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Kirnu Cream MIDI performer VST plug-in pre-order

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Kirnu has announced the pre-release of Kirnu Cream, a powerful MIDI performer VST plugin for Windows and Mac.

Kirnu Cream
Kirnu Cream – more presets, videos and features will be added in the future releases.

Cream is intended to be used in both live and offline DAW usage. With Cream it’s very easy to create catching lead parts, bouncing bass lines, swinging drums and lots of other cool stuff. The only obstacle is your imagination :)

Cream isn’t like any traditional MIDI arpeggiator or sequencer. It’s lots of more. With simple and clever design it has been made easy to learn and operate. You can easily create cool performances with tweaking only couple of controls. If this is not enough for you there are so many ways you can control Cream that you never feel bored with it.

Kirnu Cream is good for everybody; hobbyists, professionals, producers, composers, mamas, papas… who ever needs a good MIDI performer to make their songs PERFECT!

If you are sick and tired of conventional MIDI arpeggiators, performers, sequencers you should try Cream and see your self how it differs from the rest.

Kirnu Cream for Windows and Mac (VST) is available to pre-order for 25 EUR.

More information: Kirnu

Sample Magic releases MIDI Elements: Mainroom Riffs & Arps

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Sample Magic MIDI Elements Mainroom Riffs & Arps

Sample Magic has announced the release of MIDI Elements: Mainroom Riffs & Arps, a MIDI library featuring 101 supercharged riffs and arpeggios for the mainroom.

Supercharge your progressive, electro and tech-house tracks with 101 scorching arpeggios and rapturous riffs custom-programmed for hands-in-the-air euphoria.

Packed with infectious hooky riffs and ecstasy-charged arpeggios, the collection expertly blends the best of melodic tech-house, incessant progressive and hook-heavy electro. The result? Song-starting loop after song-starting loop.

And because each one is a MIDI file you have the ultimate freedom to choose your own sounds, change the key of the loop, edit the tempo, notation, velocity, length and more. Most importantly, it offers you the opportunity to personalise each progression and melody to make them completely unique.

All files are key-labeled to make choosing the right file even easier.

The MIDI pack costs £9.90 GBP.

More information: Sample Magic / MIDI Elements: Mainroom Riffs & Arps

Vintage Synth Pads announces Lush Life for Lush-101

Vintage Synth Pads Lush Life

Vintage Synth Pads has announced Lush Life, a soundset for the Lush-101 software synthesizer by D16 Group.

Lush Life is a new set of 150+ presets and 60+ new timbers for Lush101. Over 210+ new sonic elements.

In this collection we focus on pads and emulations of classic hardware. This classic collection was inspired by and will remind you of: D50, Dx7, ObXa, Expander, Odyssey, CS80, Moog Modular.

We did our best to emulate some of the sounds and styles from these classics but in a modern way. Many presets are layers of multiple synths such as a D50 and CS80. Of course, there are more then just pads but that is the main focus.

Also included: Bass, Leads, Keys, Apegs, Fx.

The soundset will cost $34.95 USD. It is now available to pre-order at a 30% discount, use code 30now at checkout Lush Life will be available within 2 weeks (the discount will end upon release).

More information: Vintage Synth Pads / Lush Life

MaxSynths releases free waveforms pack for RayBlaster

Tone2 RayBlaster

MaxSynths has released a free collection of waveforms for use with Tone2′s RayBlaster software synthesizer for Windows and Mac.

The archive include two folders:

1. ElextraX filters (almost all, only the EQ filters has been excluded). The impulses has been sampled using a Saw waveform in Analog mode with the Amp Simulation on with different cutoff levels (see file names).

2. Waves sampled from hardware synths:

- Some analog waveforms from a DIY prototype
- Arp Avatar
- Some Blofeld waves
- CS1-X
- Gakken SX-150
- Korg Z1
- Roland SH-201
- Siel Mono
- Some custom Virus waves

This archive includes also some filter types from Crisalys

The impulse responses sample pack is a free download at MaxSynths.

More information: MaxSynths (direct download) / RayBlaster

Ableton releases Texture Beats by Flatpack Partner Instrument + Free DM ARP 2600 Drums

Ableton Texture Beats

Ableton has announced the release of Texture Beats, an electronic drum sound library by Alexander Lewis (Sasha) for Flatpack.

Texture Beats by Flatpack is a brand new Instrument for Ableton Live that provides dynamic and nuanced electronic drum sounds and analog textures.

Designed to let you take creative advantage of the Drum Rack format, Texture Beats features a set of Macro controls for blending in textures and customizing the sound of both the whole kit and individual drums. All samples respond musically to velocity and note length in a way that will bring your beats to life.

The library is available to purchase for $59 USD.

Ableton DM ARP 2600 Drums

Ableton has also introduced DM ARP 2600 Drums, a free sound pack by Daniel Miller.

Legendary Mute Records founder and electronic music emissary Daniel Miller has enriched the Ableton Library with a free Live Pack full of punchy, retro-futuristic percussion sounds sampled from his own (equally legendary) ARP 2600 synthesizer.

DM ARP 2600 Drums comes in the form of 8 Drum Racks and includes 150 unique sounds. As in Texture Beats by Flatpack, this Live Pack provides Macro controls to quickly and intuitively alter the overall sound of whole kits and individual sounds as well as effects and presets.

The DM ARP 2600 Drums pack is a free download for registered Ableton users.

More information: Ableton

BlueArp VST MIDI arpeggiator plug-in released (beta)

Oleg Mikheev aka GrayWolf has announced BlueArp, a MIDI arpeggiator plug-in for Windows.

Oleg Mikheev BlueArp
The BlueArp MIDI arp / step sequencer plug-in designed for use in electronic music.

BlueArp is to be used as a VST instrument, but it doesn’t generate any sound itself, it generated MIDI messages, so it should be connected to another synth, hardware of software.

To connect it to another VST Synth, set BlueArp’s MIDI output port to the same number as the VST Synth’s MIDI input port (use any port not occupied by real MIDI equipment).

BlueArp will work only when the sequencer is running (PLAY pressed). When stopped, it will only pass the notes thru.

BlueARP – VST Arpeggiator for Electronic & Trance Music.

The BlueArp beta for Windows (VST) is available to download at no cost.

More information: BlueArp at KVR

Binary Music intros support for Ableton Live and Apple Logic Pro EXS24

Binary Music

Binary Music has announced that its sample packs are now available in Ableton Live and Apple Logic Pro EXS24 formats.

Binary Music announces the release of ARP Odyssey, TX81Z and Solina String Ensemble sample libraries for Ableton Live. ARP Odyssey and TX81Z sample libraries for Apple Logic Pro EXS24.

These new libraries are based on the same 24 bit sample sets as the Kontakt versions and contain the same number of samples and patches. The Ableton Live versions are packaged as Live Packs and make full use of Macro controls.

All future products will be released for Kontakt, Live and EXS24 from day one.

The sample libraries are available to purchase for £10 each (plus VAT for EU customers).

More information: Binary Music

MassiveSynth Morph – Arps, Mods & Sequences soundset for NI Massive released

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MassiveSynth Morph has introduced the Morph – Arps, Mods & Sequences soundset for the Massive software synthesizer by Native Instruments.

When writing music and creating quality sounds in your synth it can be hard not to fall into the vortex of making repetitious, monotonous and stagnant noise. How can you avoid this?

Adding evolution to your sounds using modulation is perhaps the best place to start.

Morph – Arps, Mods & Sequences For NI Massive is unlike most Massive preset bundles.

Rather than focus on a specific genre, the brief for these sounds was to create a collection of tools producers can build upon.

With this in mind we have painstakingly put together 50 NI Massive presets for you to either use out of the box or build your own sounds on top off to take advantage of evolving and rhythmic patterns.

Morph – Arps, Mods & Sequences features

  • 10 Arps
  • 10 Bass patterns
  • 5 Morphing Pluck
  • 15 Evolving pads
  • 10 Sequences

The soundset is available to purchase for $17 USD.

More information: MassiveSynth