Akai Professional updates MPC Software to v1.8

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Akai Professional has released MPC Software 1.8, a software update for Akai’s MPC Renaissance and MPC Studio.

Akai Pro MPC 1.8 update is now available! MPC Software comes with our flagship MPC Renaissance and MPC Studio, combining cutting edge hardware with innovative software for creating music at your peak.

Changes in MPC Software v1.8

  • Non-destructive chop — A super-flexible way to use parts of your samples without destructive editing. MPC v1.8 provides two types of non-destructive chop: per-sample chopping saves your slices into the sample file for use in other projects, and per-pad slicing uses different start/end points within each pad.
  • Built-in live looper — Allows you to record, overdub, and manipulate audio in real time.
  • Pad perform mode — Assign musical scales, modes, chords, and progressions to the pads for more creative performances.
  • Vastly improved sample edit, chop workflow
    • Audition pads from within your program in the sample editor.
    • Sleaker trim. chop, and audition workflow.
    • Live sample chop.
    • Audio cue point audio preview.
  • Record audio through input insert effects — In the sampler and looper.
  • Vintage mode emulation can be used as an insert throughout the program — Place different MPC sound on different pads.
  • Non destructive sample reverse pad parameter — Pad sample offset pad parameter.
  • Plus many workflow enhancements, including one-touch sequence half/double, project preview, BPM calculation, an improved audio path, and much more.

More information: Akai Professional


M-Audio announces updates to Virtual Instruments included with its products

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M-Audio has announced it has teamed up with Air Music Tech and Sonivox to bring free upgraded versions of the Virtual Instruments included in Trigger Finger Pro (Hybrid 3 2.04 Update), and Oxygen 2014 Series & Keystation 2014 Series (Xpand!2, select models of Eighty Eight and Twist Update).

M-Audio Hybrid 3

A new serial number is required for these new versions. Customers will receive an email with their complimentary upgrade serial number in the next few days. If you have not yet registered your product please do so at their website to redeem your complimentary instruments.

Changes in the updates

  • Improved support for Cubase 8.
  • Improved support for Logic Pro X latest version.
  • Wide range of performance enhancements and stability optimizations.
  • Improved support for Pro Tools 11.
  • Official support for OS X 10.10.
  • Optional support for using an iLok key to store your license.
  • New license manager to allow customers to manage their own authorizations.
  • Now install on up to three seats per license (Computers or iLoks).
  • Support for new Akai Pro Virtual Instrument Player.
  • Improved support for M-Audio Arsenal.

More information: M-Audio


Homegrown Sounds releases Multiverse Vintage + Kosmology updated to v1.4

Homegrown Sounds has announced the release of Multiverse Vintage, a new instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Homegrown Sounds Multiverse Vintage

Multiverse Vintage uses 98 multi-sampled instruments created with an Akai SG01v Vintage Sound Module as it’s sound source. The Multiverse Script emulates a Dual Synth design which treats the sampled instruments as virtual oscillators. The sounds themselves are a series of Basses, Synths and Pads which represent this often forgotten gem.

The idea with Multiverse was to redesign Kosmos from scratch, bringing many enhancements seen in the Kosmology Script. Multiverse has now replaced Kosmos, and if you own any Kosmos products, the multiverse versions are available on your download page.

The library is available for the introductory price of $24.99 USD for a limited time (regular $34.99 USD).

More information: Homegrown Sounds / Multiverse Vintage


Akai Pro updates MPC software to v1.7.2

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Akai Professional has released a version 1.7.2 update of its MPC software, with which Akai Pro wishes to foster a community of expansion builders.

This new update brings a number of useful bug fixes, stability enhancements and two new features.

Q-Link Assign
Streamline the way you can assign Q-Links in main mode. Now you can simply drag a pad to the pad panel straight in the Q-Link from the GUI. The Q-Link will automatically be assigned to the pad.

Expansion Files
Now available with the MPC expansion builder app. Simply drag in a directory and enter the details of your pack; the title, name, cover image, version number and some info about your creation, then hit “Do It”. The expansion builder will create an XPN file that you could share to the world. Drag that XPN file into MPC 1.7.2. No windows of Mac installers needed, just a seamless expansion installer experience.

To celebrate this update they have teamed up with Sonivox, the creators of the current MPC Expansions, to bring you a 50% discount (now $99.99 USD) on Playa Producer Pack (The discount is automatically applied in cart).

More information: Akai Professional


Drum Broker intros MSXII Collection Kit limited edition bundle

The Drum Broker has launched the MSXII Collection Kit, a bundle of 28 sample packs by MSXII Sound Design on an MPC60II flash drive.

MSXII Collection Kit

You might call this the deal of the century, but well settle for the deal of 2014!

This limited offer bundle includes EVERY KIT from the MSXII Sound Design team released before November 1st, 2014 + a 16GB Akai MPC60II Flash Drive for only $149*

MSXII Collection Kit features

  • Soulful Stems Vol. 2
  • MPC Drum Samples Vol. 3
  • Snares and Combo Kit Vol. 2
  • The B Roll Strings
  • The Fill Up Banks Vol. 2
  • The Sammich Kit Vol. 4
  • MPC Drum Samples Vol. 2
  • MPC Drum Samples Vol. 1
  • The Unkempt Breaks XL Vol. 1
  • The Sammich Kit Vol. 3
  • The Steinway Stabs
  • The Synth Immaculate Vol. 3
  • The Joe Deertay Vol. 2
  • The Beatbox Kit Vol. 2
  • The Jungle Kit
  • The Soulful Stems Vol.1
  • The Fill Up Banks Kit Vol.1
  • The Sammich Kit Vol. 2
  • The Snares and Hats Combo Vol. 1
  • The Beatbox Kit Vol. 1
  • The Synth Immaculate Vol. 2
  • The Mutha Plucka
  • The Rhodes and Vibes Kit
  • The Sammich Kit Vol. 1
  • Joe Deertay Vol. 1
  • The Synth Immaculate Vol. 1
  • Bars Keys and Anomalies
  • The Unkempt Breaks

The limited edition bundle is available for purchase for $149 USD (excl. shipping) until November 17th, 2014.

More information: The Drum Broker


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