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AMG Gold Full Phat, sample library by Terminalhead

AMG Gold Full Phat

Loopmasters has released Full Phat, an AMG Gold series sample library by Terminalhead.

Full Phat delivers another classic slice of cutting edge futurefunk from dance innovators Terminalhead!

A deeply grungy library of expertly dirtified Drum Loops, Gated FX, SH101 Riffs, Dub FX, Rhythmic Riffs & Phrases, Effects, Synths, Gated Scratches, Shortwave Radio FX, Pads and Sweeps. Features a total of 640 samples presented in WAV and REX formats where appropriate.

Sony-signed Terminalhead are well known as remixers for artists such as Geri Halliwell and Mansun as well as their own work and previously produced the acclaimed Underfire sample libraries.

Full Phat features

  • 392 MB content, 16-bit quality.
  • Includes 46 Dub FX, 15 FX, 40 Gated FX Loops, 35 Gated Scratch Loops, 41 Pads and Sweeps, 86 Drum Loops, 40 Rhythmic Riffs and Phrase Loops, 09 SH101 Riff Loops, 114 Shortwave Fx, 04 Synth Sounds.
  • Loops from 91-157BPM.
  • 210 Rex2 Loops.

Full Phat is available to purchase from Loopmasters for £29.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / Full Phat


Prunehead Rhodes Drum N Bass, AMG Gold sample library

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Loopmasters Prunehead presents Rhodes Drum N Bass

Loopmasters has released Prunehead presents Rhodes Drum N Bass, a sample library in the classic AMG Gold series.

Prunehead (aka Simeon) delivers a laid back library of high quality rhodes drum and bass groove kits that provide the ideal starting point for song creation.

His usual high standard of musicality and expertise in groove programming are evident throughout. This time though he goes beyond the groove and adds delicious bass lines and smooth rhodes licks to his repertoire for the first time too. If you’re looking for something funky, laid back and a bit different this is the library for you!

Rhodes Drum N Bass features

  • 228 Loops in Wav and Rex.
  • 57 Song Kits each containing, Bass, Rhodes, Drums and Full mix.
  • 70 BPM to 124 BPM Loops.

Prunehead presents Rhodes Drum N Bass is available to purchase for £39.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / Prunehead Rhodes Drum N Bass


Loopmasters releases Sample Messiah, AMG Gold Series sample library

AMG Gold Sample Messiah

Loopmasters has released Sample Messiah, a sample library in the AMG Gold series.

DJ Harsh, The Notzel Brothers, Ars Larsen & Lars Boske pool their vast sample resources to create the ultimate hard edged, dance sample library reflecting the sounds of the underground clubs all over the continent.

Capturing the essence of classic dance samples with the sounds of today – this collection is a unique resource for anyone wanting to make modern dance productions with a twist of the old.

Sample Messiah features

  • Hundreds of drum and instrument loops, atmospheres, pads, melodies, human machines, synths, analog drums, bass lines, deep chords, robotics and much more, 16 bit audio quality.
  • Includes 178 Ars Larson Loops, 40 Ars Larson Add ons, 414 DJ Harshs Spectrum one shots and Loops, 11 Intros, 207 Detroit, Dub, Elektro, House, Spezials, Techno and Trance compressed and Dynamik Loops, 60 Noetzel Brothers Loops, 98 DJ Harshs Spectrum REX Files, 208 Detroit, Dub, Elektro, House, Spezials, Techno and Trance REX Files, 59 Noetzel Brothers REX Files.
  • Amongst the styles featured are Techno, House, Elektro, Dub, Detroit, Minimal and many more. All in all a massive collection of samples sure to inspire many slammin’ dance tracks.

Sample Messiah is available to purchase for £29.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / Sample Messiah


AMG Gold Urban Search & Rescue, sample library by Lukecage

AMG Gold Urban Search & Rescue

Loopmasters has released Urban Search & Rescue, a sample pack from the AMG Gold series featuring beats from Hip Hop guru Lukecage.

Urban Search & Rescue is a jaw-dropping collection of 85 distinct grooves typically including drums, bass, melody and any other elements in isolation for each of these as well as a full mix so you can easily remix everything to perfectly suit your application – 350 loops in total.

This is a library that must be heard, it’s something very special with a very high level of musicality.

Urban Search & Rescue features

  • 916MB content, 16 bit audio quality.
  • 85 distinct grooves including isolated elements.
  • 350 Wav Loops, 352 Rex Files.

Urban Search & Rescue is available to purchase for £39.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / AMG Gold Urban Search & Rescue


Loopmasters releases Prototype Drum & Bass, AMG Gold sample pack

AMG Gold Prototype Drum & Bass

Loopmasters has released Prototype Drum & Bass, a sample library from the AMG Gold series.

Steve Proctor of Hard Knox fame delivers a massive collection of hard-hitting Drum&Bass samples that take over where 160dB and 260dB left off! A powerful, hard-hitting drum’n’bass library packed with audio dynamite to transform any mix.

This massive loop collection includes Song Kits (with all their solo elements), drum and percussion loops, swing riddums, bass, strings, Atmos, vocal hooks, congas, FX and riffs that will not disappoint.

There’s also a comprehensive selection of hits and one-shot sounds including vocals, FX, chords, basses and extensive dance drum hits that have been road-tested to cut through any mix.

Prototype Drum & Bass features

  • 500+ MB content, 16-bit audio quality.
  • 327 Wav Loops.
  • 314 Rex 2 Loops.
  • 362 Single Hits and FX Wavs.

Prototype Drum & Bass is available to purchase for £29.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / Prototype Drum & Bass


AMG Gold Funky Drums From Hell, sample pack available from Loopmasters

AMG Gold Funky Drums From Hell

Loopmasters has announced the release of Funky Drums From Hell, a sample library in the AMG Gold series featuring drum loops by Neil Conti.

A hugely diverse and funky collection of 320 legendary drum Loops in total. 5 distinct sounds are featured – Mellow Antique, Hard Funk, Dry Studio, The Basement Tapes, Natural Room. Recorded and mixed at Metropolis Studios, London by Grammy-winning engineer, Daniel Lazerus. Also features a selection of specially recorded Funky Hi-Hats section with solo hi-hat patterns, plus a section of extracted single hits to customise your breaks.

A killer collection because of the superb performances combined with World class production and a very unique concept making the whole thing stand the test of time and still be an essential addition to any self-respecting beat library.

Funky Drums From Hell features

  • 509MB content.
  • 286 Wav Loops.
  • 31 Drum One Shots.
  • 482 Rex Files.

AMG Gold Funky Drums From Hell is available to purchase for £19.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / Funky Drums From Hell


DirtBag & Black II Black Vol. 1, AMG Gold titles now available from Loopmasters

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AMG Gold Simeon DirtBag & Black II Black Vol. 1

Loopmasters has announced the release of DirtBag and Black II Black Vol. 1, two sample libraries from the AMG Gold series.

AMG were one of the founding fathers of the sampling industry. Over more than 20 years they have notched up many industry firsts including live drum loop CDs, big-name producer libraries, REX, ReFill, Apple Loops and GarageBand Instrument releases and more. Their huge catalogue includes many milestone releases from artists such as Vince Clarke, Pascal Gabriel, Black II Black, and many more

AMG Gold titles at Loopmasters

  • Dirt Bag — Legendary groove programmer Simeon delivers another stunning sample collection that builds on his legacy of the internationally acclaimed Vinyl Frontier CDs – once again plying his trade in grungy, grimy beats. This collection features hundreds of his trademark beats, Mini Tracks (with isolated elements!), specially performed bass lines, synth sequences, FX, Pads and more.
  • Black II Black Vol. 1 — London’s legendary Black II Black production team of Steve McIntosh & Joe ‘JC’ Charles bring you the seminal soul and R&B library. Not only immaculately produced beats but also hundreds of other authentically soulful performances and expertly selected single hits make this your go-to library and give your productions a unique, old skool R&B flavour.

DirtBag and Black II Black Vol. 1 are available to purchase for £29.95 GBP each.

More information: Loopmasters / DirtBag & Black II Black Vol. 1