another nuisance many of us would rather do without. Luckily I have the solution for you, the AfroDJMac Rusty Fender Rhodes Ableton Live Pack!

This free Ableton Live pack will get you that classic Fender Rhodes sound conveniently inside your laptop computer.

The sound library for Ableton Live is a free download at AfroDJMac.

More information: AfroDJMac


AfroDJMac releases free Charlie Brown X-Mas Tree Synths

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AfroDJMac Charlie Brown X-Mas Tree Synths

AfroDJMac has announced the release of Charlie Brown X-Mas Tree Synths, a free sound pack for Ableton Live.

Merry Christmas all! AfroDJMac here with a special gift to help you celebrate the holiday season. I’m sure the peaceful sounds of a music box brings many of us back to our childhood. Turns out the soft and soothing chimes also make for some interesting Ableton Live instruments!

Saturday I was a Christmas party where I found a beautiful Charlie Brown Christmas snow globe. I snuck off to a quiet portion of the house and sampled it on my iPhone. From there, I created the 3 Ableton Live instrument racks I am now sharing with you. I think they all have a lot of character and organic movement to them, with the combination of the plucked notes mixed with the cranking mechanism inside the globe.

The Live pack is a free download at AfroDJMac.

More information: AfroDJMac / Charlie Brown X-Mas Tree Synths


AfroDJMac intros Korg Poly 800 Armageddon Ableton Pack

AfroDJMac Korg Poly 800 Armageddon Ableton Pack

AfroDJMac has announced the Korg Poly 800 Armageddon Ableton Pack, a collection of 10 Ableton Instruments and dozens of presets created with the Korg Poly800 MKII.

The Armageddon Pack for Ableton Live has arrived just in time for the end. If you are looking for the right sounds for the post-apocalyptic world, look no further.

My friend Mike Longo diligently sampled his trusty Korg Poly800 MKII and together we have created a collection of terrifying, world-ending instruments for Ableton Live.

This warm analog synth will add a unique and special character to your productions that the post 2012 world desires.

The sound library is available to pre-order for $12.21 USD, until the official release on December 21st, 2012, at 12:21pm.

More information: AfroDJMac


Create huge 80′s drum sounds with AfroDJMac’s free Gated Reverb Ableton Live Rack

AfroDJMac Gated Reverb

AfroDJMac has released another free Ableton Live Pack: Gated Reverb.

The 1980s brought us some pretty cool production techniques. I often try to emulate them in Ableton. One of the more timestamped effects is gated reverb.

Producers wanted huge drum sounds, but didn’t want the drums washed out in reverb. The solution was found by placing a gate after the reverb. This will suddenly silence the reverb once it drops to a certain level. Think Phil Collins’ “Coming in the Air Tonight.” If you have ever wanted your drums to sound like they were being played by Godzilla in the Grand Canyon, this is the technique for you.

The Gater Reverb Rack is a free download at AfroDJMac.

More information: AfroDJMac


AfroDJMac intros Dual Mic Dual Cabinet free Ableton Live Pack

AfroDJMac has introduced Dual Mic Dual Cabinet, a free Ableton Live pack that lets you emulate multiple microphones and speakers with Ableton’s cabinet FX.

This Ableton audio FX rack is designed to emulate having two different cabinets and two different microphones amplifying your sound. Created with two chains, each featuring Ableton’s cabinet effect mapped to macro knobs for easy control. Practical and easy way to change the sound of any instrument or vocal.

The Live Pack is a free download at AfroDJMac.

More information: AfroDJMac / Dual Mic Dual Cabinet


AfroDJMac introduces How to Make Ableton Racks + WinkSound Giveaway


AfroDJMac has announced How to Make Ableton Racks, a tutorial video in collaboration with WinkSound.

Over the summer, I met some of the guys from WinkSound. If you are not familiar with WinkSound, it’s a great source for music production tutorials.

We decided it’d be fun to work together, so I made a video on one of my specialties, creating Ableton Live Racks.

The guys from WinkSound did some nice editing and below is the finished product!

To celebrate their partnership, AfroDJMac and WinkSound have teamed up to host a giveaway, in which you can win the following AfroDJMac products:

  • 1 Alpha Juno 2 Ableton Live Instrument Rack
  • 1 Juno Jive FX Instrument Rack
  • 1 Big Phatty Ableton Live Instrument Rack

To enter the giveaway, entrants need to subscribe to WinkSound on YouTube and send them an email with a link to their YouTube profile. The winner will be selected on Monday October 15th, 2012.

More information: AfroDJMac