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Atelier Robin now shipping Natural Drum Kit (NDK)

Atelier Robin is now shipping Natural Drum Kit (NDK), a drum and cymbal sample library formerly known as ns_kit7.

NDK is a multi-gigabyte sample library with over 21,000 single-strike drum, cymbal and percussion hits. It is the culmination of 2 years’ work and the end product of over 6 years of research into samples drum kits.

Robin Atelier Natural Drum Kit
Robin Atelier Natural Drum Kit

Natural Drum Kit features

  • Over 19GB of uncompressed data, 21,000 samples (48KHz/24bit).
  • Over 300 presets for Kontakt 2 and HALion 3.
  • 9 snares, 4 sets of toms, 5 kicks, 3 rides, 3 crashes, 2 splashes, 2 hi-hats and a china, 2 cowbells, tambourine and a bonus set of congas (Check the kits page for details on NDK’s individual kits).
  • Performed with sticks, mallets, brushes and hands/fingers, all with both left and right hands.
  • Snares on or off.
  • Extensive articulation options, including rim-shots, hit-and-grabs, rolls, rims, etc.

Natural Drum Kit is available on DVD for $129.99 USD.

Visit the Natural Drum Kit website for more information and audio & video demos.