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AfroDJMac releases Wind Chime Ambience EP—Ableton Live Collection and 4 track EP

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AfroDJMac WindChime Synths

AfroDJMac has announced that the Wind Chime Ambience EP is now available.

I’ve released a new Ableton Live Collection and 4 track “Wind Chime Ambience EP,” all created with samples from beautifully hand-crafted-and-tuned metallic wind chimes.

The Ableton Live Pack includes 5 Instrument Racks, 4 Drum Racks, 4 Effect Racks, plus 10 additional presets. These Ableton Racks are quite diverse and easily manipulated with macro knobs. A couple of the instruments use wind chime samples that were recorded directly to reel to reel tape, adding to the organic feel.

Also included are the Live Projects for each of the 4 tracks on the” Wind Chime Ambiece EP.” This gives full access to how the tracks were created and how the different instruments can be manipulated to create a wide variety of sounds.

These wind chimes were sampled for the Wind Chimes Synths for Ableton Live, as well as the “WindChime Ambience EP” by AfroDJMac.

The Wind Chime Ambience EP is available to purchase for $5.99 USD.

More information: AfroDJMac

AfroDJMac RubberBand Synth free Ableton Instrument Rack

AfroDJMac RubberBand Synth

AfroDJMac has introduced the RubberBand Synth, a free sound library for Ableton Live featuring a contact mic recorded rubber band.

So, for my first endeavor with my new contact mic, I decided to try to record a rubberband. As you can see from the video, my cat, Theo, was just as excited about this project as I was. The resulting sound was a much cleaner, punchier recording than I was able to achieve with a condenser mic (I tried to do this months ago, but it wasn’t sounding very good).

I recorded the samples into Ableton Live, did a little high pass filtering to remove some sub bass frequencies, and dropped them into Sampler. From there, I added some effects, an FM oscillator, and an arpeggiator to create this, the 65th Free Ableton Live AfroDJRack. Check out the video below for an in-depth walkthrough and just below that is the free download, enjoy!

The RubberBand Synth for Live is a free download at AfroDJMac.

More information: AfroDJMac

AfroDJRack Easy Sub Bass Ableton Live Pack + 2 Minute Ableton Tip: Sidechain Compression

AfroDJMac Easy Sub Bass Rack

AfroDJMac has released Easy Sub Bass, a free Live Rack designed to easily add sub bass to any synthesizer in Ableton Live.

Sub bass is an important part of many types of electronic music. It is not so much heard as it is felt. It can give a track tremendous power.

For this free Ableton Live Pack, I have created an instrument rack that features two different chains. The first contains a simple sine wave synth that provides the sub bass. The second chain is almost empty, leaving room for you to drop any instrument you’d like to add a little sub bass to.

Brian has also posted a new episode of “2 Minute Ableton Tips”, in which sidechaining in Ableton is explored.

Side chaining is a very effective way to get your tracks to react to each other. I wrote an article about sidechaining for Sonic Scoop’s blog, check it out for some background and creative uses. Anyway, Ableton Live has three devices that can be side chained together: The Compressor, The Gate, and The Auto Filter. This week will deal with the Compressor.

More information: AfroDJMac

AfroDJMac releases Tape Hiss Vinyl Crackle free Ableton Rack

AfroDJMac has released a new free library for Ableton Live: Tape Hiss Vinyl Crackle.

AfroDJMac Tape Hiss Vinyl Crackle

Last week I received an email from Oliver Chesler, aka The Horrorist, who writes an extraordinarily useful and informative blog called “Wire to the Ear.”  He is always amazingly on point and up to date, whether with production advice, great music, or the latest audio/ iOS gear.  Oliver asked if I do request for Ableton Live Instruments (which of I try my best on); he was looking for samples of cassette tape hiss.  While there’s an assortment of plugin emulators of the tape sound (including Ableton’s Vinyl distortion which I used on this freebie), as we all know, there’s nothing quite like the original.  Funnily enough, just the day before I was looking for samples from vinyl records, and one of the samples I got the most use out of was just the vinyl crackle right before the music starts playing.  So, naturally I thought Oliver’s suggestion was a good one.

After busting out my old Ka-Boom Box, and dusting off what remains of my cassette tape collection, I started sampling empty sections of the tapes.   While I was at it, I took out some vinyl records of varying condition, sampled those, and grabbed a few minutes of tape noise from my Tascam Reel to Reel (the bad boy used on the Super Tape Drums Ableton Pack).  I’ve used those samples to create a pretty excellent Ableton Live Pack for you all!

AfroDJMac’s Ableton Live Instrument #60: Tape Hiss Vinyl Crackle.

The Ableton Pack is a free download.

More information: AfroDJMac

AfroDJMac releases SynthPad Tape Synth free Ableton Rack

AfroDJMac has introduced the SynthPad Tape Synth, a free Ableton rack created with the SynthPad app.

This instrument came unexpectedly. I was recording music to my Tascam reel to reel machine with my friend SuperKid, and he performed one of his parts with the SynthPad app from Big Robot Studios. (SynthPad is a cool and cheap iPhone app that lets you sculpt your own synth sounds through a variety of waveforms, a filter, envelopes, effects and an arpeggiator).

After bringing the tape tracks into Ableton Live, I sampled a single note he played and created this instrument from it.

The SynthPad Tape Synth and multi effect rack for Ableton by AfroDJMac.

The Ableton Live AfroDJRack #59 is a free download at AfroDJMac.

More information: AfroDJMac

AfroDJMac records drum sounds to reel-to-reel: Super Tape Drums for Ableton Live

AfroDJMac Super Tape Drums

AfroDJMac has released Super Tape Drums for Ableton Live, a collection of drum samples recorded to a reel to reel tape machine.

There’s some kind of magic that occurs when audio is put to tape. One of my best musical investments has been my Tascam 388 Studio 8 Track reel to reel machine. In a world of digital music that can sound as if it were produced inside a sterile vacuum, this tape machine can transport recordings into the warmth and coziness of the living room you used to play with your Legos in. Something about that analog tape just makes things warmer and smoother.

So I recorded some drum samples to the tape…I wound up recording over 450 drum sounds to be more exact! It took about 10 minutes of tape to get them all down.

Super Tape Drums features

  • 5 Ableton Live Sets.
  • 450+ drum samples recorded to tape.
  • 5 Families of drums (8 Bit, Drum Machines, OP-1, Synthesized and Live, Odd Percussion).
  • 30+ Ableton Instrument and Effect Racks.
  • Drum racks that allows you to quickly audition different drum sounds, layer drums together, and browse by drum type (Kick, Snare, Toms, Noise, Cymbals).

The sample pack is available to purchase for $7.99 USD.

More information: AfroDJMac / Super Tape Drums for Ableton Live

AfroDJMac announces Super Tape Drums for Ableton + Pre-Order Deal

AfroDJMac Super Tape Drums Pre-Order

AfroDJMac has announced Super Tape Drums, a drum sample sound library for Ableton Live.

I am very excited to announce that next Wednesday, June 27th, I will be releasing a massive Premium Ableton Live Pack called “AfroDJMac’s Super Tape Drums.”

I took over 450 drum samples from drum machines, synths, 8-bit sources, the OP-1, and acoustic drum sources, and recorded them on to my Tascam 8-track reel-to-reel machine. The magic analog-warmth does to drum samples is beautiful!

From there, I created 30 Ableton Live Drum Rack Instruments with some great features that allow you to manipulate the sounds and cycle through the different drum samples with ease.

The Super Tape Drums will be available to purchase on June 27th, priced $7.99 USD.

AfroDJMac is offering a special pre-order deal for this new Live Pack.

As a way to say thanks to the people that have been so supportive of my work, I have set up a special presale. If you order the Super Tape Drums pack by 12 noon EST on Tuesday, it will only cost you $4.99. On Wednesday June 27th, you will get an email with a link to download the Super Tape Drums pack, before anyone else. Plus as a special bonus, when you preorder you will get an exclusive free download for an Ableton Instrument made with the Roland Juno 106. Entitled, “Juno-Bonus,” this instrument is not a part of my Roland Juno 106 Pack; it was made as a thank you for your preorder.

More information: AfroDJMac / Super Tape Drums Pre-Order

AfroDJRack #58: New York Style Compressor

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AfroDJMac has released a free New York Style Compressor for Ableton Live.

I have built a super handy Ableton Live audio effect rack for New York Style or Parallel Compression, and offer it to you as my newest Free Ableton Live Pack!

AfroDJMac New York Style Compressor

It works by compressing the audio (usually squashing the daylights out of it!) and mixing that processed signal with the original. The compressed signal has the fullness that a compressor offers, but the original maintains the dynamic range that the compressor can destroy. The end result is you get to have your cake and eat it too, the best of both worlds.

To achieve this effect in Ableton Live, I have built an Audio Effect Rack that has two chains: one with a Compressor (plus a Saturator for a little extra flavor), and one chain that allows the audio to pass through unaffected. The download link is below. The eight macro knobs allow for control over the most commonly used parameters (Threshold, Ratio, Attack, Release…) as well as an overall volume that allows you to mix in as much of the compressed signal as you like. I particularly like this effect on drum tracks, because it beefs them up while preserving their impact. Feel free to get creative an use it on all kinds of tracks (I’ve had a lot of success with vocals and acoustic guitars).

The Ableton Rack is a free download.

More information: AfroDJMac