Audio Impressions releases Notation Switchblade

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Audio Impressions Notation Switchblade

Audio Impressions has released Notation Switchblade, a universal translator that fixes anomalies (tuplets, notes, styles, articulations) occurring when converting from MIDI to notation software (Sibelius, Finale).

Notation Switchblade simplifies the transition between a realistic orchestral MIDI mockup and a readable score by converting MIDI CC, MIDI program change, MIDI note velocity, and MIDI keyswitch (note) information into MusicXML metadata. It can be configured to work with practically any library that uses MIDI information to change articulations.

Notation Switchblade features

  • Converts tuplets (not just triplets, but 5-, 7- or 9-tuplets) quantized in the MIDI sequencing program into readable tuplet notation.
  • Perfectly translates to notation, including all styles and articulations.
  • Also translates to tablature.
  • Automatically removes keyswitch notes from the score.
  • A metadata process converts MIDI generated articulations, styles, and instrument names into MusicXML data that can be imported into standard music notation programs such as Sibelius and Finale.
  • Mac and PC compatible downloadable program (8.45 MB).
  • Customize Clefs for each track and beaming for any time signature.
  • Works with any sample library using MIDI information to change articulations.

Notation Switchblade for Windows and Mac is available to purchase for $99 USD.

More information: Audio Impressions / Notation Switchblade


Audio Impressions 70 DVZ Strings, Kontakt Player sample library

Audio Impressions 70 DVZ Strings

Audio Impressions has released 70 DVZ Strings, a Kontakt Player powered sound library featuring string instruments.

The 70 DVZ Strings Kontakt 4.1 Player library – a complete 70-string player orchestra, 10 of which are solo, the rest 2-instrument or 4-instrument desks – with all styles and articulations. 48 kHz 24 bit depth.

Includes our patented DVZ Core Engine software (for real-time divisi and orchestration, and single-GUI control). Also includes our patented SPACE process that recreates Decca Tree room and spot mic cross-bleed, eliminates that overdubbed feel, and lets you precisely place each player and continuously alter the room characteristics.

Audio Impressions 70 DVZ Strings is available to purchase for $1,495 USD. Note: Initially available to customers in USA and Canada only.

More information: Audio Impressions


Audio Impressions releases DVZ v2.0

Audio Impressions DVZ Strings

Audio Impressions has released version 2.0 of DVZ Strings, a virtual instrument featuring 70 string instruments.

Included are every possible playing style and effect for every instrument, not just for some. All possible combinations of ensembles and playing styles are available immediately upon launch, at your fingertips, with full automation capability.

Audio is sent to your Mac or PC sequencer via Gibabit Ethernet using our included proprietary AudioPort technology. SPACE, also included, allows you to adjust to any size room and place individual players anywhere within the virtual environment.

New in DVZ v2.0

  • Digital audio via Gigabit Ethernet to replace costly I/O.
  • Individual stereo outputs for each string section provide mixing flexibility.
  • 10 Decca Tree room mic selections with 5 mic pattern choices.
  • Two-octave KBD controller option for replacing mouse and screen.
  • Re-mastered samples with optional microtonal scaling for world music.

Visit Audio Impressions for more information.