Resonance Sound releases Audio Boutique Techno Elements 1.0

Audio Boutique Techno Elements 1.0

Resonance Sound has introduced Techno Elements 1.0, a new sample library from Audio Boutique.

Resonance Sound proudly presents Techno Elements 1.0, the latest offspring of Audio Boutique’s infamous series of sample libraries! Organic drums, weird vocal loops, hypnotic bass- and synthlines, gooseflesh up- and downlifters, inspiring constructions kits – it’s all in there. However, you might wanna start with the diamond outshining it all: a moody, murmuring, beasty, real 303 is awaiting the fearless producer, coming in various flavors, degrees of freakiness and modes of temptation.

Once again, producers Ramon Zenker and Harald (“Harada”) Aufmuth prove that they belong to the top-producers of contemporary club sound for a reason – so all that’s left for you is to get your toys together and craft the next pounding techno smasher!

All loops are at 125 bpm, the Wav and Apple Loops format allows for simple drag’n’drop within your favorite DAW, plus the usual sampler presets (Kontakt, Battery, Live, EXS) help you to get to work in no time.

The pack is available for purchase for 37.95 EUR. Individual parts are also sold separately.

More information: Resonance Sound / Techno Elements 1.0


Resonance Sound releases Big Room Elements by Audio Boutique

Audio Boutique Big Room Elements

Resonance Sound has announced the release of Big Room Elements, a sample library by Audio Boutique.

Audio Boutique’s latest masterpiece is gonna be just like the first flowers after a long frosty period to your next big room smasher. A massive arsenal of 475 single sounds and loops ranging from fx, drums, build-ups and bass/chord/melo-loops to inspiring MIDI files and Lennar Digital Sylenth presets is ready to be put together, giving without a doubt an instantly groundshaking big room experience.

Whether you prefer carefully crafted construction kits or building everything from the scratch with all the little spices such as live percussion or other fancy things – it’s all in here. Needless to mention the creators took great care of maximizing flexibility and providing each file ready-to-use. Kick off spring!

Big Room Elements features

  • 1.1 GB content, 475 Samples in total.
  • 57 Sylenth1 Presets & 57 MIDI Files.
  • Includes 20 Downlifters, 20 SD Hits, 20 Short Fills, 25 Bonus Vocals, 15 Build Up Kits (perfect to create tension), 35 Kicks, 20 Clap Loops, 20 Cymbal Loops, 35 Kick Loops, 50 Percussion Add Loops, 50 Top Loops, 20 Themes (incl. Bass/Chord & Melo Loops + Midi Files + Sylenth Preset).
  • Formats: 24-bit Wav, AppleLoops, MIDI, Sylenth1 Presets.

The sample library costs 35.95 EUR inc. VAT.

More information: Resonance Sound / Big Room Elements


Resonance Sound releases Audio Boutique Electric Elements 3.0 + Easter Sale 30% off selected titles

Audio Boutique Electric Elements 3.0

Resonance Sound has announced Electric Elements 3.0, a new sample library from Audio Boutique.

Once again, producers Ramon Zenker and Harald (“Harada”) Aufmuth prove that they can be ranked among the top-producers of contemporary club sound.

This latest episode of Electric Elements is again dedicated towards the production of TechHouse, Minimal and Electro House tracks, surrendering any kind of superfluous clichés. This library offers unusual FX, up- and downlifters, drum- and hi-hat-loops, basslines as well as atmospheric backgrounds – fully up-to-date and totally fresh.

Electric Elements 3.0 features

  • 20 atmospherical sounds.
  • 40 bass loops.
  • 30 hi-hat loops.
  • 100 mixed loops, partially with bass drum.
  • 33 one-shot-effects.
  • 20 down lifters.
  • 10 up lifters.
  • 805 MB Total Content (423 MB Wav, 258 MB Apple Loops, 124 MB REX).

The sample library is available from Resonance Sound for 29.95 EUR incl. VAT.

Resonance Sound is also offering 30% off on selected soundsets in its Easter Sale, available until April 22nd, 2012.

More information: Resonance Sound / Audio Boutique Electric Elements 3.0


Resonance-Sound releases Tribal Elements 2.0 by Audio Boutique

Audio Boutique Tribal Elements 2.0

Resonance Sound has announced the release of Tribal Elements 2.0, a sample library by Audio Boutique.

Club producer take cover – Tribal Elements Vol. 2 has arrived! Loaded with even more and all-new tribal-house grooves, this baby is gonna cause earthquakes you never experienced before!

Ramon Zenker and Harald Aufmuth once again did a killer job in mixing all those lovely tribal instruments like bongos, congas and many more to make the audience … dance! No matter whether you’re into commercial house or underground sounds, you can find it all in here: Truly inspiring loops are waiting to be sliced’n’diced for the next hit.

Oneshots are for those who like creating their very own rhythm from the scratch. Carefully selected add-ons like drums, percussion and Up & Down FX complement to a perfect groove. Discover the sweet spice of tribal elements vol.2 in your next house production! All loops are at 128bpm for easy integration into common electronic genres, and all are available in the most popular sampler formats.

Tribal Elements 2.0 features

  • 80 Tribal Loops.
  • 40 Percussion Loops.
  • 30 FX Samples.
  • 30 HiHat Samples.
  • 20 Kick Samples.
  • 32 Percussion Samples.
  • 30 Clap & Snare Samples.
  • Formats: WAV 24 Bit, AppleLoops, REX (Stylus ready), EXS24, Kontakt.

Tribal Elements 2.0 is available to purchase for 25 EUR.

More information: Resonance-Sound / Tribal Elements 2.0


Resonance Sound releases Audio Boutique sample packs + 20% off Special Holiday Offer

Audio Boutique

Resonance Sound has announced the release of Electric Elements 1 & 2 and Tribal Elements 1, three sample libraries by Audio Boutique.

We are proud to present a new label on Resonance-Sound: ‘AUDIO BOUTIQUE’

It’s the label of the german producer legend Ramon Zenker and his partner Harald “Harada” Aufmuth. The sample packs Electric Elements Vol.1 & Vol.2 and Tribal Elements Vol.1 are now available at Resonance Sound.

Audio Boutique sample libraries

  • Electric Elements Vol.1 – not just another Sampling collection! Proudly presented by Resonance Sound, this Sample Library is fully packed with sophisticated sample material, far away from standards and dedicated to sounds you often miss for the production of up-to-date sounding Tech House, Minimal, Techno and Electro
    House. Whether you´re looking for long noise effects, uplift sweeps, stereo drums, small fragment sounds, Tech House chords, specials such as 8-bit fairlight and amiga sounds, vintage synth sounds and loops, tricky Hihat loops, playable bass sounds or a grand library containing fresh produced bass and drum loops plus up-to-date bass drums, all this and even more can be found on Audio Boutique.
  • Electric Elements Vol.2 – Sophisticated sounds full of creativity and freshness meet up with unbelievable effects and loops beyond imagination. This pack breaks up with boring standard repertoires and brings your production to a whole new level? No wonder: Two rock-steady heroes have reached deep into their sound boxes for this collection. Ramon Zenker, multi-award winning musical titan and one of the most experienced german producers already hit the bull’s eye with countless hits nationally and internationally and across all genres during the last two decades. His partner Harald “Harada” Aufmuth with his current productions on BluFin, Trapez, Micro.fon, and Leftroom is one of the star newcomer in the Minimal and Deep Techno scene.
  • Tribal Elements Vol.1 – After the successful debut of the “Audio Boutique” sample series, also distributed by Resonance Sound, producer dinosaur Ramon Zenker and Harald Aufmuth attend to a subject that will get producers of modern House music highly excited: “Tribal Elements”. Regardless of which club you enter or which shop you visit to search for the hottest new tunes, both the underground and the masses agree upon that Tribal House grooves are in demand like never before and cause euphoria on dancefloors worldwide.

The Audio Boutique sample libraries are now available to purchase from Resonance Sound.

Resonance Sound has also launched a “Special Holiday Offer”, a 20% discount on all its products until January 1, 2012.

More information: Resonance Sound


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