AlexB Modern White Dynamics PRO for Nebula 3 released

AlexB Modern White Dynamics PRO

Alessandro Boschi has releasd Modern White Dynamics PRO, a library for Nebula 3 by Acustica Audio.

New and powerful approach to dynamic processing! This widely-acclaimed dual compressor/limiter embodies feed-forward (modern) and feed-back (vintage) mode, both with that legendary, classic and elegant silky sound.

The sampled unit has been improved with NOS Signetics ICs, Rubycon audio caps, and DC path revised.
Compared to the original unit the sound is more detailed, warmth and with better stereo image.

Modern White Dynamics PRO features

  • 32 differents programs at 5K.
  • Stereo programs and Stereo with sidechain function.
  • Feed-forward (modern) and Feed-back (vintage) modes.
  • Over 150 MB library programs.

AlexB Modern White Dynamics PRO is available to purchase for 20 EUR. Existing customers get 25% off their order.

More information: Alessandro Boschi / Modern White Dynamics Pro


AlexB – Vintage SideCar81 Console PRO, Nebula 3 library

AlexB - Vintage SideCar81 Console PRO

Alessandro Boschi has released Vintage SideCar81 Console PRO, a library of programs for Nebula 3 by Acustica Audio.

Custom built hand made by AlexB, the sidecar console has eight legendary vintage ClassAB preamps and equalizers which come from the ’80 era with “a lot of character”, and a vintage pure ClassA summing amp. A perfect tool for your submix or vintage mastering tone.

Vintage SideCar81 Console PRO features

  • 27 different programs include Console Input Channel mono & stereo, Console Buss Out, Precision Analog Panner, and Equalizer programs.
  • Carefully sampled (96kHz) with all natural imperfection and nuance.
  • Precisely programmed without normalizing or other destructive digital processing.
  • Inlcudes basic programs with full dynamic and harmonic contents and special edition “se” CPU friendly programs.

Vintage SideCar81 Console PRO is available to purchase for 40 EUR. Previous customers get 25% discount.

More information: Alessandro Boschi / SC81 PRO