Rabbit Ears Audio releases Jet Turbines sound fx pack

Rabbit Ears Audio Jet Turbines

Rabbit Ears Audio has introduced its Jet Turbines sound fx sample library.

Raw power and thrust is what REA_011 Jet Turbines is all about. We sought out a series of hard-to-find and unique sounding turbines. We stood dangerously close to afterburners and jet wash so you wouldn’t have to. The collection includes the L39 Albatros (Soviet-era Mig Trainer), home-built Jet Motorcycle, home-built Jet Utility Cart, and several radio-controlled model jet airplanes.

Did I mention the Jet Utility Cart? The L39 was not air worthy, but its turbine was pushed at various levels of thrust on the tarmac. The Jet Motorcycle, Jet Utility Cart, and radio-controlled planes were all pushed during stationary runs and fly bys. This library is a diverse collection of thrusters ready for space travel, other-worldly bys, whines, and low-end raw power ready to be stretched into drones and other design elements.

The sound library is available to purchase for the introductory price of $99 USD (regular $115 USD).

More information: Rabbit Ears Audio / Jet Turbines


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