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AudioThing and Audiority team up for Massive X-Bundle

AudioThing / Audiority Massive X-Bundle

AudioThing has announced the Massive X-Bundle, a collection of two soundsets by AudioThing and Audiority.

Massivize your sound! AudioThing and Audiority together again with a no brainer bundle including 128 presets for NI Massive!

Until the end of September, you can purchase both AudioThing Massive Spheres and Audiority Massive Dubstep for a mere $12!

Don’t miss this chance!

More information: AudioThing / Massive X-Bundle

Audiority releases The Modular Piano for Kontakt

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Audiority The Modular Piano

Audiority has introduced The Modular Piano, a synthesized piano sound library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

The Modular Piano is a synthesized acoustic piano simulation created using classic subtractive synthesis on a modular environment.

This is a very special piano as it was synthesized from scratch, note by note, and then imported into Kontakt to get more polyphony and use all the great features of this sampler.

The Modular Piano features

  • 27 Kontakt Instruments (.nki).
  • 4 Kontakt Multis (.nkm).
  • Custom Kontakt Scripting.
  • 399 samples (.NCW – 44.1KHz / 24 bit stereo, lossless compression).
  • 20 Custom Impulse Responses.
  • 877MB Installed (800MB download).
  • Performance controls.
  • Timbre Dynamics.
  • Advanced Keys Tuning.
  • Includes The Modular Piano MkI.

The sample library is available to purchase for 25 EUR. Until August 31st, 2012, it is 50% off as part of Audiority’s Summer sale.

More information: Audiority / The Modular Piano

Audiority launches Summer Sale – 50% off


Audiority has announced a Summer Sale, offering a discount on all its sounds for a limited time.

This will be a very HOT summer for Audiority customers!

Until August 31th, you can benefit from a 50% discount on every Audiority product.

Check out our hot products such as Omnisphere TOTAL Bundle, Epic Pig Guiro for Kontakt, Harshness for Ableton Live and much more!

Don’t miss the chance to get new and unique sounds for just few bucks. Go shopping now! Discount will be applied automatically on checkout.

More information: Audiority

Audiority releases Omnisphere Modern EDM and Omnisphere TOTAL Bundle

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Audiority Omnisphere Modern EDM

Audiority has announced the immediate release of Omnisphere Modern EDM, an Omnisphere soundbank featuring 100 new sounds for Electro House, Complextro, Dubstep and more.

Omnisphere Modern EDM features

  • 10 Arpeggios + Rhythms.
  • 28 Bass.
  • 7 Drum elements.
  • 20 Leads.
  • 18 Pads + Keyboards.
  • 17 Transitions + FX.

Audiority has also released Omnisphere TOTAL Bundle, a collection of all Audiority Omnisphere soundbanks produced so far at a special price.

TOTAL Bundle features

  • Omnisphere Collection Vol. 1, Dancesphere, Omnisphere Modern EDM.
  • Total Sounds: 234
    • 21 Arpeggios + Rhythms.
    • 52 Bass.
    • 27 Drum elements.
    • 54 Leads.
    • 56 Pads + Keyboards.
    • 24 Transitions + FX.

Omnisphere Modern EDM is available to purchase for 14.90 EUR, the TOTAL Bundle is 29.90 EUR. Full version of Spectrasonics Omnisphere 1.5.6d or higher is required.

More information: Audiority

Audiority releases Epic Pig Guiro for Kontakt

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Audiority Epic Pig Guiro

Audiority has announced the release of Epic Pig Guiro, a deep-sampled and designed Guiro for Native Instruments Kontakt.

It is aimed to provide a useful companion for both soundtrack composing and cinematic scoring.

Audiority says that the idea behind this library is represented by the challenge to get cinematic sounds out of a tiny and very limited musical instrument. The Epic Pig Guiro has been built by recording the instrument hit by different mallets, including unusual objects.

Included patches are divided in three categories (Organic, Rhythmic and Designed) providing the natural guiro sound, some live performed loops and twisted designed sounds.

Epic Pig Guiro features

  • 25 Kontakt Instruments (.nki).
  • 196 samples (.WAV – 44.1KHz / 24 bit).
  • 88MB Installed.
  • Up to 3 velocity layers.
  • Up to 16x round-robin.
  • Performance controls.
  • Requires full retail version of Kontakt 3.5 or higher.

Epic Pig Guiro for Kontakt is available to purchase for 6 EUR.

More information: Audiority / Epic Pig Guiro

AudioThing intros Spheres for Massive (+ partners with Audiority)

AudioThing Spheres

AudioThing has announced the release of Spheres, a collection of 64 patches for Native Instruments Massive including pads, leads, basses, soundscapes, synth tuned percussions/mallets, sequences and more.

These patches weren’t designed for a specific genre, instead they were crafted trying to follow a leitmotiv: round shapes, bouncing sounds and circular sequences. Every patch features macro controls assigned to the main parameters. The sequenced patches can be played as normal patches by turning down the Sequence macro control knob. As you can hear in the demos, this soundset can be used in many genres from ’80s stuff to IDM and modern ambient/electronica.

Spheres features

  • 64 Patches.
  • Multiformat: KSD and NMSV.
  • Size: 1 MB installed.
  • Macro Controls assigned to main parameters.

AudioThing has also announced a partnership with Audiority for a “cross bundle” offer:

Until the end of February, by purchasing ANY of our AudioThing products, you will receive a 20% discount coupon over Audiority Massive Dubstep. Moreover, by purchasing ANY of Audiority products you will receive a 20% coupon for our Massive Spheres. Don’t miss this chance!

More information: AudioThing / Spheres

Audiority announces Red Christmas – 25% off products


Audiority has announced its Red Christmas promotion, a limited time discount on its products.

Merry Christmas to all Audiority customers. To celebrate this great year, we offer a 25% discount on all purchases until the end of the year!

To take advantage of our promotion, simply type the coupon code AUDXMAS11 in your shopping cart.

More information: Audiority

Audiority releases Massive Dubstep

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Audiority Massive Dubstep

Audiority has announced the release of its Massive Dubstep soundset for Native Instruments Massive, featuring 64 new shocking sounds for your deepest and darkest dubstep productions.

Massive Dubstep is a carefully programmed collection of 64 brand new sounds crafted for dubstep, grime, drum & bass.

Almost all presets are provided with performance controls to further enhance your sound experience.

Massive Dubstep features

  • 64 patches for Massive: 36 Bass, 10 Leads, 6 Pads, 5 Keyboards, 4 Rhythmic Elements, 3 SFX.
  • Full version of Native Instruments Massive 1.1.5 or upper is required.

Dubstep Massive is available to purchase for 14.90 EUR

More information: Audiority / Massive Dubstep