Atom Splitter Audio releases Household Percussion Volume 1

Atom Splitter Audio has released Household Percussion Volume 1, a free collection of homemade samples. The samples were recorded with a Zoom H4 and could be useful in making experimental beats or for layering with … read more

Atom Splitter Audio releases G8-R gate effect

AudioSplitter Audio has released G8-R, a gate effect VST plug-in. From AudioSplitter Audio: G8-R is a gate effect which can be set to your hosts tempo, you can create custom patterns quickly with it’s various … read more

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Atom Splitter Audio releases Distroyr v1.06 VST

AudioSplitter Audio has released Distroyr version 1.06, a freeware stereo distortion VST effect which features a range of different algorithms that effect and generally distort the incoming audio. Depending on the settings you can have … read more