No-Brainer: Steven Slate Drums 4 ESSENTIAL

Steven Slate Drums 4 Essential has launched another No-Brainer deal, offering the Steven Slate Drums 4 Essential virtual drum instrument.

The new Steven Slate Drums 4 ESSENTIAL brings the power, flexibility, and sound of the Steven Slate Drums 4 virtual instrument to the masses.

SSD4 Essential comes with one world class Steven Slate DELUXE drumkit, as well as an additional kick and snare sample (the uber fat Snare11A) from the CLASSIC pack. Using various blends of the drum options in the mixer, we’ve crafted 10 preset drumkits ranging from vintage to rock to metal!

The SSD4 PLAYER is a 64bit/32bit drum instrument that is simple to use in any DAW. Loading and customizing kits is a breeze. Routing out the kit pieces discretely to your workstation couldn’t be easier. And SSD4’s internal groove engine can even use grooves from other drum libraries! Kits can also be played on Roland’s VDrums. SSD4 Essential is future proof! You’ll be able to upgrade your virtual drum library with amazing deals coming soon!

Steven Slate Drums 4 Essentials is available to purchase at for $20 USD for a limited time.

Note: The SSD4 Essential drumkits are available in SSD4 EX and Platinum. Customers who have purchased these products would not need SSD4 Essential.

More information: Steven Slate Drums 4 Essential No-Brainer

comment Launches No-Brainer for SFX Machine Pro

Related: , , , , , , , , , Posted in news, promo on Aug 14, 2012 - comment 0 comments has introduced its latest No-Brainer deal, offering SFX Machine Pro for Windows and Mac at a discounted price.

The Sound Guy SFX Machine Pro
Create your own audio effects from scratch with The Sound Guy’s SFX Machine Pro.

SFX Machine Pro is like zillions of plug-ins in one. The advanced Preset Editor gives you direct access to the modular synthesis parameters that make up a preset. The Host Tempo Sync feature lets you match LFO frequencies and delay times to your sequencer’s tempo.

SFX Machine Pro supports VST and Audio Unit formats. SFX Machine Pro for RTAS supports Digidesign’s RTAS format for Pro Tools.

SFX Machine Pro is available from for just $20 USD (regular $149 USD).

More information: SFX Machine Pro No-Brainer


audioMIDI launches Etch No-Brainer – 80% off filter effect plugin by FXpansion

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audioMIDI FXpansion Etch No-Brainer has announced a No-Brainer promotion for the Etch filter effect plug-in by FXPansion.

FXpansion’s Etch is a versatile filtering effect based on DCAM circuit-modelled technology.

Etch’s dual filters let you switch between 4 models for all manner of fat and warm subtractive tone-shaping, with a comb filter type providing mind-bending psychedelic effects. Additional distortion and compressor stages are provided for beefing up signals, and FXpansion’s TransMod modulation system lets you animate Etch’s circuits over time. Use inter-modulating LFOs, envelopes and more to drive the filter cutoffs, distortion level, compression amount or any other parameters.

Etch does amazing things to all kinds of audio material and is great for subtle warming, deep tone sculpting, wild sweeps, special effects and experimental sonics.

Etch for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS) is available to purchase for $20 USD until July 11th, 2012.

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audioMIDI launches Big Tick Audio Rhino Synth No-Brainer (AM Edition)

audioMIDI Rhino no-brainer deal has announced a no-brainer deal for the Rhino software synthesizer by Big Tick Audio.

Rhino from Big Tick Audio is a powerful, great sounding synth with a wide range of sounds ideally suited for almost any application.Big Tick Audio Rhino Synth No-Brainer (AM Edition)

This special edition includes 3 additional banks of presets:

  • Azul – Put your dancing shoes on ! These 128 presets by Daniel Maurer include dance loops, rhythmic synths, basses, leads, comping and pads
  • BasicFM – Basic FM features 128 presets that will fit many different styles of music. With useful parameters assigned to the User Sliders, change the sliders during performance for an evolving, dynamic texture. Included presets are: mono analog emulations that have a sharp FM edge, soft and harsh pads, strings, brass, effects, keyboards and electric pianos, clavs, guitars, bells, bass and more.
  • Bread & Butter – 128 presets by Daniel Maurer, featuring loops, velocity switched electric pianos, acoustic guitars, new stereo strings, synth layers, choirs, organs, and more pop-oriented sounds

This is a total of 384 additional presets in addition to the 1082 presets already included with the software. These preset banks normally sell for $10 each.

Rhino AM Edition is available to purchase for $20 USD.

More information:

comment launches Native Instruments Maschine Mikro giveaway Maschine Mikro contest is giving away a Maschine Mikro to one lucky eNews subscriber.

Maschine Mikro is an all-in-one music production studio, combining the flexibility of software with the feel and flow of a hardware groovebox.

The same responsive pads, the same powerful software and the same 6 GB+ sample library as Maschine, with a smaller footprint and an unbeatable price.

To enter the giveaway/contest, sign up to audioMIDI’s eNews newsletter. The winner will be announced in the weekly eNews on October 6, 2011.

The contest is valid for domestic US customers only.

More information:


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