Equinox Sounds releases Ambient & Cinematic MIDI Kits

Equinox Sounds has released the Ambient & Cinematic MIDI Kits sound library. ‘Ambient & Cinematic MIDI Kits’ from Equinox Sounds features five fantastic lush and deep Ambient and Cinematic Construction Kits in MIDI format suitable … read more

Review: Patchpool Diversity for Diversion

I am always excited to see what Simon Stockhausen of Patchpool can do when he gets his fingers on a new synthesizer plug-in. After hearing some of the teaser sound clips, I knew the Diversion … read more

Samplephonics releases Deep Textures sound library

Samplephonics has released Deep Textures, a sound library featuring a selection of ambient soundscapes, evolving textures and layered ambiences, plus a custom instrument for Kontakt 5 that allows unlimited flexibility over morphing, manipulating and processing. … read more

The Unfinished releases Massive Darkscore IV

The Unfinished has announced the release of Massive Darkscore IV, the latest release in the Darkscore series, which aims to provide cutting edge digital electronic sounds for hybrid film scoring and atmospheric electronica. Darkscore IV … read more

Luftrum releases Luftrum 10 for iZotope Iris

Luftrum has launched Luftrum 10, a soundset for Iris the sample-based synthesizer by iZotope. Textured pads, classic pads and organic soundscapes defines the essence of this soundbank. Inspired by the sounds of Mother Earth and … read more

Luftrum announces Luftrum 10 soundset

Luftrum has announced it will soon release Luftrum 10, a soundbank containing 64 presets for a yet to be announced synthesizer. The soundbank contains many pads (28 in total) and organic soundscapes, some synths and … read more

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Bluezone releases Exoplanet – Alien Soundscapes & Sound Effects

Bluezone Corporation has announced the release of Exoplanet – Alien Soundscapes & Sound Effects, a cinematic/ambient sound library. This downloadable sample pack offers a huge choice of extraordinary Sci Fi nature sounds, forest ambiences, textured … read more

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Waldorf releases Alien Vanguard for Blofeld

Waldorf has released Alien Vanguard, a soundset for the Waldorf Blofeld by HG Fortune and Dimitri Schkoda. The Waldorf Blofeld is versatile little monster and a highly suitable candidate to profit from some very special … read more

Tone2 releases Ambisphere soundset for RayBlaster

Tone2 has announced the release of Ambisphere, a soundset for the RayBlaster software synthesizer. Jam packed with high-end quality sounds that will bring color to any piece of audio work, Ambisphere takes you on an … read more

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Equinox Sounds releases Chillout MIDI Pad Chord Progressions

Equinox Sounds has announced Chillout MIDI Pad Chord Progressions, a collection of 30 blissed-out pad chord progressions in MIDI format. ‘Chillout MIDI Pad Chord Progressions’ from Equinox Sounds is a collection which features 30 lush … read more

Standard Beat Company releases Black Surface Volume One

Standard Beat Company has announced the release of Black Surface Volume One, a new collection of dark ambient hits and loops. Created by sampling organic and found objects then sent through a rigorous post process, … read more

Particular releases Space Rangers – Phrases

Particular Audio has launched Space Rangers – Phrases, a collection of analogue and digital loops of swirling melodic phrases, crunchy glitches and collapsing harmonics. Created as a fusion between psychedelic electronica, ambient space music and … read more

Tone2 announces Ambishpere soundset for RayBlaster

Tone2 Audiosoftware has announced Ambisphere, a new soundset for the RayBlaster impulse modeling software synthesizer for Windows and Mac. The Ambisphere soundbank for Rayblaster. Coming soon: 150 fresh new ambient presets for Rayblaster. The Ambisphere … read more

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Yuroun releases Ambient Chord Progressions Vol 2

Yuroun has introduced Ambient Chord Progressions Vol 2, a collection of chord sequences. Ambient Chord Progressions Vol 2 brings you 20 chord sequences designed for any style of music. These sequences fit perfectly in any … read more

Review: Joseph Hollo’s Padsheaven for Zebra

Arte Nuovo’s Joseph Hollo has recently released Padsheaven, a soundset for the Zebra 2.5 software synthesizer by u-he. An ultimate collection of useful lyrical and dramatic pads, effects and soundscapes from a multiple golden and … read more

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Bluezone launches Pandora – Mixed Ambient Pads and Soundscapes

Bluezone Corporation has announced the release of its Pandora – Mixed Ambient Pads and Soundscapes sample library. ‘Pandora – Mixed Ambient Pads and Soundscapes’ from Bluezone Corporation is the new reference for pure and majestic … read more

Luftrum Ambient ReFills Bundle for Reason 50% off

Luftrum has announced a 50% discount on a bundle of its Ambient ReFills for Propellerhead Reason. I have added a discount to the early Luftrum repertoire: The old classic ambient ReFills for Reason. You can … read more

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Patchpool releases Cosmic for Padshop Pro

Patchpool has announced the release of Cosmic, a soundset for the Padshop Pro synthesizer instrument by Steinberg. Cosmic for Padshop Pro focusses on rich cinematic pads, drones, soundscape, bells, synths and cosmic sound effects mainly … read more

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Hollywood Loops releases Dark City 2 sample library

Hollywood Loops has released Dark City 2, a sample library featuring cinematic loops and ambiences. Dark City 2 is the follow up sequel to Hollywood Loops hugely successful Dark City..!!! This library contains an incredible … read more

Sample Magic releases Sylenth Chillwave Patches + MIDI Essentials: Chillwave

Sample Magic has announced Sylenth Chillwave Patches, a collection of 101 patches for the Sylenth1 software synthesizer by LennarDigital. Raw, hazy, lo-fi and retro-inspired synths are the order of the day in this 80s, new … read more