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Win a Novation Impulse Controller at Pro Tools Expert

Pro Tools Expert has launched a contest in which you have the change to win the Impulse MIDI controller by Novation.

Pro Tools Expert Novation Impulse controller

Our friends at Novation have kindly given us a Novation Impulse Controller with Automap 4 as a prize for one lucky member of the community.

To enter, simply click on the Impulse banner on the right of the page, watch the video of Harry Coade putting the Novation Impulse controller keyboard through it’s paces, then tell us (using the form below) which audio interface is shown several times during the video?

The draw ends on October 15th 2012.

More information: Pro Tools Expert


Novation updates Automap to v4.4

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Novation has released version 4.4 of its Automap controller software.

The latest version of Novation’s Automap control software is now available as a free download. It brings a number of important improvements.

Changes in Automap v4.4

  • Improved support for Reason on Impulse keyboards.
  • A fix for black-note glissandos on Impulse keyboards.
  • Built in uninstaller so you can quickly remove Automap for troubleshooting purposes.
  • Full release notes here.

Controlling Reason 6 with the Impulse and Automap 4.4.

Automap 4.4 for PC and Mac is a free download from Novation.

More information: Novation / Automap


Ableton updates Live 8 to v8.3.1

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Ableton Live 8

Ableton has updated its Live music production software for Windows and Mac to version 8.3.1.

Ableton Live is about making music; for composition, songwriting, recording, production, remixing and live performance. Live’s nonlinear, intuitive flow, alongside powerful real-time editing and flexible performance options, make it a unique studio tool and a favorite with live performers.

Changes in Live 8.3.1

  • Improvements and feature changes:
    • Added support for Mac OS 10.8 “Mountain Lion”.
    • Improved performance when recording many MIDI CC data into MIDI clips.
    • The default takeover mode for control surfaces has been changed to “none” (this will only affect new installations).
    • Minor changes for usage data reporting.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed a bug which could lead to degraded resolution of automation data when recording automation for VST plugins running in Novation’s Automap shell.
    • Fixed a bug which prevented samples from being opened in an external sample editor.
    • Fixed a crash which could occur when importing two identical audio files into Live.
    • Fixed a bug which could lead to two undo steps when freezing a track.
    • Fixed a bug which could cause the save dialogue to disappear in OS X Lion.
    • Under certain conditions, Live’s splash screen wouldn’t appear on OS X Lion.
    • Opening an alias file of a Live set wouldn’t work on OS X Lion.
    • Fixed login problems in the SoundCloud uploader on Windows.
    • Fixed a rare crash which could occur with automatic updates on certain Windows computers.

The update is available to download for registered Live 8 users.

More information: Ableton


Novation Automap 4.1 music software control application

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Novation has introduced version 4.1 of Automap, the music software control application to all Novation controllers, including the flagship SL MkII.

Novation Automap

Automap is free software that comes with all Novation controllers. It gives you instant access to your DAW and plug-ins so you can get hands-on control of your music software. It features a software edit page that graphically shows what software parameter is assigned to which knob, fader or button on the hardware. Automap 4 also has a re-designed GUI and now features a notification system that pops up in the corner of your monitor to tell you what you are controlling when you move a knob, slider or button.

Automap 4 was launched with the Novation’s new Impulse controller keyboard range in Summer 2011. The v4.1 update enables Novation’s top of the range SL MkII controllers to work with Automap 4 for instant assignment and convenient control. Other Novation controllers and keyboards are now also compatible with Automap 4, including: Nocturn, Launchpad, UltraNova, ReMOTE SL, Nocturn Keyboard and the SL Compact.

Automap is the original music software control technology. It was launched in 2006 and has evolved over the years with significant workflow improvements. It is simple to set up and start using right away, and gives you unparalleled control over your DAW’s mixer, effects and virtual instruments. It will be available for free download by the beginning of November 2011.

More information: Novation / Automap


Novation intros Automap 4 controller software

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Novation has announced Automap 4, the latest version of the award winning control software that powers Novation controllers.

Automap was first developed in 2005 alongside the ReMOTE SL series of controllers as a way of simplifying the process of assigning hardware to software. It has evolved into a powerful and streamlined way of controlling your DAW and plug-in instruments and effects, working with all major DAWs and AU, VST3 & RTAS plug-ins.

Novation Automap 4

The main change to Automap 4 is a totally revised set-up process and workflow. It is now fast and simple to install and get started with Automap with a step by step guide that ensures your DAW is properly configured. Getting control of your software is now more streamlined and logical, meaning less time assigning controls and more time making music. The GUI (or software edit page) has been overhauled to display the information you need more clearly. The GUI now uses notifications (which appear briefly in the corner of your monitor) to tell you when control events are taking place. You can then chose to click on the notification to open the Automap window and display more information on the control surface layout – or you can turn them off altogether.

Automap 4 will work with the new Impulse range of controllers as well as: SL MkII, Nocturn Keyboard, Nocturn, ReMOTE SL, Launchpad, UltraNova, iPhone/iPod Touch.

Automap 4 will be a free download for all Novation users and will include the features of Automap 3 PRO. The public beta of Automap 4 will be available next week.

More information: Novation / Automap


Novation announces Impulse controller keyboard series

Novation Impulse 61

Novation has announced Impulse, a range of professional USB/MIDI controllers.

They each have a precision keyboard and a full control surface powered by a brand new version of Novation’s Automap control software – Automap 4 (which makes getting hands-on with your DAW/plug-ins fast and simple). Impulse also has 8 back-lit drum pads which can warp arpeggios, roll beats and launch clips in Ableton live.

Impulse features

  • Precision semi-weighted keyboard with aftertouch.
  • Professional control surface gives you full control of your DAW including mixer, transport and plug-in instruments and effects.
  • Novation’s Automap control software makes it fast and simple to assign knobs, faders and buttons to your music software.
  • Back-lit drum pads allow you to warp arpeggios and improvise with rhythm patterns – they also launch clips in Ableton.
  • Large LCD screen displays control information.
  • Hardware design is tough and rugged.
  • Comes with Ableton Live Lite, Novation’s Bass Station synth and a Loopmasters sample pack.
  • USB powered, with expression and sustain pedal inputs as well as MIDI in and out ports for connecting external MIDI instruments.

The Impulse will come in 25, 49, and 61 keys editions. Pricing and availability TBA.

More information: Novation / Impulse


Faderfox LV3, Ableton Live controller

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Faderfox has introduced the LV3, a compact controller for Ableton Live.

Faderfox LV3

The device controls track volumes by faders, rack parameters by encoders and joysticks and important global things like tempo, quantization & cue/master-volumes.

Further you get a total track control by 24 programmable buttons, organized in 3 rows. You will find a very convenient way to select and fire scenes & clips by a dedicated encoder as well.

Last but not least the two joysticks give you the special feeling of controlling a model aircraft. Fly away…

LV3 features

  • Special controller for Ableton Live (also suitable for other DAW software).
  • Automap setup files for Live 8 are shipped with the controller (no manual mapping necessary).
  • USB interface – class compliant / no driver necessary.
  • Controls 8 tracks with possibility to shift the 8-track-window to further tracks.
  • 24 programmable buttons for all track functions.
  • About 280 commands – all freely reassignable (each track sends on separate midi channel).
  • Select and start/stop of scenes/clips with dedicated encoder (clip-scroll in session view).
  • 4 mulifunctional push-encoders to control rack parameters in the selected track.
  • 2 non-centered joysticks to control rack parameters in the selected track or in send tracks.
  • Global control of several global parameters like tempo, quantization and master / cue volumes.
  • All controls with double function by holding down the shift button.
  • 33 LED’s in different colors to display various informations like clip states etc. .
  • 2-digit-display to show current scene number and track window.
  • USB bus powering – consumption less than 500mW / 100mA.
  • Very compact design in a black, plastic casing (desktop format 180x105x70 mm, 350 g).
  • High-quality faders and encoders from ALPS.
  • New rubber knobs for best tactile feeling.

The LV3 is available to pre-order for 250 EUR incl. VAT. The controller will be available mid June, 2011.

More information: Faderfox / LV3