Airwindows releases Logical2 compressor plugin for Mac

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Airwindows has released Logical2, a 2-buss compressor effect plug-in for Mac.

Airwindows Logical2
Logical2 uses Airwindows’ compressor algorithms as developed in ButterComp.

The way Logical2 transforms the sound is not subtle. It’s designed to glue the track but also provides the distinctive SSL-style ‘presence’ to the highs, allowing a sweet spot to be found where everything really pops and communicates.

It uses the latest Airwindows compressor algorithms as developed in ButterComp. And this time, it’s 96K-savvy and works at all sample rates. A perfect ‘set and forget’ buss comp.

Logical2 for Mac (AU) is available to purchase for $49.99 USD. All existing owners of Logical get Logical2 for free.

More information: Airwindows / Logical2


Airwindows ButterComp, next-generation digital compressor effect for Mac

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Airwindows has released ButterComp, a digital compressor effect plug-in for Mac.

Airwindows ButterComp
ButterComp, digital compressor effect

Like Desk, rather than apply color to the sound, ButterComp does its thing by using a better algorithm, a peculiar approach to compression that hasn’t been done before to my knowledge. Some bits of it are inspired by remarks from Alexey Vaneev, and some bits of it are strange Airwindows things he knows nothing of :) the upshot is, this compressor produces virtually no high frequency hash, and sounds bloom out of it in a delicious way.

ButterComp is available to purchase as an Audio Unit effect plug-in for Mac, priced at $59.99 USD.

More information: Airwindows


Airwindows releases Single Ended Triode

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Airwindows has released Single Ended Triode, an effect plug-in for Mac.

Airwindows Single Ended Triode
Airwindows Single Ended Triode

Another must have- Single Ended Triode is a universal binary AU plugin with three separate unusual and useful modes of distortion. Asymmetrical, class AB and class B. A versatile sonic seasoning kit completely under your control!

Single Ended Triode is such a great idea that I’m selling it for $50, not $60, to get it into more people’s hands. It’s like Density, in that it’s a really fundamental building block of sound, implemented really cleanly so you’re not screwing anything up by overprocessing.

More information: Airwindows / Single Ended Triode


Airwindows releases Desk

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Airwindows has released Desk, a plug-in to turn your DAW into a real mixing desk.

It goes on every channel, every buss, every output- everywhere- and turns digital math into very clean console sound. +18db headroom. Not a fuzz tone or tape sim. No mud.

Very few things in real life, whether acoustic or electrical, are really mathematically perfect. Air compresses, circuits distort, everything becomes nonlinear- yet DAWs, even ones as nice as Logic, remain entirely linear. That’s great to build on, but it compels people to throw all sorts of tape emulations etc. at the problem.

Desk takes both signal level and slew rate and makes them nonlinear. You could say it warps the reality of your DAW! But unlike tape and distortion effects, Desk is not designed to distort at 0 db. Its headroom is a solid 18 db or so above zero, like a real console- and it isn’t meant to sound great when run into blatant distortion, any more than real consoles do. (Hit a buss hard if you really want the sound of stressed hardware.)

Instead, Desk builds on the lessons learned by the popular freebie Channel, setting up a nonlinearity that is super gentle. If you don’t have really good monitoring, you might not hear any effect from just one copy of Desk in the signal path- nor should you- this isn’t about dirt, it’s about clarity and reality.

Desk is available as an effect plug-in for Mac (AU), priced at $49.99 USD.

More information: Airwindows / Desk


Airwindows releases TubeSag and Golem

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Airwindows has announced the release of TubeSag and Golem, two Audio Unit plug-ins for Mac.

Airwindows TubeSag

TubeSag works like a current-starved tube rectifier, making dynamics ‘pop’ by stepping on everything after the attack of the sound.

Improves energy, punch and dimensionality- try it on electric bass! There are two speed controls that interact with each other, letting you either reinforce one speed or combine the elements of two reaction speeds.

Airwindows Golem

Golem is a utility plugin for use with heavy guitar miking, when you have two mics on a stereo track but need to sum them to mono, balance them, and adjust relative phase.

Includes a phase switch for tuning phase through cancellation. The name comes from the Sneap metal recording forum, where they call this type of miking “Clayman” miking after a notable album using it. It’s also called “Fredman” miking after a studio where they’re constantly using this miking- and also called ‘two mics on a guitar cab’ by people who think it is silly to give it a bunch of evocative names.

TubeSag is priced at $59.99 USD, Golem is $29.99 USD.

More information: Airwindows / TubeSag / Golem


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