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Native Instruments releases Alicia’s Keys

Native Instruments Alicia's Keys

Native Instruments has released Alicia’s Keys, a virtual piano instrument for Kontakt/Kontakt Player.

The instrument samples come from Alicia Keys’ very own Yamaha­™ C3 Neo grand piano. This unique and highly-sought after instrument was built to celebrate Yamaha’s 100th anniversary in 2002 and represents the very top of the Conservatory Collection line. The exquisite and unique sound of the C3 Neo were painstakingly captured by Thomas Skarbye, Kontakt script wizard Nils Liberg, and Grammy-award winning engineer Ann Mincieli – making this exclusive instrument available to everyone. Using vintage microphones and preamps and through detailed analysis of Alicia’s playing, the team succeeded in capturing the warm, soulful and inspiring sound of the C3 Neo all the way down to the finest nuances.

Alicia’s Keys features

  • The sound of Alicia Keys’ own personal Yamaha C3 Neo piano: Almost 3,000 individual samples on 12 discrete velocity layers with and without pedal — equivalent to 17GB of uncompressed WAV files!
  • Sampled from Alicia Keys’ own playing, recorded in her studio with her own engineer.
  • Developed with the artist and tailor-made for her recording and performance needs.
  • Meticulous sampling technique including the noise of the finger hitting the keys (optional).
  • Sampled sustain and release phases with authentic implementation of the sustain pedal.
  • All-new sympathetic resonance system for harmonics in undampened strings.
  • Exceptionally clean quality, yet featuring adjustable microphone noise for old-school sound.
  • Natural mechanical release noises for each of the 88 keys and pedal noises.
  • Integrated convolution reverb for tweaking the sound directly in the instrument.
  • Easy user interface providing integrated documentation of all settings.

Alicia’s Keys is available to purchase for Windows and Mac (includes free Kontakt Player), priced at $119 USD / 99 EUR.

More information: Native Instruments / Alicia’s Keys


Native Instruments announces Alicia’s Keys

Native Instruments Alicia's Keys

Native Instruments has announced Alicia’s Keys, a new software that recreates Alicia Keys’ personal grand piano with outstanding authenticity and playability.

Developed in close collaboration with the Grammy-winning artist, the software is used as the primary instrument on her new album and on the current world tour. ALICIA’S KEYS is a unique and highly affordable way for musicians of all experience levels to utilize Alicia’s acclaimed signature piano sound in their own music production, live performance, and recreational playing. Designed as a comprehensive digital recreation of Alicia Key’s own custom Yamaha “C3 Neo” grand piano, and based on Native Instruments’ industry-leading KONTAKT 4 sampler platform, ALICIA’S KEYS provides a soulful and intimate piano sound that perfectly accommodates R&B, soul and pop styles. The instrument was meticulously recorded in Alicia’s personal studio by her engineer Ann Mincieli and renowned sampling expert Thomas Scarbee over the course of two years, using vintage microphones and high-end outboard studio gear that produced an exquisite piano tone with supreme sonic fidelity.

“I love this software so much that I used it on my entire new album. Not once did I record a live piano because there was just no need”, says Alicia Keys. “I plan to tour with this sound and use it all around the
world. I love how it gives those who may not be able to buy an acoustic piano a true piano experience.”

Utilizing 17 GB of high-resolution samples with 12 discrete velocity layers per note, and sophisticated emulation of crucial sonic aspects like key release, sustain pedal functionality and sympathetic resonance, ALICIA’S KEYS sets a benchmark in the digital recreation of acoustic instruments. The convenient user interface of the software gives intuitive control over the sound to further adjust it to the specific musical context and personal playing style, and also includes a studio-quality convolution reverb that provides various authentic room ambiences ranging from a small piano chamber to a large stage or concert hall.

Alicia’s Keys will be available to purchase for Windows and Mac (includes Kontakt Player, also can be loaded into the full-featured professional Kontakt 4 sampler for additional in-depth sound editing) in April 2010 for a suggested retail price of $119 USD / 99 EUR.

More information: Native Instruments / Alicia’s Keys