Audio Geek Zine releases AGZFX03: Hell Piano

AGZFX03: Hell Piano

Audio Geek Zine has released AGZFX03: Hell Piano, a Kontakt sample library featuring the sounds of a circuit-bent electronic toy piano.

This sample library contains the sounds of a circuitbent FisherPrice 3810 electronic toy piano at 96kHz. Modifications to the toy resulted in hellish distorted drones and screams.

The edited WAV files (included) were used to create KONTAKT instruments that span several octaves more than the original keyboard. There is a KONTAKT instrument for each key and each combination of modification + 2 patches using KONTAKT effects.

Hell Piano is available to purchase for $10 USD.

More information: Audio Geek Zine / AGZFX03: Hell Piano


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