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Arie Aradaz updates AradazMaximizer to v5.0 and AradazAmp to v1.2

Arie Aradaz AradazMaximizer v5.0

Arie Aradaz has released updated versions of AradazMaximizer and AradazAmp, two freeware VST effect plug-ins for Windows PC.

AradazMaximizer is a loudness maximizer effect, while AradazAmp is a virtual guitar amp.

AradazMaximizer v5.0 features

  • 3 parameters (Input Control, Maximize, Output).
  • 44100 – 192000 Hz sample rate.
  • 64 bit internal processing.
  • low CPU usage.

AradazAmp v1.2 now features reduced CPU usage, 64 bit internal processing, and a redesign of the coding structure (internal).

Visit Arie Aradaz for more information and links to download AradazMaximizer and AradazAmp.


Arie Aradaz releases Aradaz Maximizer v4.3 and Aradaz Amp v1.02.2

Adrie Aradaz Amp v1.02.2

Arie Aradaz has released two freeware VST effect plug-ins: Aradaz Maximizer and Aradaz Amp.

Aradaz Maximizer is an auto release maximizer with manual input gain control. It supports 44.1KHz-192KHz and has the following controls (no GUI):

  • Input gain control: -60dB – 0dB
  • Gain control release: 0.001s – 1.0s
  • Maximize: 0dB – 21.58dB
  • Output: -oo dB – 0dB

Aradaz Amp is a Real Time Crunch Sounds Virtual Guitar Amp. It has three stages of EQ and two built-in cabinet simulators. You can get more distortion by setting the input & gain knobs to maximum (supports 44.1Khz-96Khz).

Both plug-ins are coded in C++ and available for Windows PC, free of charge.

Visit Arie Aradaz for more information and links to download Aradaz Maximizer and Aradaz Amp.