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Back In Time Records updates ManyOne Deluxe to v2.0

ManyOne Deluxe

Back In Time Records has announced version 2.0 of ManyOne Deluxe, adding 31 new multisample instruments (212 MB) and presets to the virtual instrument library for Windows and Mac.

Back to the roots – this easy handling sample-based synthesizer is a pleasure to work with. Equipped with a huge 4.2 GB sample library and over 450 Presets with a clear focus on the 70s and 80s vintage synthesizers plus EPs, Clavinet and Piano. Handpicked samples taken from all the legends: Yamaha CS80, Minimoog, Korg MonoPoly and MS20, Yamaha DX7II Centenntial, Minimoog and many more. Also included are the famous string ensembles like the Solina, the tape-based Mellotron with it’s Choirs, Flutes and Violins. Synth Leads, Basses, Pads and each one is a great sound.

It comes with vintage E-Pianos too: CP80, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Clavinet and even the famous DX7 EP. And legendary tone-wheel organs!

The clear and straight back to the roots handling concept: Just one page, no menus or subpages. Select a sound and play it, that’s it. If you want to change something to make the sound even more suitable to your music you don’t need to read dozens of owner’s manual pages – the entire parameter set is visible with one view. A helpful extra sound design tutorial is included though. Finally you can concentrate on your music instead of learning overfeatured parameter monsters and how they work.

ManyOne Deluxe for Windows and Mac (VST) is available to purchase for 79 EUR. The update is free for existing ManyOne Deluxe users.

More information: Back In Time Records / ManyOne Deluxe


Back In Time Records Turmalin & Strictly Stage, Kontakt sample libraries

Back In Time Records Turmalin

Back In Time Records has released Turmalin and Strictly Stage, two new sample libraries for Native Instrument Kontakt.

Back In Time Records Kontakt Libraries

Turmalin — enhance your music with extraordinary samples

  • 1.6 GB sample library with over 550 instruments and Presets.
  • A modern styled compiliation providing legendary vintage instruments and also futuristic sounddesign for a advanced kind of workstation concept.
  • Instruments include Piano, Organ, Accordion, Chromatic Percussion, Guitar, Plucked Instruments, Bass, Ensemble, Voice, Vocal Effects, Reed, Woodwind, Ethnic Instruments, Synth Lead, Synth Percussive, Pad, Synth Layer, Percussion, Scenes, Musical Accent, Environment, Special Sound Effects.
Back In Time Records Strictly Stage

Strictly Stage — over 100 instrument samples that really count on stage.

  • 1.1 GB sample library with over 100 handpicked instruments and carefully created Presets.
  • Based on years of live experience all sounds are created and selected to be exactly those lead synths that cut through a band arrangement, perfectly embedded if it is a pad and nicely chorus-enhanced with a bit compressor when it comes to a soulful ballad E-Piano. Also the organs are band-proofed, as well as the Clavinets.

Turmalin and Strictly Stage for Kontakt are available to purchase as a download for 98 EUR each.

More information: Back In Time Records


Back In Time Records releases SOLAR – Sonic Opulence of Life and Reality

Back In Time Records SOLAR

Back In Time Records has announced the release of SOLAR – Sonic Opulence of Life and Reality, the first volume of the SOLAR trilogy of samples libraries.

This is a completely new way of creative sampling in combination with synthesizer sounddesign. SOLAR offers a universe of incredible and never before heard sounds, atmospheres, scenes, beats, sound effects – perfect for movie soundtrack and ambient music productions. The smart mix of powerful instruments and life environment effects. Off the field recordings at unusual places, voice effects, acoustic instruments obuse – all this together makes this new library a totally stunning product that gives you the opportunity to spread your own creativity to new horizons.

SOLAR features

  • 500 MB sample library with fine arts 128 presets.
  • Format ws-engine (Wusikstation 5).

SOLAR is available to purchase as a download for 59 EUR.

More information: Back In Time Records / SOLAR


Back In Time Records releases Fuel #1, FM Heritage and The Traumstadt

Back In Time Records has released three new sample libraries: Fuel #1, FM Heritage, and The Traumstadt.

New Back In Time Records libraries

Back In Time Records Fuel #1

UX3 VST Expansion: Fuel #1

Like the UX3 core content, the new Fuel #1 is a collection of powerful fat stacks with lead, pads, poly synths and percussives. The 4 layer ws5-engine VST allows to stack even them — for extremely fat synth parts. Everything is recorded in stereo.

  • 400MB sample library with 80 presets.
  • Format ws-engine (ws5).
  • Downloadable, 29 EUR.
Back In Time Records FM Heritage

Evalon II VST Expansion: FM Heritage

The very first generation of FM synthesizers were the milestones of 80′s music. They brought new sounds into an analog synth world, and they are still doing it today. The FM Heritage expansion is a comprehensive collection of really classic FM sounds taken from the legends and the rare ones: Synclavier, Yamaha GS1, Yamaha CE20, Yamaha DX7II Centennial, 2-OP Computer Soundcard, and Korg DS8. Over 100 multisamples and a few one shots, all of them carefully programmed by a skilled FM expert and decently sampled for your music. Typical FM basses, electric piano, bells, choir, pads, lead synths, organ, jazz guitar, harp, etc.

  • 400 MB sample library with over 150 presets.
  • Format ws-engine (ws5).
  • Downloadable, 39 EUR.
Back In Time Records The Traumstadt

Movie Sound Sample Library — The Traumstadt

Wide horizon soundscapes, technoid and industrial drum and percussion loops, reverse stinger effects, long evolving sonic scenes — this is The Traumstadt. It also includes mystic and weird atmospheres, hard-hitting beats, and pulsating rhythm effects. The Traumstadt includes scenes with lengths 30 seconds and longer. Usually the end is a smooth fade out or an ending. Also the loops are 8 or 16 bars, in some cases created as a construction kit and so-called build up versions and the sample name already provides the BPM for quick search and found.

  • 1.1GB sample library.
  • Format WAV, stereo.
  • Downloadable, 59 EUR.

More information: Back In Time Records / Fuel #1 / FM Heritage / The Traumstadt


Back In Time Records releases Arturia Origin: Presets #1 by kpr

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Arturia Origin

Back In Time Records has released Arturia Origin: Presets #1 by kpr, a collection of presets for the Arturia Origin.

A brand new Presets bank for the stunning Arturia Origin modular synthesizer.

64 Program Presets sounds for the typical keyboarder who is looking for cool lead synths, evolving pads, fat bass, vintage classics, smart polysynths.

Fine sounddesign art with useful controller programming for stage, studio, filmsound.

Arturia Origin: Presets #1 by kpr is available for purchase for 19 EUR.
More information: Back In Time Records


Back In Time Records releases Waldorf Blofeld sample libraries

Waldorf Blofeld

Back In Time Records has announced the release of three sample libraries for the Waldorf Blofeld synth module.

Waldorf Blofeld sample libraries

  • Waldorf Blofeld: Wellenformen #1
    Over 150 new sample waveforms for the incredible Waldorf Blofeld synthesizer. Carefully designed by skilled soundmaker Klaus P. Rausch especially for Blofeld purposes. Versitale, powerful, unique—a perfect expansion for every Blofeld user. Small-size waveforms for quick handling and program changes, no bothering loading time and senseless RAM occupation! Easy-to-use: Just select a Blofeld Preset, replace the current sample waveform by one from the new Wellenformen #1 content, then do the fine adjustments, save the result as a new Preset—done!
  • Waldorf Blofeld: Wellenformen #2
    This collection offers multisampled waveforms designed with vintage analog and contemporary digital synthesizers: Minimoog, DX7, Andromeda, Korg Mono/Poly and many more. Over 40 multisamples for all kinds of synthesizer sounds.
  • Waldorf Blofeld: Attack Samples
    More than 250 attack samples, this is that element for your new Blofeld sound. The human ear identifies a sound already in the very first moment—the attack phase. For this purpose, the new Attack Samples is the best resource for advanced musicians who are creating their own sounds.

The sample libraries are available for the Waldorf Blofeld Desktop Synth Module for €9 EUR each.

More information: Back In Time Records


Back In Time Records releases TSW Pro II VST

Back In Time Records TSW Pro II

Back In Time Records has released The Second Wave Pro II VST, a sample-based synthesizer workstation which comes with a 2.4 GB sample library and over 2,000 presets.

The concept behind the new TSW Pro II is providing the unique soundworld of sample-based synthesizers in the tradition of the famous 80s instruments Roland D50, Korg Wavestation, Ensoniq VFX.

The sample content covers analog and digital synth samples, acoustic and electric and typical ethnic instruments as well as a massive collection of sound effects, scenes and atmospheres. A special section with pure attack one-shots allows the typical layering of them together with strings, pads, choirs to create those fantastic layer sounds. And the wavesequencers make the pads moving like nothing else.

TSW Pro II combines the world of the 80s with today’s high quality sampling technology and experienced sounddesigner’s tricks. Now you can have the beloved 80s sounds and brandnew sound creations too!

TSW Pro II VST features

  • Wusik 5 engine powered instrument.
  • 2.4 GB sample library with 2000+ presets.
  • Low CPU usage, 4 layers, 2 wavesequencers, 2 FX, multi-timbral.

TSW Pro II is available as a VST instrument for Windows PC for 98 EUR. A “sample library only” version for Wusik 5 compatible plug-ins costs 88 EUR. TSW Pro users can upgrade to TSW Pro II VST for 29 EUR.

Visit Back In Time Records for more information and audio demos.