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Audiokinetic partners with Audio Ease – Altiverb Impulse Responses available for Wwise

Audiokinetic Wwise

Audiokinetic and Audio Ease have announced a partnership where Audiokinetic will distribute award winning Altiverb Impulse Response packages for the Wwise convolution reverb plug-in.

The first package will be available before the end of this year and will contain 49 impulse responses mostly oriented for the reproduction of outdoor environments. Reproducing outdoor environments is probably one of the most difficult tasks for sound designers today and this package arrives at the right moment for professionals seeking quality and realism in their games.

“At the design phase of our convolution reverb, we set a very challenging goal that we could have the best technology from the post-production world running in games, said Simon Ashby, VP Products at Audiokinetic. Given that our convolution reverb operates with high performance and that we proudly partner with Audio Ease, which is certainly the most respected player in this field, I think we can say that we have achieved our goal”.

“Convolution reverb approaches the real world so much better than synthetic reverb that it had no trouble taking over Hollywood film sound. I hope this set of movie post-pro Altiverb IR’s will help convolution reverb do the same in game sound, added Arjen van der Schoot, Co-owner of Audio Ease. We had been waiting for the right opportunity to start applying our IR’s in real time in games. When Audiokinetic came along, we did not hesitate. I believe we have chosen to partner with a company as devoted to impressive sounding audio as we are.”

More information: Audiokinetic / Audio Ease


Audio Ease updates Rocket Science to v3.5.9 and Nautilus to v2.5.9

Audio Ease

Audio Ease has released updates for Rocket Science and Nautilus, two effect plug-in bundles for Windows and Mac.

Changes in Rocket Science v3.5.9 / Nautilus v2.5.9:

  • This update fixes graphic issues in the VST version.
  • Improved authorization.
  • Fixes an issue with higher sample rates (> 96kHz).
  • Fixes a performance problem with denormalized numbers.

More information: Audio Ease / Nautilus / Rocket Science


Audio Ease releases Snapper 2, audio utility for Mac Finder

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Audio Ease Snapper

Audio Ease has announced the release of Snapper 2, an audio utility which plays, displays and converts audio files from the Mac Finder.

Snapper is the on-screen waveform that appears as soon as you select a sound file in the Mac Finder. While staying in the Finder, you can grab a part of the waveform and drag it anywhere: into another Finder window to create a new file, into tracks of your editing software, or you can convert it to split-stereo, mp3, mp4 etc. You can extract audio from video, normalize, fade, or shoot the selection up to the cursor of your Pro Tools, Nuendo, Cubase or Logic. All without ever leaving the Mac Finder.

New in Snapper 2

  • Much improved integration with Snow Leopard.
  • Spot-to-cursor supports Nuendo, Cubase, Logic and ProTools.
  • Drag selections anywhere, into tracks of any DAW, video editor or even iChat or mail.
  • Even smaller cpu footprint.
  • Better looking waveforms that build up quicker, and zoom smoother.
  • Loop playback.
  • 64 bit file support.
  • New edit features such as a trim tool, fades and normalizing.
  • Varispeed playback without pitch shift.
  • Recent files tab.
  • Level meters.
  • and dozens of other features.

Snapper 2 is available to purchase for 59 EUR / $79 USD, and upgrades cost 39 EUR / $49 USD. Anyone that has purchased Snapper in the past 6 months gets a free upgrade.

More information: Audio Ease / Snapper 2


Audio Ease updates Speakerphone to v2.0.3 (Mac)

Audio Ease Speakerphone 2

Audio Ease has updated released version 2.0.3 of the Mac version of Speakerphone, a speaker emulation effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

A bad GSM connection on a busy sidewalk, a bullhorn with feedback and a helicopter overhead, or a 1952 rockabilly guitar amp in a recording studio live room: The Speakerphone audio plug-in gives you authentic speakers of any size together with their natural environments.

Changes in Speakerphone v2.0.3 (Mac)

  • When “Mute on Stop” is on, the telecom module also mutes.
  • Bypass not saved anymore in Automation Presets.
  • [AU] MIDI works now.
  • [AU] in Logic: Plugin windows sticks to its frame now.
  • [Live] Presets window floats on top of the plugin window.
  • [VST] offline processing window can access presets window.
  • Avid Media Composer compatibility.
  • [Cubase 5] sample bay works again.
  • [PT] choosing a Pro Tools presets writes automation.
  • [PT] Compare works again.
  • [PT] adjustments of automation data is correct now.
  • [Audiosuite] no remaining of previous preview in rendered audio.

Speakerphone 2.0.3 is now availabe to download for Mac. The Windows update will follow up soon.

More information: Audio Ease / Speakerphone


Audio Ease releases Zappa recording studio: UMRK for Altiverb

Audio Ease has released Zappa recording studio: UMRK, a free impulse response set for Altiverb.

Arjen and Aram of Audio Ease went by Frank Zappa’s studio, the Utility Muffin Research Kitchen, to meet with Dweezil Zappa and together record the acoustics of both the tracking room and the famous Zappa echo chamber. Microphones and speaker in the echo chamber were set up just the way Frank had left them.

Utility Muffin Research Kitchen (Live Room)
Utility Muffin Research Kitchen (Live room & Echo chamber)

You can read the full story on Dweezil Zappa’s blog.

The resulting impulse responses can be downloaded for free for use in Altiverb, Audio Ease’s convolution reverb plug-in, as part of the monthly-free-IR campaign.

More information: Audio Ease / UMRK for Altiverb


Audio Ease updates Nautilus Bundle to v2.5.7 and Rocket Science Bundle to v3.5.5

Audio Ease Nautilus Bundle

Audio Ease has released version 2.5.7 of the Nautilus Bundle and version 3.5.5 of the Rocket Science Bundle, two bundles of effect plug-ins for PC and Mac.

Changes in Nautilus Bundle v2.5.7 / Rocket Science Bundle v3.5.5

  • Snow Leopard compatibility for AudioUnit.
  • Improved mouse tracking in Cubase and Nuendo.
  • Recording automation from plug-in user interface works again.

More information: Audio Ease / Nautilus Bundle / Rocket Science Bundle


Audio Ease releases new Impulse Responses for Altiverb

Audio Ease Nieuwegein IR

Audio Ease has released a number of new impulse responses for Altiverb, featuring 19 street samples that were made at wide variety of locations at a moonlit business park near Audio Ease head quarters.

This set of streets & alleys has been recorded on a cold Tuesday night in February. On a windstill winter night like this there are no leaves on the trees that rustle, no animals around and no people since it’s cold and late. We then go out to record acoustics. We did a fair amount of street atmospheres and found that most of the recordings are extremely powerful when you need to place some source ‘outside’. You get slapbacks, and some dense reverb, make sure your input isn’t too loud and also add some ambience noise (as these IR’s are silent) and you’ll have an instant outside sound. Browse through this set, there’s a lot to discover.

A K&H battery operated speaker was used to playback the sine sweep. Four DPA 4006 TL omni directional microphones mounted on a lightweight quad spider stand were used to capture these outside acoustics.

The impulse responses are available as a free download for all Altiverb users.

More information: Audio Ease / Impulse Responses