Psycle v1.8.5 released

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Psycledelics, the developers Psycle (originally developed by Arguru), have released version 1.8.5 of the open source tracker-style music production studio.

Psycle screenshot
Psycle screenshot

The main changes are a new VST Host, a New Mixer, much faster application start/plugin check, wave in machine, new render to wav dialog with dither and lots of other small additions. New tutorial songs which demonstrate some of these features are included.

Changes in v1.8.5

  • Finished the reimplementation of the VSTHost (Internal and UI).
  • Extended and finished the Mixer machine. 12 inserts, 12 sends/returns, with routing abilities.
  • Improved Sampulse partially, can load instruments and be used in a song (still incomplete).
  • Improvements in the new Interpolate Curve Dialog.
  • Changes in the Sequencer toolbar. Now it can show names of patterns and change them.
  • Improvements in source code (partially from 1.9 alpha).
  • Several new native plugins (most developed during the 1.9 alpha period). The total number is now 70.
  • Wave In machine that allows input from external sources. Only works with directsound and ASIO for now.
  • Sinc interpolation for sampler. Should offer better quality, but it’s quite much slower.
  • Record to clipboard added to Record to Wave dialog box. (Works only with psycle for now).
  • Blocks in patterns can be moved by dragging them, as well as via popup menu.
  • Volume, panning and portamento commands for VST’s (volume does channel aftertouch for now).
  • Yannis midi native plugin nearly usable now (doesn’t sync too well if used in a pattern).
  • Fixes in several native plugins ( arguru synth, ayeternal delay, …).
  • Bugfixes and other smaller additions.

Visit Psycledelics for more information, and a link to download Psycle.


Arguru Software sets Aodix v4 free

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Last month Arguru (Juan Antonio Argüelles Rius) had confirmed that Aodix, a tickless tracker-interface based sequencer and VST2 host with ASIO2 support, would soon become free. Arguru did not plan to continue support for Aodix because his work at Image-Line took up most of his time.

Juan Antonio Argüelles Rius
Juan Antonio Argüelles Rius

Sadly, Arguru passed away in a car accident on June 3rd. The talented and well respected plug-in developer made fame in the early days of the tracker scene. His work includes Psycle, Renoise, discoDSP plug-ins and various Image-Line products (Fl Studio 7, DirectWave, Deckadance…)

Keeping true to Arguru’s plans, Zaf (Aguru’s partner in Arguru Software) has now released Aodix v4.2.0.1 for free.

Arguru Aodix v4


  • Full modular audio and MIDI routing
  • 256 tracks, 256 patterns
  • pattern markers and pattern calls, patterns being of virtually unlimited length
  • 32-bit float sample precision
  • Up to 960 PPQN (Pulses Per Quarter-Note) timestamp precision
  • real-time record and automation
  • piano-roll track split view
  • real-time performance with very low latencies

Support for Aodix will only be available for registered users.

More information: Arguru Software


Voyager presets by John Malvey

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Arguru Voyager

John Malvey has created a bank of 27 presets for Voyager by Arguru.

This collection of presets includes pads, keys, fx, bass and more!

Voyager JoMal bank1 Downloads: 2058 times

Looking for more? Check all patches by John Malvey or for Voyager

If you don’t have the free Voyager VSTi yet, get it here.

In case you find the default Voyager skin a be a bit hard to work with, check this place for alternate versions using Asseca’s MGUI.


Aguru announces DirectWave VSTi

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Aguru Software DirectWave VSTi

Arguru Software will begin selling the VSTi version of DirectWave, the powerful and fully-featured sampler on Monday 19 December, 2005.

DirectWave is an inline multilayer multitimbral sampler, capable of playing and recording samples through real input sampling.

All parameters and effects may be automated or modulated through a 16-slot modulation matrix. DirectWave is a fully featured VST plug-in with parameter automation.

Check Arguru Software for more information and detailed specifications of DirectWave.


Aguru releases Aodix v4.2

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Aguru Aodix v4.2

Aguru has released Aodix v4.2, a tickless tracker-interface based sequencer.

Aodix is a VST2 host, and supports ASIO2.

New in v4.2

  • Autocenter instance in routing window (ctrl+click on Instance lists)
  • Autoconnect instance to master configuration option
  • Ctrl+Enter will return to the previous editing pattern
  • Automation events keyboard editable
  • Skin selector in configuration dialog
  • Double-click on routing view will place the new loaded instance at cursor position
  • Automation events colour shading
  • Transposing of automation events
  • Ctrl+Double Click in routing wire-link arrow will detach all instance output wires routing to same input destination instance
  • Instance positioning at load improved
  • Block data interpolation between events (beta)
  • Configuration option to run aodix in fullscreen mode
  • Modif: Full GUI skinning support
  • New indexed parameter list

Fixed in v4.2

  • Transport cycle bug
  • Proper handling of plugins with 1 or less (yes, 0 and -1) programs
  • Small bug browsing plug-ins that have capital letter dll extension
  • display problems with certain videocards
  • erroneous vst pin connected flag report (fixes Antares Filter working mono and lot of others)
  • Miscellaneuous improvements and fixes

Check the Aguru site for more information and a link to download the demo (Save disabled).


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