MeldaProduction MStereoGenerator & MStereoScope released (+ plugins updated to v7.04)

MeldaProduction has announced the release of MStereoGenerator, an artificial stereo image generator. MStereoGenerator is a unique mono to stereo (or even surround) expander, which makes your tracks sound wider, stronger and punchier. And it’s perfect … read more

Nugen Audio releases ISL—Inter Sample True Peak Limiter

Nugen Audio has announced the release of its ISL Inter Sample True Peak Limiter for Windows and Mac. Finally, there is no need to second guess your sample-peak limiter time and time again, or deliberately … read more

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Klanghelm updates VU/PPM and trim & Compressor effect plugins (incl. RTAS support)

Klanghelm has announced it has updated all its effect plug-ins, including the release of RTAS versions. I’ve updated all Klanghelm plugins. This is a maintenance update, which fixes some minor issues. Also, all Klanghelm plugins … read more

MeldaProduction MMultiAnalyzer effect plug-in & MMixingBundle released + v7.03 plug-ins update

MeldaProduction has announced the release of MMultiAnalyzer, an audio analysis effect plug-in for Windows and Mac. MMultiAnalyzer is a unique multitrack analyzer and sonogram, which will let you look inside your audio material and reveal … read more

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MeterPlugs releases LCAST Loudness Meter

MeterPlugs has announced the release of the LCAST Loudness Meter effect plug-in for broadcast. LCAST supports all the major loudness specs and has easy-to-use presets for the most popular ones. LCAST makes it easy to … read more

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IK Multimedia releases ARC 2 – Faster and better advanced room correction system

IK Multimedia has announced the release of ARC 2, an update for the acoustic correction system that combines a measurement microphone, measurement software and a correction plug-in for most popular DAWs to improve the acoustics … read more

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Sony Creative Software releases SpectraLayers Pro

Sony Creative Software has introduced its SpectraLayers Pro, advanced audio spectrum editor for Windows and Mac. SpectraLayers is an extraordinary audio editing platform that features unprecedented sound shaping capabilities combined with a truly unique workflow. … read more

ToneBoosters updates its effect plugins to v2.8.2

ToneBoosters has announced version 2.8.2 of its audio processing effect plug-ins. Our audio plugins are based on more than a decade of scientific research and product development in the areas of digital signal processing and … read more

Blue Cat Audio releases FreqAnalyst Multi 2.0 spectrum analyzer plugin

Blue Cat Audio has announced version 2.0 of FreqAnalyst Multi, the unique multiple tracks spectrum analyzer plug-in for Windows and Mac. This new version comes with a completely redesigned user interface with improved workflow and … read more

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iZotope updates RX to v2.1

iZotope has released version 2.1 of its RX audio repair toolkit for Windows and Mac. RX 2.1 includes several important updates that address plugin improvements, AAX support, 64-bit Windows version and stability improvements. Changes in … read more

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SKnote updates StripBus Bus effect to v2.0

SKnote has updated the Bus plugin of its StripBus console emulation bundle of plugins for Windows and Mac to version 2.0. StripBus is a full console emulation bundle. It includes two plugins: Strip – a … read more

TC Electronic LM2 Radar Loudness Meter native plug-in introduced

TC Electronic has announced that its LM2 Radar Loudness Meter technology is now available as a dedicated stereo plug-in supporting all major plug-in formats. The new LM2 plug-in features TC’s innovative Radar Display that provides … read more

HOFA Plugins IQ-Analyser updated to v1.5

HOFA Plugins has released version 1.5 of its IQ-Analyser analyzer effect plug-in for Windows and Mac. The analyser with Energy*-Curve shows you specifically what to do. The Energy*-curve finally unveils the frequency points which are … read more

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LM6 Radar Loudness Meter gets AudioSuite off-line measuring

TC Electronic has announced it has updated its LM6 Radar Loudness Meter to version 1.1, introducing faster-than-real-time, off-line measuring with AudioSuite in Pro Tools. Existing LM6 users can now upgrade to version 1.1 and get … read more

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LVLMeter Free VU Meter Plugin by LSR Audio

LSR Audio has released its LVLMeter freeware stereo peak level meter plug-in for Windows and Mac. LSR Audio’s LVLMeter features some lovely vintage looking VU meters. LVLMeter features Stereo. Vintage VU-meters. 32 bits and 64 … read more

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Audio Pluggers becomes MeterPlugs + K-Meter x64 released

MeterPlugs (formerly Audio Pluggers) has announced the release of K-Meter x64, a 64-bit VST version of K-Meter for Windows. K-Meter is a vintage-styled meter that helps audio engineers properly level their content. It encourages dynamic, … read more

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Meldaproduction releases MLoudnessAnalyzer and MBandPass + effect plugins updated

MeldaProduction has released MLoudnessAnalyzer and MBandPass, two effect plugins for Windows and Mac. MLoudnessAnalyzer is an ITU-R BS.1770-1 and EBU 3341 compliant loudness meter. It contains a peak meter, momentary, short-term and integrated loudness meters … read more

Steinberg releases free SLM 128 Loudness Meter VST plugin

Steinberg has announced the release of the SLM 128 Loudness Meter, a plug-in that offers EBU R 128-compliant loudness metering within Cubase 6.5 and Nuendo 5 or higher. In the last decades, the loudness level … read more

Plugin Boutique launches Blue Cat Audio sale – 40% off selected plugins

Plugin Boutique is offering an exclusive 40% discount on selected Blue Cat Audio effect plug-ins. Blue Cat Audio develops audio software for musicians and audio professionals. The Paris-based company is known for its high-end audio … read more

zplane.development updates PPMulator+ and PPMulatorXL to v3.0.9

zplane.development has updated its PPMulator+ and PPMulator XL peak and loudness metering software to version 3.0.9. PPMulator+ is a cross-platform plug-in meter for digital audio workstations which exactly mimics the look and feel of a … read more

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