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Elemental Arts releases Analog Universe – Memories

Elemental Arts Analog Universe Memories

Elemental Arts has released Analog Universe – Memories, the first in a series of “sound source” style sample library products made using legendary and unique real analog synthesizers.

Memories is a tribute to the memory of the legendary Alesis A6 Andromeda, a now discontinued but feature-wise unparalleled analog beast whose phat analog sound many synth lovers will no doubt miss sourly.

With this painstakingly produced sound source sample library you have a easy way to conjure the unique Andromeda signature sound in your productions. Long live the A6 Andromeda!

Analog Universe – Memories features

  • 291 multi-sampled sfz instruments: Brass 18, Bass 19, Drums 68, Keys 6, Lead 72, Pad 21, Pluck 55, String 22, Sweep 10.
  • Total of 6202 .wav files, 48kHz, 24-bit, mono.
  • Includes 2425 presets:
    • Alchemy: 313 + 313 no fx versions. All Alchemy presets also include 8-performance variations.
    • Dimension/Pro: 606 (no synth fx used).
    • Rapture: 606 + 587 no fx versions.
  • Total content of 2.03 GB.

Analog Universe – Memories is available to purchase for $79.99 USD.

More information: Elemental Arts


Alesis announces 3632 Dual Channel Compressor

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Alesis has announced the 3632 Compressor, a dual-channel compressor, limiter, and gate unit.

The Alesis 3630 Compressor™ is the most popular dynamics processor ever made. Its successor, the 3632 Compressor, builds on the 3630’s popular design and features. The single rack-space unit provides two independent, fully featured compressor and limiter units with excellent sonic quality for any application from studio recording to live sound or broadcast.

Alesis 3632 Compressor

3632 Compressor features

  • Stereo compressor/expander/limiter/gate.
  • Minimized signal path for optimal sound quality.
  • Intelligent Knee for musical performance with soft and hard-knee envelopes.
  • Intelligent Ratio adjusts expansion based on input signal.
  • Intelligent Gain auto-adjusts output.
  • Adjustable attack and release time.
  • Couple switch for true stereo operation.
  • Auto attack and release times based on signal analysis, plus full manual control.
  • Couple Switch engages enables Channel One controls to affect both channels.
  • Sidechain send and return for use in an external effects loop.
  • Switchable low-cut filter minimizes audio-program pumping triggered by kick drum.
  • Gain-reduction LEDs.
  • Switchable input/output-level LED meters.
  • Bypass switches on both channels.

The 3632 Compressor will be available from musical instrument and professional audio retailers in Q3 2011.

More information: Alesis / 3632 Compressor


Alesis announces MultiMix 8 USB 2.0 FX audio mixer

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Alesis has announced the MultiMix 8 USB 2.0 FX, an eight-channel audio mixer with digital effects and a built-in high-resolution, multi-channel recording interface.

Alesis MultiMix 8 USB 2.0 FX

Musicians and engineers will find the MultiMix 8 USB 2.0 FX to be designed for easy integration into computer-based recording environments. Whether they are mixing a band or sub-mixing a group of inputs such as a drumset, musicians will find the MultiMix 8 USB 2.0 FX to be easy to use, rugged and feature-packed.

Users can employ the MultiMix 8 USB 2.0 FX’s four XLR inputs with independent gain pots on channels one through four and switchable phantom power supply for condenser microphones. They can also use the MultiMix 8 USB 2.0 FX’s eight 1/4-inch inputs for instruments, and pairs of RCA jacks for line-level audio sources. Guitar players will enjoy a guitar-direct input, enabling them to plug their instruments directly into the mixer for amp-free recording.

MultiMix 8 USB 2.0 FX features

  • Eight-channel mixer with mic, line, and guitar-level inputs.
  • 24-bit, 96 kHz 10×2 USB interface for single-cable recording and playback with your Mac or PC.
  • XLR inputs with gain trim, switchable high-pass filters, and 48V phantom power.
  • 1/4-inch line-level inputs for instruments and high-impedance guitar input for direct-connecting guitars.
  • Powerful EQ: three-band with sweepable parametric mids on channels 1 and 2, three-band on 3 and 4, two-band on 5 – 8.
  • Built-in DSP effects with footswitch bypass control and Aux buss for external processing.
  • Multicolor LED metering for visual level feedback.
  • Main and headphone outputs with independent level controls.
  • Optional 16-bit depth and 44.1 or 48 kHz resolutions via USB.
  • Includes Cubase LE software for tracking and editing on your Mac or PC.

The MultiMix 8 USB 2.0 FX will be available from musical instrument and professional audio retailers in Q3 2011.

More information: Alesis / MultiMix 8 USB 2.0 FX


Alesis announces NanoVerb 2 effect processor

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Alesis has announced the NanoVerb 2, a compact digital effects processor for musicians, sound engineers, recording artists and more.

The NanoVerb 2 is an audio DSP processor that features 256 musical effects algorithms in a compact, easy-to-use and affordable package. The NanoVerb 2’s large palette of options includes lush hall, plate and room reverbs, rich and true stereo chorus, flange, delay and rotary speaker emulation. In addition, the NanoVerb 2′s 52-bit DSP resolution ensures sonic quality that allows it to easily be used for any effects application from guitar rigs to studio recording.

The NanoVerb 2′s front-panel Mix knob allows blend adjustments until the effects are just right, while the Input and Output controls ensure proper gain staging for a wide variety of applications.

Alesis NanoVerb 2

NanoVerb 2 features

  • 16 programs, with 16 variations each, for a total of 256 presets.
  • Analog wet/dry mix control.
  • Adjustable input and output gains.
  • Stereo inputs automatically switch to dual mono when signal is only present on the left jack.
  • Minimized signal patch for optimal sound quality.
  • Signal/clip LED control for easy visual monitoring.
  • Rugged, compact design for years of reliable performance.
  • Bypass control with footswitch, sold separately.

Alesis will unveil the NanoVerb 2 at the Frankfurt Musikmesse show, Hall 5.1 Stand #B45, from April 6-9 in Frankfurt, Germany. The NanoVerb 2 will be available from musical instrument and professional audio retailers in Q2 2011.

More information: Alesis / NanoVerb 2


Multiples E|Drums 3.0, free sample pack

Multiples E|Drums 3.0

MTBM.NET has released E|Drums 3.0, a new free drum sample library by Multiples.

We are proud to announce the third incarnation of our flagship drum series E|Drums, is now available to download fully for free.

Eclectic is the word for this pack as we have trawled through our collection of outboard gear as well as software effects to provide you with a cutting edge samplepack that will fit into any genre of music.

E|Drums 3.0 features

  • Synthesised – Samples covering Kick, Snares and Hats created using MDrummer, KickMaker and Reaktor to synthesise the sounds.
  • Alesis Performance Pad – This is the main output of the pack and the hardware the samples were built from. The Performance Pad was routed through a Line 6 POD and ModPro pedal to provide the phattest samples. They were then processed with Frohmage, Roughrider and Guitar Rig to create the most eclectic and weird sample set.
  • Loops – These were all of the above samples rinsed through the Reaktor ensembles Massive and GoBox. Reaktor sample maps are also provided within the downloads to allow you to add them to your own devices in Reaktor.
  • Note: for those who do not have access to Kontakt 4.2+, the patches included with this download use the Drum Computer script within Kontakt to create loops playable from c3-b3. All of these were sampled and added to the loop download.

E|Drums 3.0 is available as a free download.

More information: MTBM.NET / E|Drums 3.0


Alesis announces StudioDock, docking station for iPad

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Alesis has announced the StudioDock, a device that lets you connect all of your audio gear to the entire world of apps for iPad.

Alesis StudioDock

The StudioDock is the first device that enables anyone with an iPad to create, produce, and perform music with virtually any pro audio gear or instruments.

The StudioDock is a universal docking station specifically designed for the iPad, and it gives musicians, recording engineers, and music producers the connectivity they need to create and perform with iPad. Connect all your pro audio gear to virtually any app in the App Store with the StudioDock.

StudioDock features

  • The world’s first pro audio dock for iPad.
  • Connect microphones and instruments including guitar, studio monitors, PA speakers, headphones, and MIDI controllers.
  • Universal device works with virtually every audio and MIDI app in the App Store; Core MIDI compliant.
  • Perform, craft, create and play back music in virtually any conceivable manner or location.
  • Video output for connection to TVs and projectors.
  • Inputs: two combo XLR-1/4″ for use with audio gear, instruments, and computer audio.
  • Input channel gain controls and switchable phantom power for use with condenser microphones.
  • Guitar-direct switch for use with amplifier- and effects-modeling app.
  • Outputs: pair 1/4″ and 1/4″ headphone with separate volume controls.
  • Control: MIDI In, MIDI Out, USB MIDI, and assignable 1/4-inch footswitch input.

More information: Alesis / StudioDock


Alesis announces PercPad, compact four-pad percussion instrument

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Alesis has announced the PercPad, a four-pad electronic percussion instrument.

Alesis PercPad

The PercPad’s four velocity-sensitive pads with kick input, high-quality internal sounds and compact size make it the perfect choice for drummers and other instrumentalists looking to incorporate electronic percussion into their setups. Drummers can mount the PercPad on a standard snare drum stand or mount it to stands and racks using the Module Mount, sold separately.

The PercPad has a collection of acoustic and electronic drum and percussion that are perfectly suited to the needs of drummers and percussionists. Drummers can easily tune and edit sounds, assigning them to any of the four pads or to the kick input. They can also expand their sound pallete using the PercPad’s MIDI output, enabling them to perform with the sounds from any MIDI sound module or software on Mac or PC. Drummers can use the PercPad with virtually any switch or velocity-sensitive kick trigger or pad including Alesis’ DMPad and RealHead Kick Pads.

PercPad features

  • The most compact, most-affordable multi-pad instrument.
  • Built-in library of the most in-demand sounds.
  • Four velocity-sensitive pads and a kick input for instant expansion of any drumset or percussion rig.
  • Fits a standard snare stand, sits tabletop, or mounts on any stand or rack using the.
  • Module Mount (sold separately).
  • Tune and edit sounds, and assign them to any of the four pads or the kick input.
  • MIDI output for use as a controller for triggering sound modules and software.

More information: Alesis / PercPad


Alesis announces GuitarLink Plus, guitar-to-USB cable bundles with Native Instruments Guitar Rig LE

Alesis has announced GuitarLink Plus, a single cable which connects a guitar to a computer creating instant FX rack using the included Guitar Rig from Native Instruments.

Alesis GuitarLink Plus

GuitarLink Plus easily connects guitars and other line-level audio sources directly into a computer. GuitarLink Plus’ internal, analog-to-digital conversion brings studio-quality, 16-bit, 44.1 kHz digital-audio straight to a computer from 1/4″ to USB. No need to install drivers, GuitarLink Plus connects plug-and-play to Mac or PC for a simple, streamlined studio solution. Once the guitar and computer are hooked up, Native Instruments Guitar Rig LE® software is included to begin processing the signal. 

Guitar Rig LE® shapes a guitar sound with many emulations of classic amplifiers and effects pedals. Guitar performances can even be recorded within the software. GuitarLink Plus is the no-hassle way of running a guitar through a computer and making it sound better than ever.

GuitarLink Plus features

  • Connects guitar and other line-level instruments to your computer.
  • Internal, analog-to-digital audio conversion at 16-bit, 44.1 kHz.
  • Plug-and-play USB connection for Mac and PC.
  • 16.5-foot length (5m) to provide unrestricted performances.
  • Compatible with most Mac and Windows class-compliant drivers and software.
  • Included Guitar Rig LE® software lets you shape your sound and record your performances.

Alesis will unveil the new GuitarLink Plus at booth #6400 of the 2011 NAMM Show from January 13-16, Anaheim, CA.

More information: Alesis / GuitarLink Plus