Tonehammer Music Made with Bees, free Kontakt sample pack

Tonehammer Music Made with Bees

Tonehammer has announced Music Made with Bees, an experimental project featuring the sound of bees.

Tonehammer is not just about fancy sampling, but we also find pleasure in cross-pollinating new elements and creating fresh audio honey. This time around we wanted to explore the concept of bees. The bee produces about 200-230 wing flaps pr. second, which is enough to generate a nice, rich sounding buzz.

We recorded a bunch of bee sounds and manipulated them through a variety of tools (including timefreezers, delays, filters, glitch modules etc). We then decided to add some more human elements to it (vocals, guitars, grooves etc) and wrapped it up by adding full symphony orchestra and choirs on it during the end.

A Free Bee sample pack is available as a free download (contains Kontakt files and raw .wav files).

More information: Tonehammer / Music Made with Bees


Chuck Russom FX releases Dogs Sound Library

Chuck Russom FX Dogs

Chuck Russom FX has announced the release of Dogs, a new sound fx library.

Dogs Sound Library from Chuck Russom FX features vocalizations from 14 professionally trained animal actors.

This collection includes barks, whines, yelps, growls, snarls, and sounds that I can’t even begin to describe.

Dogs was recorded and mastered at 24 bit 192K. Delivered to you as 24 bit 192K metadata-embedded wav files. 24bit 96K versions are also included.

The Dogs SFX Library is available to purchase for $75 USD.

More information: Chuck Russom FX / Dogs


Short links for July 15th, 2010

Some interesting things I found recently:

# polynome 5000

polynome 5000
polynome5000, amazing DIY controller by Colin Mann

Colin Mann on his polynome 5000 controller:

After more hours than I’d like to admit, even if I actually knew how many, I’m done. I started this, believe it or not, before the APC40 was even announced, and at the time there weren’t many products out there like it. Now, obviously it would make more sense to just buy one of those products, nevertheless, where are you gonna get an RGB monome with a nixie tube display that takes OSC commands? Exactly.

# Moogfest 2010, a three-day festival celebrating the innovative vision of sonic pioneer, Robert Moog, to be held Halloween weekend, October 29-31, in Asheville, NC.

Confirmed artists Massive Attack, MGMT, and Thievery Corporation will be joined by over 25 additional internationally renowned artists performing in multiple venues throughout downtown Asheville, including the Asheville Civic Center Arena, the Thomas Wolfe Auditorium, and Asheville’s renowned world-class club, the Orange Peel.

# Drumssette – By Mike Walters

Intro to The Drumssette by Mike Walters.

The Drumssette was built by Mike Walters in 2010. The Drumssette is a Tascam four track cassette recorder that I turned into a programmable drum machine. A cassette with four tracks of repeating drum sounds can be mapped into a 16 step rhythm using the 64 switches on the interface. The audio on the cassette tape also clocks the sequencer. More details at

# "I HEAR YOUR SIGNALS" Announcement, Download Links, Fun Facts, Listening tips

Mark Mosher presents his new album, composed and produced entirely on a laptop using Ableton Live 8.

After eight months of work, I'm very excited to announce that my latest album I HEAR YOUR SIGNALS is now available as a digital download.

I HEAR YOUR SIGNALS Album by MarkMosher

Livid Instruments Code

# Want Encoders? Livid Reveals Hardware Covered with Them

Peter Kirn on the new controller by Livid Instruments:

Livid Instruments has just revealed their next hardware controller. Well, sort of revealed – this evening on Twitter, they declared that it was a “Top secret sneak peek of our new controller.” Top secret – you know, just on the Internet. No one will see it there. It’s full of encoders, if that’s your thing. It’s called, cleverly, the “Code.” In addition to accompanying Livid’s own grid controllers, put this next to a monome, and you can manipulate continuous parameters alongside triggers. I could imagine someone doing some insane granular patch with an absurd number of parameters using this.

# Waveformless: 10 Free Synths for Your Mac

Tom Shear lists some worthwhile freebies for Mac users:

The internet has its ups and downs as far as musicians go, but one of the great things is the abundance of free software available to pros and beginners alike. While the comparatively smaller user base means there aren't as many freebies for Mac as there is for PC, there is still some great stuff out there available for absolutely nothing. (Although many developers of freeware, do accept donations.)

Dogs wanted!

# Music of Sound » CrowdSourced FX Library 2

Tim Prebble is looking for contributions for another "crowdsourced" fx sample library.

Seeing as how THE DOORS is hopefully going to finally kill the overuse of cliche doors, maybe we can also kill the over use of ‘DOG NEXT DOOR’ or at least provide some seriously good alternatives! But the world of dogs is vast & complex – some of the weirdest vocalisations I have ever heard were from a very small dog! So please comment on this post if you wish to be a contributor. As with the 1,000 doors aim (which we will easily meet) lets aim for 1,000 dogs so if each person records 5 dogs then we have a recordist limit of 200 contributors.


HISS and a ROAR releases Seal Vocals

HISS and a ROAR Seal Vocals

HISS and a ROAR has released Seal Vocals, a sample library featuring recordings of seals.

Creature vocals are some of the most difficult material to design due to their subjective nature, but one resource that can really help is access to unique new source material. With this knowledge I set about capturing close up vocalisations of Fur Seals at the colony in Cape Palliser, New Zealand.

The seals ranged from ferocious gutteral sounding 160kg males through to uniquely screechy, bitey adolescents (my Rycote got bitten at least a dozen times!) I carefully tracked the weather, tides & swell, and used a Sennheiser MKH70 mic to isolate the vocals as much as possible from the background ambience.

Seal Vocals libraries

  • MAX — 24bit 96kHz • 210 sounds • 395MB download, $49 USD
  • MID — 24bit 48kHz • 40 sounds • 43MB download, $29 USD
  • LITE — 16 bit 44.1kHz • 20 sounds • 11MB download, $9 USD
  • FREE — 16 bit 44.1kHz • 5 sounds • 4MB download

More information: HISS and a ROAR / SD003 Seal Vocals


Blastwave FX releases Bugs!

Blastwave FX Bugs!

Blastwave FX has released Bugs!, a high definition sound effects library that will make your skin crawl.

With Bugs!, you get 700 sound effects that include ambiences, hives, hisses, and movements; from ants to hornets and worms to hissing cockroaches, Bugs is a comprehensive insect collection that every editor should have in their library.

Bugs! features

  • Categories include Ambiences, Ants, Bees, Beetles, Cockroaches, Exterminations, Flies, Hornets, 5.1 Surround Sound Elements, And Much More.
  • Every sound was originally recorded at 24 bit 96k to ensure the highest quality for today’s production needs and are ready to be plugged in to any production demanding high definition sound.
  • Bugs! is embedded with Metadata that is compatible with Pro Tools, Soundminer, NetMix, iTunes and other popular sound library search engines.

Bugs! is available to purchase on a USB Flash Drive, priced at $249 USD.

More information: Blastwave FX / Bugs!


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