Luftrum Ambient ReFills Bundle for Reason 50% off

Luftrum has announced a 50% discount on a bundle of its Ambient ReFills for Propellerhead Reason. I have added a discount to the early Luftrum repertoire: The old classic ambient ReFills for Reason. You can … read more

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Patchpool releases Cosmic for Padshop Pro

Patchpool has announced the release of Cosmic, a soundset for the Padshop Pro synthesizer instrument by Steinberg. Cosmic for Padshop Pro focusses on rich cinematic pads, drones, soundscape, bells, synths and cosmic sound effects mainly … read more

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Hollywood Loops releases Dark City 2 sample library

Hollywood Loops has released Dark City 2, a sample library featuring cinematic loops and ambiences. Dark City 2 is the follow up sequel to Hollywood Loops hugely successful Dark City..!!! This library contains an incredible … read more

Sample Magic releases Sylenth Chillwave Patches + MIDI Essentials: Chillwave

Sample Magic has announced Sylenth Chillwave Patches, a collection of 101 patches for the Sylenth1 software synthesizer by LennarDigital. Raw, hazy, lo-fi and retro-inspired synths are the order of the day in this 80s, new … read more

Xenos Soundworks releases Score Elements by JoMal

Xenos Soundworks has announced Score Elements, a new soundset by JoMal for the Rob Papen BLUE software synthesizer. Many owners of Rob Papen synths will definitely recognize the name JoMal – he has created quite … read more

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Luftrum 9 for Diva & Reason Ambient Bundle Giveaway

I am pleased to announced that Søren Hybel aka Luftrum is offering readers a chance to win some of his most excellent soundsets. I recently reviewed the Luftrum 9 soundset for Diva, which impressed … read more

Equinox Sounds releases Ambient MIDI Piano Melodies

Equinox Sounds has released Ambient MIDI Piano Melodies, a new collection of piano melodies in MIDI format. ‘Ambient MIDI Piano Melodies’ features 30 delicate and beautiful piano melodies in MIDI format for creating the melodic … read more

New Atlantis Audio launches Reason ReFill Bundles

New Atlantis Audio has announced the availability of 4 new Reason ReFill Bundles. New Atlantis Audio’s unique Reason ReFills are loved by score composers, ambient artists, soundtrack producers, and discerning musicians of all kinds. These … read more

Dream Audio Tools intros Dream Keys Complete

Dream Audio Tools has recently released Dream Keys Complete, a new piano package created as a toolbox for film composers, electronic and pop musicians, offering a selection of carefully “designed” sounds derived from two different … read more

The Unfinished releases Absynth Heliopolis

The Unfinished has announced Absynth Heliopolis, a collection of 128 evocative sounds aimed at ambient music, but also perfect for modern film scoring and deep electronica. “Matt is a master at creating brilliant new sounds. … read more

Bluezone releases Altered Zone – Dark Ambient Samples

Bluezone Corporation has introduced Altered Zone – Dark Ambient Samples, a collection of new and original loops for composers of film and TV scores, ambient and game music producers seeking unique experimental drum loops and … read more

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Yuroun releases Abused Piano sound library for Alchemy

Yuroun has announced the release of Abused Piano, a sound library featuring a set of 50 atmospheres, textures, drones, pads, loops and sound effects for Alchemy by Camel Audio. All based on a recording session … read more

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Producer Loops launches Ambient Glitch Vol 4 sample pack by Jeff Rhodes

Producer Loops has announced the release of its Ambient Glitch Vol 4 sample library, produced for by sound designer/producer, Jeff Rhodes. Jeff is fresh back from his work on the ‘Experimental Dubstep’ series, and … read more

Review: Soundiron Rust 3 for Kontakt

Soundiron’s Rust 3 is the latest in its series of found-sound percussion sample libraries for Native Instruments Kontakt. With this grand 3rd volume, we set out to conquer powerful bass and rich musical tone, recording … read more

Samplephonics introduces Contrast sample pack by EVAC

Samplephonics has released Contrast, a collection of expertly produced loops and samples from renowned music producer and sound designer EVAC. An exceptional sample pack full to the brim with intricate drum and rhythm loops, tight … read more

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The Unfinished releases Absynth Metaspace soundset for NI Absynth

The Unfinished has announced Absynth Metaspace, a soundset featuring a collection of 128 sounds designed for the extraordinarily deep Absynth by Native Instruments. The soundset is aimed at modern film scoring, ambient and electronica, but … read more

Essential World sample pack from Loopmasters

Loopmasters has released Essential World, an organic collection of 200 loops and sounds perfect for your world, ambient, chill, soundtrack and cinematic productions. Essential World includes a great collection of samples and loops that showcase … read more

Atmospheric Guitars sample pack by Organic Loops released at Loopmasters

Loopmasters has introduced Atmospheric Guitars, a sample library featuring a collection of chilled guitar loops. Sit back and relax, whilst watching the Sun set as Organic Loops Proudly Present Atmospheric Guitars, A beautiful collection of … read more

Dreamscape for NI Massive by Tim Besamusca

Tim Besamusca has announced the release of Dreamscape, a soundset for the Massive software synthesizer by Native Instruments. Dreamscape contains 148 presets ranging from lush and smooth pads to dirty screaming basses and otherworldly plucks … read more

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Bluezone Corporation releases Tripod Invasion – Sound effects, drones and mechanical textures

Bluezone Corporation has announced Tripod Invasion, a sound library featuring 200+ unique stereo drones and Sci-Fi sound effects. In this new downloadable sound library you will find high quality underground atmospheres, crashes and impacts, noise … read more