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AriesCode updates Ariesverb to v0.7.6

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AriesCode has released version 0.7.6 of Ariesverb, a a multi-effects processor plug-in for Windows and Mac.

There is a new version of AriesVerb with many bug fixes, some UI improvements and a redesigned save feature.

AriesCode Ariesverb
AriesCode Ariesverb

Changes in Ariesverb v0.7.6

  • New presets: Bad Encoding, Basic Overdrive High, Basic Overdrive Low, Basic Overdrive Med, Crow Concert, Fifths Delay, Laser Echo 2, Windy Reverb.
  • New program library with support for user programs.
  • New UI layout in the editor window (2nd sidebar).
  • New save feature.
  • New calculator logic, some new functions.
  • Added mousewheel support.
  • Fixed white screen bug in Live on Mac.
  • Fixed save settings issue on Windows 7.
  • Fixed resizing issue in Sony Vegas .
  • Fixed numerical issue for presets with high-slope gating.
  • Fixed a division by zero bug for very short delays.
  • Fixed a buffer overrun bug .
  • Fixed handling bug with spinner controls.
  • Fixed shift-key for text input on Mac.
  • Fixed international characters display on Mac.

Ariesverb for Windows and Mac (VST) is avaialble to purchase for 129 EUR / $169 USD.

More information: AriesCode


AriesCode updates AriesVerb to v0.7.5

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AriesCode AriesVerb

AriesCode has released version 0.7.5 of AriesVerb, a multi-effects processor in VST format with extremely low CPU usage.

This is AriesVerb 0.7.5, the first time AriesVerb is released on the Mac OS X platform! So many people have emailed asking for a Mac port, so here it is. (Well, it’s only in VST for the moment, but there are VST to AU adapters available; and at least one of them is free. Running AriesVerb through an adapter was of course tested to make sure it works.)

Changes in AriesVerb v0.7.5

  • Added complete support for the Macintosh OS X platform.
  • Made preset browser handling more simple and less surprising.
  • Removed the display brightness control (was a sucker for GUI performance).
  • Further CPU optimization for the algorithm.
  • Fixed illegal characters in some preset filenames for Mac OS X.
  • All platform specific code was abstracted, to facilitate future porting.

AriesVerb is now available to purchase as a VST effect plug-in for PC and Mac, priced at

More information: AriesCode


AriesCode updates AriesVerb to v0.7.3

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AriesCode AriesVerb

AriesCode has released version 0.7.3 of AriesVerb, a multi-effects processor in VST format with extremely low CPU usage.

Christian writes:

This update focuses on usability, with some feature additions and of course new presets.

Many user requests that accumulated over time have been implemented, and the development seems to go in both directions simultaneously: On the one side is the experimental crowd who wants even more crazy things, and on the other side is the professional crowd who wants presets modeled after familiar hardware and usability. I am happy to be able to serve both!

Changes in AriesVerb v0.7.3

  • Added multilevel undo/redo functionality.
  • Added UI settings page with multiple options: display brightness, GUI size, font, startup page.
  • Added freeze and bypass buttons.
  • Added inverter frequency as modulation target.
  • Added 3 new LFO waveshapes: square, sample&hold and noise.
  • Added per-delay line half live modifier.
  • Redesigned the library page with revert/load buttons.
  • Consolidated modulation options onto fewer pages.
  • Longer maximum delay (128k samples, about 2.5 seconds).
  • Waterfall diagram has better handling and labeling.
  • Save dialog has correct default path into the presets folder.
  • Fixed save dialog translates ‘forbidden characters’ for the filename.
  • Fixed keyboard use in Live and CuBase for entering license key.
  • Fixed keyboard use in Canabile when using keyboard as clavier.
  • Fixed deadlock on exit in Renoise while an editor window is open.
  • Fixed GUI freeze in EnergyXT when moving mouse over the GUI.
  • Fixed assertion failure in large CuBase projects under heavy load.
  • Fixed modulation state changes were not always recognized.
  • Fixed modulation depth gets clamped to the last tap with multitap.
  • Fixed mipmap chain completeness (OpenGL related).
  • Fixed Gflop/s accounting for info page.
  • Fixed excess modulation noise in SSE2 implementation.
  • New presets: 4-Stereo Duckling, 4-Stereo Vector Phaser , Alarm Resonator, Analog Stereo PWM-alyzer, Aqua Filter, Auto Helicopter , Basic Phase Modulation, Basic Phaser, Claviduck, Flanging Auditorium, Granular Reverse, Guitar-Wah, Heavenly Echo*, Laser Resonator, Moving Stereo Phaser, Specular Reverb*, Spooky Vocal Echo, Supernatural Awakening.

AriesVerb 0.7.3 beta is available as a VST effect plug-in for Windows PC for 129 EUR. A fully functional (except for the ability to recall settings) demo version is available for download.

More information: AriesCode

* composite program for 2 instances


AriesCode updates AriesVerb to v0.7.2

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AriesCode AriesVerb v0.7.2

AriesCode has released version 0.7.2 of AriesVerb, a feedback delay network processor plug-in for Windows.

Christian writes:

There is a new Algorithm Page replacing the old Geometry Page. This new page has the buttons for the new features in 0.7.2 and sports a schematic display of the algorithm.

The new option “filters before output” allows to move all filters to a location before the output is taken. This helps shaping the envelope of the reverb tail, and also puts the non-linear saturation into the direct path between input and output (as it was in AriesVerb 0.4). Several new “Tube Amp” like presets draw on this feature. Speaking of which, there is a selection of three different pre-emphasis filters for the saturation!

The delay line taps can now be routed directly to the output, in adjustable amounts for each segment. This helps shaping the early response of reverb programs.

Changes in AriesVerb v0.7.2

  • Added Algorithm Page to the UI, replacing the Geometry Page.
  • Added new features “filters before output” and “tap outputs”.
  • Added emphasis filters for the nonlinear saturation.
  • Added 23 new presets (total 167).
  • Changed lfo spread to degrees with extended range.
  • Fixed UI control for angles.
  • Fixed filename dependency, AriesVerb.dll can now be renamed.
  • Fixed front panel texture.

AriesVerb is available as a VST effect plug-in for Windows PC for 129 EUR. A fully functional demo version is available for download (no recalling of settings).

More information: AriesCode


AriesCode releases AriesVerb v0.7.1

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AriesCode AriesVerb

AriesCode has released version 0.7.1 of AriesVerb, a multi-effects processor in VST format with extremely low CPU usage.

Christian writes:

It has been a long journey, and now AriesVerb advances to the next level. The improvements are many, and the space on this page is too short to list them. If you have been enjoying AriesVerb already, think of the new one as the old one, plus:

  • Graphic User Interface.
  • Performance optimization.
  • Multitap mode (high density).
  • More modulation options.
  • Preset Library + Browser.

AriesVerb v0.7.1 for Windows is now available for purchase for 129 EUR / $169 USD (incl. VAT). Version 1.0 is planned for the second half of 2009, at an anticipated price of 179 EUR.

Visit AriesCode for more information and audio demos.


AriesCode announces AriesVerb v0.7 beta

AriesCode AriesVerb

AriesCode has announced version 0.7 (beta) of AriesVerb, a reverb effect plug-in for Windows.

The most important improvement this time was filling in the blanks in the modulation section. AriesVerb can now be considered feature-complete as far as the DSP engine is concerned.

The added capabilities make it possible to configure the interpolating delay lines of AriesVerb as a granular pitch shifter! A whole new category of presets was dedicated to this topic. Be sure to check out the surprisingly good sounding >>SubOctaveSynthesizer<<!

All delay presets have been updated to use the new tempo-sync capability. The hosts current tempo is also displayed on the information page.

Changes since AriesVerb v0.6 beta

  • Version 0.7
    • added new presets, many reorganized and improved
    • added second LFO plus LFO wave shapes and missing mod targets
    • added tempo sync capability to the time base
    • added units selection to the time base (seconds, Hertz, beats)
    • added an SSE1 engine for compatibility with older processors
    • fixed cpu overhead caused by gui redraw
    • fixed *.fxp extension in save dialog
  • Version 0.6.5
    • runs in Sonar
  • Version 0.6.4
    • runs without resize problems in CuBase
    • ctrl-v (paste) for text input (license key)
  • Version 0.6.3
    • keyboard input is forwarded to the host (space key to start/stop)
    • fixed denormal problem
    • fixed window resize in Reaper
    • fixed problem with dead processing after recall
    • fixed display bug in echogram

AriesVerb v0.7 beta will soon be available. In the meantime you can already get familiar with the new version by reading the manual (.pdf).

More information: AriesCode


AriesCode updates AriesVerb to v0.4a

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AriesCode AriesVerb v0.4

AriesCode has released version 0.4a of AriesVerb, a freeware reverb effect plug-in based on a highly configurable fractional delay design.

When used conservatively as a room simuator, this plugin can do smooth reverbs with a lively and present sound.

In addition, this plugin can do more than just room simulation. Most parameters can be adjusted over a wide range of many orders of magnitude. The fractional delay allows for phasing effects in the microseconds (µs) range, even below the actual sampling rate used. The delay length modulation can be adjusted in depth and speed, where the modulation speed may be so high that FM like effects are possible. There is also an overdrive distortion inside the feedback loop.

Changes in AriesVerb v0.4a

  • Fixed: Random crash when an instance of AriesVerb is deleted.
  • Fixed: Random cease of operation, while displaying an empty or corrupted program name.

AriesVerb is one of my favorite freeware reverb plug-ins. It is very versatile and uses little CPU. According to developer Christian, version 0.5 (which should be out in the beginning of 2009) will feature a GUI.

AriesVerb is available as a VST plug-in for Windows PC.

More information: AriesCode