Art Vista releases GrooveMaster – Tony Newton Bass Libraries

Art Vista has announced the release of GrooveMaster, a collection of electric bass instrument libraries for Kontakt.

Art Vista GrooveMaster

These electric bass plug-ins feature Antonio “Tony” Newton, the legendary “Baby” Funk Brother whose career spanned from the early days of the electric bass – with John Lee Hooker and Little Walter, and as a staff bass player at Motown alongside James Jamerson, through his later fusion work with Tony Williams Lifetime.

The series includes three playable sampled bass instruments: Old School Bass, Double Neck Bass, and Bright Funky Bass. The instruments include intuitive “intelligent” playback features that are designed to automatically emulate the playback of a real bass player when played with a midi keyboard. These virtual bass instruments can be switched from fully automatic intelligent playback to complete, or, partial key-switch control.

The instrument comes in Kontakt 5 Player format, which supports all major plug-in formats and also allows use as a stand-alone applications.

The GrooveMaster libraries are available for purchase for $99 USD each; the bundle of all three is $199 USD.

More information: Art Vista / GrooveMaster


VST Buzz offer 40% off Cool Vibes Jazz library for Kontakt

Art Vista Cool Vibes

VST Buzz has launched a promotion on Cool Vibes, offering a 40% discount on the virtual instrument library for Kontakt 5 by Art Vista.

Cool Vibes is a sample library of the Yamaha 3 1/2 octave Gold Tour Vibes played with soft mallets and with the motor engaged, allowing a true acoustic tremolo and full tube resonance to be recorded. It delivers the classic “cool” sound for a jazz combo, and the tremolo speed was calibrated to match the speed used by Milt Jackson of Modern Jazz Quartet. Eight presets are included with three stereo perspectives.

If you’re looking for the genuine Jazz vibraphone sound, this is the sample library for you. Sound on Sound reviewed it and said: “Art Vista have certainly squeezed the last drop of versatility out of this library, and, for those who want the unmistakable sound of real vibes, I’ve not heard better.”

The library is available from VST Buzz for $59 USD until December 3rd, 2013.

More information: VST Buzz


Art Vista releases GrooveMaster virtual bass instruments for Kontakt

Art Vista GrooveMaster Old School Bass

Art Vista has released three GrooveMaster virtual bass instruments for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Art Vista’s new electric bass libraries consist of three individual Kontakt 5 Player instruments featuring the recordings of Antonio “Tony” Newton, the Detroit bass man whose career spanned from the early days of the electric bass – with John Lee Hooker and Little Walter, and as staff bass player at Motown alongside James Jamerson, through his later fusion work with Tony Williams.

The GrooveMaster series includes three playable sampled electric bass plug-ins: Old School Bass, Double Neck Bass, and Bright Funky Bass. These libraries feature intelligent automatic idiomatic playback. A line played from a midi keyboard will instantly transcend into a credible live bass performance without the use of keys switches. The intelligent playback enables two-hand playing, but configurable key-switching is also available if so desired. These basses bring you the “real thing”, a slice of history and the distinctive sound of one of the bass players that defined the role of the electric bass in modern music.

The GrooveMaster instruments are available to purchase for MSRP $99 USD each. A bundle of all three libraries costs $199 USD.

More information: Art Vista / GrooveMaster


Art Vista releases Virtual Grand Piano Version 2.0 and announces Malmsjö GVI

Art Vista Virtual Grand Piano 2.0

Art Vista has released Virtual Grand Piano Version 2.0 and announced the Malmsjö GVI, a new enhanced version of its sampled Malmsjö Grand Piano.

Virtual Grand Piano Version 2.0 features a new multi-function interface with new features:

  • Mac-Intel compatibility.
  • Sample pool has been re-edited.
  • Now includes a large number of calibrated keyboard-specific presets, and allows you to choose your controller keyboard from a list.
  • Numerous recording/playing styles presets available directly from the main interface.
  • Release samples on/off controllable from interface.
  • Three-band parametric EQ, exciter, surround sound panning.
  • “Musical” sustain pedal noises that interprets and adjusts to playing style.
  • Compression in three levels as well as tape saturation.
  • Reverb on/off with control of parameters from interface.
  • Accurate authentic handling of release sample playback when triggered by sustain pedal release.
  • Programmable user presets.
  • Improved unisons and minor tuning corrections.

Virtual Grand Piano 2.0 offers full backwards compatibility with version 1.0, and all presets from the previous version are available in version 2.0, including a large number of “Recording Styles” presets emulating piano sounds from famous piano recordings of all genres from 1950 until today.

Virtual Grand Piano 2.0 is based on Native Instruments’ Kontakt 2 Player engine, and it is now compatible also with Mac-Intel (UB) computers. It is shipping now for an MSRP of $199 USD.

Malmsjö GVI

Art Vista Malmsjö GVI

The new MALMSJÖ GVI has been given a substantial face-lift, and an increase in dynamic range, by the use of the new DEF technology offered by Tascam in its Giga software.

“The result of this combination of modeling and sampling is quite stunning” said Jim Van Buskirk, Giga technology innovator. “This piano, via DEF, breaks the ‘stair-step dynamics’ paradigm that has plagued all sampled instruments before it. Just like the acoustic instrument, MALMSJÖ GVI has continuous dynamics and ever changing spectral depth.”

To prepare the Malmsjö samples for this new technology, Art Vista optimized the recorded samples from the lowest level. The result is an instrument with pristine audio representation from the very intimate, to “larger-than-life” presentations.

MALMSJÖ GVI has also been enhanced with eight-level release sample ambience from a medium size hall with wood floors, and custom impulse responses by Larry Seyer, the multiple Grammy Award-winning recording engineer. The new MALMSJÖ GVI is backwards compatible with the old sample library Malmsjö Acoustic Grand, and includes the presets from the previous offering.

The new GVI format offers increased versatility, as it can be used either as a stand-alone application, or as a VSTi plug-in. It can also be loaded as a sample library into the GigaStudio software.

MALMSJÖ GVI from Art Vista is shipping in January and has an MSRP of $199 USD.

Visit Art Vista for more information.