Equinox Sounds releases Chillout MIDI Pad Chord Progressions

Equinox Sounds has announced Chillout MIDI Pad Chord Progressions, a collection of 30 blissed-out pad chord progressions in MIDI format. ‘Chillout MIDI Pad Chord Progressions’ from Equinox Sounds is a collection which features 30 lush … read more

Standard Beat Company releases Black Surface Volume One

Standard Beat Company has announced the release of Black Surface Volume One, a new collection of dark ambient hits and loops. Created by sampling organic and found objects then sent through a rigorous post process, … read more

Particular releases Space Rangers – Phrases

Particular Audio has launched Space Rangers – Phrases, a collection of analogue and digital loops of swirling melodic phrases, crunchy glitches and collapsing harmonics. Created as a fusion between psychedelic electronica, ambient space music and … read more

Tone2 announces Ambishpere soundset for RayBlaster

Tone2 Audiosoftware has announced Ambisphere, a new soundset for the RayBlaster impulse modeling software synthesizer for Windows and Mac. The Ambisphere soundbank for Rayblaster. Coming soon: 150 fresh new ambient presets for Rayblaster. The Ambisphere … read more

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Yuroun releases Ambient Chord Progressions Vol 2

Yuroun has introduced Ambient Chord Progressions Vol 2, a collection of chord sequences. Ambient Chord Progressions Vol 2 brings you 20 chord sequences designed for any style of music. These sequences fit perfectly in any … read more

Review: Joseph Hollo’s Padsheaven for Zebra

Arte Nuovo’s Joseph Hollo has recently released Padsheaven, a soundset for the Zebra 2.5 software synthesizer by u-he. An ultimate collection of useful lyrical and dramatic pads, effects and soundscapes from a multiple golden and … read more

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Bluezone launches Pandora – Mixed Ambient Pads and Soundscapes

Bluezone Corporation has announced the release of its Pandora – Mixed Ambient Pads and Soundscapes sample library. ‘Pandora – Mixed Ambient Pads and Soundscapes’ from Bluezone Corporation is the new reference for pure and majestic … read more

Luftrum Ambient ReFills Bundle for Reason 50% off

Luftrum has announced a 50% discount on a bundle of its Ambient ReFills for Propellerhead Reason. I have added a discount to the early Luftrum repertoire: The old classic ambient ReFills for Reason. You can … read more

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Patchpool releases Cosmic for Padshop Pro

Patchpool has announced the release of Cosmic, a soundset for the Padshop Pro synthesizer instrument by Steinberg. Cosmic for Padshop Pro focusses on rich cinematic pads, drones, soundscape, bells, synths and cosmic sound effects mainly … read more

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Hollywood Loops releases Dark City 2 sample library

Hollywood Loops has released Dark City 2, a sample library featuring cinematic loops and ambiences. Dark City 2 is the follow up sequel to Hollywood Loops hugely successful Dark City..!!! This library contains an incredible … read more

Sample Magic releases Sylenth Chillwave Patches + MIDI Essentials: Chillwave

Sample Magic has announced Sylenth Chillwave Patches, a collection of 101 patches for the Sylenth1 software synthesizer by LennarDigital. Raw, hazy, lo-fi and retro-inspired synths are the order of the day in this 80s, new … read more

Xenos Soundworks releases Score Elements by JoMal

Xenos Soundworks has announced Score Elements, a new soundset by JoMal for the Rob Papen BLUE software synthesizer. Many owners of Rob Papen synths will definitely recognize the name JoMal – he has created quite … read more

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Luftrum 9 for Diva & Reason Ambient Bundle Giveaway

I am pleased to announced that Søren Hybel aka Luftrum is offering rekkerd.org readers a chance to win some of his most excellent soundsets. I recently reviewed the Luftrum 9 soundset for Diva, which impressed … read more

Equinox Sounds releases Ambient MIDI Piano Melodies

Equinox Sounds has released Ambient MIDI Piano Melodies, a new collection of piano melodies in MIDI format. ‘Ambient MIDI Piano Melodies’ features 30 delicate and beautiful piano melodies in MIDI format for creating the melodic … read more

New Atlantis Audio launches Reason ReFill Bundles

New Atlantis Audio has announced the availability of 4 new Reason ReFill Bundles. New Atlantis Audio’s unique Reason ReFills are loved by score composers, ambient artists, soundtrack producers, and discerning musicians of all kinds. These … read more

Dream Audio Tools intros Dream Keys Complete

Dream Audio Tools has recently released Dream Keys Complete, a new piano package created as a toolbox for film composers, electronic and pop musicians, offering a selection of carefully “designed” sounds derived from two different … read more

The Unfinished releases Absynth Heliopolis

The Unfinished has announced Absynth Heliopolis, a collection of 128 evocative sounds aimed at ambient music, but also perfect for modern film scoring and deep electronica. “Matt is a master at creating brilliant new sounds. … read more

Bluezone releases Altered Zone – Dark Ambient Samples

Bluezone Corporation has introduced Altered Zone – Dark Ambient Samples, a collection of new and original loops for composers of film and TV scores, ambient and game music producers seeking unique experimental drum loops and … read more

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Yuroun releases Abused Piano sound library for Alchemy

Yuroun has announced the release of Abused Piano, a sound library featuring a set of 50 atmospheres, textures, drones, pads, loops and sound effects for Alchemy by Camel Audio. All based on a recording session … read more

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Producer Loops launches Ambient Glitch Vol 4 sample pack by Jeff Rhodes

Producer Loops has announced the release of its Ambient Glitch Vol 4 sample library, produced for ProducerLoops.com by sound designer/producer, Jeff Rhodes. Jeff is fresh back from his work on the ‘Experimental Dubstep’ series, and … read more