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Luftum 9 soundset for Diva 30% off at VST Buzz

Luftrum 9 for DIVA

VST Buzz is offering a 30% discount on the Luftrum 9 soundset for u-he’s Diva virtual analog synthesizer instrument.

Luftrum 9 is a soundset for U-He’s DIVA synthesiser. It contains 64 presets for the synth, ranging from smooth ambients pads to gentle arpeggios, berlin school sequences and synth emulations inspired by Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Royksopp and Jean Michel Jarre.

In total, Luftrum contains 21 ambient patches, 19 arpeggios, 15 synths, 4 soundscapes, 3 sound effects and 2 strings. Listen to the audio demos on the right to get an idea of the type of incredible sounds it can generate. NB: You need to own U-He Diva to use this soundset.

The Luftrum 9 soundset for Diva is available from VST Buzz for $16 USD until October 8th, 2013.

More information: VST Buzz

DF-Audio releases Zebra Cinematic Soundset

u-he Zebra

DF-Audio has announced the release of the Zebra Cinematic Soundset, a collection of presets for the Zebra 2.5 synthesizer plug-in by u-he.

230+ Dark cinematic presets suitable for movie soundtracks, dubstep, dark dub, drum and bass etc…

Zebra Soundset features

  • 240 presets for u-he Zebra:
    • 70 Basses
    • 50 Pads
    • 43 Percussions
    • 45 “Soundtracks”
    • Various other FX, Strings, etc…

The soundset is available to download for a minimum donation of 5 EUR.

More information: DF-Audio / Zebra Cinematic Soundset

Tone2 releases Epic Pads for Rayblaster

Tone2 Epic Pads for Rayblaster

Tone2 has launched Epic Pads, a soundset featuring 100 pads for the Rayblaster software synthesizer.

Epic Pads kicks Rayblaster’s Impulse Modelling a notch and provides a comprehensive collection of rich soundscapes.

Capturing the entire emotional palette, from dramatic strings, expressive vocals, uplifting pads, ambitious atmospherics, up to pure enigmatic textures.

Deep, evolving and of course packed with sonic movement, Epic Pads is the ideal companion to set the right mood for your next production.

Epic Pads features

  • 100 Superb new pad presets by professionals.
  • Unique sound by using the innovative IMS synthesis.
  • Comfortable installation.
  • Perfect integration into the user interface.
  • Suitable for a wide range of styles, such as Electronica, Cinematic, Trance, Soundtrack, Ambient, Dance, Pop, IDM, HipHop and a wide variety of other music genres.

The soundset is available to purchase for 29 EUR inc. VAT.

More information: Tone2 / Epic Pads

ADSR Sounds releases Massive Soundscape

Talou Sound Soundscape for Massive

ADSR Sounds has launched Massive Soundscape, a soundset for the Massive software synthesizer by Native Instruments, featuring 50 ambient presets by Talou Sound.

The audio preview of ‘Massive Soundscape‘ is just one instance of Massive, one preset at a time. This means that by adding external FX you can take this even further, just imagine the sounds you can get!

The high quality synthesis and sound design involved in making this preset pack ensures multiple uses. You can either use the sounds in the background, which will make your production thick and give it that overall feel and emotion. Or you can use them as leads and the main foundation of your music.

The presets are all fine-tuned and ready to be dropped straight into your productions.

The Soundscape soundset costs $18 USD.

More information: ADSR Sounds / Massive Soundscape

Equinox Sounds releases Ambient MIDI Piano Melodies Bundle

Equinox Ambient MIDI Piano Melodies Bundle

Equinox Sounds has launched the Ambient MIDI Piano Melodies Bundle, a collection of three MIDI packs.

‘Ambient MIDI Piano Melodies Bundle (Vols 1-3)’ combines the three most popular Equinox Sounds Ambient MIDI piano collections into one bundle.

You’ll get a total of 30 stunning MIDI piano melodies plus 10 piano Construction Kits in MIDI format suitable for Ambient, Chillout, Cinematic, Downtempo and New Age producers searching for some melodic inspiration.

All phrases are 100 royalty-free and ready to be assigned to your favourite synth or sampler in your personal and commercial productions.

The bundle is available to purchase for $29.95 USD.

More information: Equinox Sounds / Ambient MIDI Piano Melodies

Review: Arte Nuovo Padsheaven 2 soundset for Zebra

Arte Nuovo Padsheaven 2

Hot on the heels on the Joseph Hollo’s first soundset comes Padsheaven 2, a new collection of sounds for the Zebra 2.5 software synthesizer from u-he.

The continuation of the successful padsheaven, a brand new collection of lyrical, dramatic pads, effects and soundscapes and much more from a multiple golden and platinum record owner composer.

Like the first version, you can use them in almost all styles from classical pop/rock ballads to moviescores or even in the most up to date compositions.

The majority of Padsheaven 2 patches are pad sounds (99). A full range of pads is included, from deep & warm to icy thin. Additional sounds include a variety of keys, bass and lead, plucked instruments and drum sounds (19 patches in total), as well as 15 arp/rhythmic patches. A few variations and bonus presets make for a total of 133 patches.

Joseph has once again made good use of the various controller assignments to add lots of expressive and dynamic variety to the sounds. Aftertouch, breath and expression have been assigned to the XY pads on Zebra, so you can change multiple parameters with a single control.

So what do I think?

Product: Padsheaven 2 by Joseph Hollo
Format: 133 .h2p patches for Zebra 2.5
Price: $25 USD
Like: Beautiful sounds, well designed
Don’t like: –
Verdict: 9/10

Padsheaven 2 goes on in the same vein as its predecessor. High quality sounds, exceptionally emotional, expressive, and beautifully sculpted by talented sound designer Joseph Hollo.

I can never get enough of good pad sounds, and this set delivers another stunning collection.

Padsheaven 2 is another must buy for any Zebra user who needs pads. And then some. The bells, leads/synths, plucked sounds… all just hitting that sweet spot. These sounds will do wonderful in ambient and cinematic works, or anything else that needs gentle, moving, astonishingly beautiful sounds.

Joseph is offering a free 8-patch demo bank so make sure to check it out.

More information: Arte Nuovo

Loopbased intros Corenforce Sampler 3 – Incidental Waves

Corenforce Sampler 3 Indicental Waves

Loopbased has introduced Corenforce Sampler 3 – Incidental Waves, a collection of 460+ samples.

‘Corenforce Sampler 3 – Incidental Waves’ is here to bring back the authentic recipe of tasty sounds. The flavour of this pack varies from the unearthly atmosphere sounds, cosmic pads and unreal screaming effects to synthetic percussions, noisy industrial sounds and enviromental one-shot hits.

It is common for this series to aim at various musical genres and the ‘Incidental Waves’ pack proves it right with its large content suitable for ambient, film soundtrack, techno, trance, industrial, dnb and hardcore, Corenforce Sampler 3 is a collection of 461 Wave files in the total size of 566 MB, recorded in 24bit / 44khz format

All samples are royalty free and ready for commercial use in all major music software and hardware.

The sample pack costs 25 EUR.

More information: Loopbased / Incidental Waves

Producer Loops releases Ambient Metal Constructions Vol 4

Producer Loops Ambient Metal Constructions Vol 4

Producer Loops has launched Ambient Metal Constructions Vol 4, a collection of 5 construction kits.

‘Ambient Metal Constructions Vol 4′ marks the return of this epic series of dense, atmospheric and heavy Construction Kit products.

Packed full of huge half-time beats, deep bass lines, lush pads and downtuned guitars, this mammoth pack is ideal for everything from Rock and Dubstep to Downtempo and Chillout.

This newest installment puts a new spin on the popular series, this time placing more emphasis on dense soundscapes and brooding atmospheres, all the while maintaining the gritty edge that gave volumes 1-3 their distinctive sound.

Inside you’ll find crushing rhythm guitars, ethereal lead guitars and a whole host of otherworldly synths perfectly suited to a variety of contemporary styles, as well as soundtracks, trailers and games.

The library costs £39.95 GBP.

More information: Producer Loops / Ambient Metal Constructions 4