Josh Mobley sets Hybrid Aggression Beats ReFill free

Josh Mobley's Reason tattoo

Josh Mobley wrote in to let us know that his ReFill Hybrid Aggression is now available as a free download, to help celebrate the release of Reason 5.

These are rex files that were originally created during the scoring sessions for the television show “Wanted” on TNT Networks. They make full use of the new Dr. Octa Rex in both Reason 5 and Record 1.5

It was originally sold through Here is the original descrpition:

Hybrid Aggression is an epic and dramatic blend of positively skull crushing, hand-crafted beats full of distorted electro-attitude. Tension works on a subtle level throughout, but never at the expense of the groove. Hybrid Aggression utilizes cutting-edge production techniques in one very inspiring electro-oriented theme. This collection is equally suitable for rock, hip-hop or dance applications, though the possibilities are endless. (Produced by: Josh Mobley in conjunction with

Hybrid Aggression is available to download from Josh’s Facebook page.

More information: Josh Mobley / Hybrid Aggression

comment releases GarageBand instruments has released three new GarageBand multisample Virtual Instruments by Sounds Like Drums.

SLD DW Rock Pop Kit

SLD DW Rock Pop Kit – Behold the key to the wall of sound and catchy hooks.

Huge, slammin, power-producing, and oh-so-sounding like drums sums up the DW Rock-Pop Kit GarageBand Instrument. The incredible live sound and microphone selection allows maximum flexibility in mixing and beat producing. The definitive sound of the DW Kit will take all of your productions through the roof and beyond.

SLD DW Rock Pop Kit features

  • Incredible DW Kit sound with Neuman U67 ambience microphone
  • 5 processed presets ready to play for each kit
  • Compatible with Garageband, Logic Express and Logic Pro
  • Multiple velocities for dynamic performances
  • Audiophile sound quality
SLD Rogers Reggae Kit

SLD Rogers Reggae Kit – Pick up your sticks and get Jammin’ quick.

When you load up the SLD Reggae Kit, prepare to be transported to higher ground. With multiple ultra-rich, analog-recorded samples, the SLD Reggae Kit features several techniques suited specifically to Reggae.

SLD Rogers Reggae Kit features

  • 5 processed presets ready to play
  • Compatible with GarageBand, Logic Express and Logic Pro
  • Timbres and drumming technique suited especially for Reggae and Dub
  • Multiple velocity layers for realistic performances
  • Audiophile analog sample quality
SLD RnB Hip-Hop Kit

SLD RnB Hip-Hop Kit – Hit ‘em with it.

SLD’s Hip-Hop RnB Kits offer three distinct styles of drum sounds, all in one package. The 808 Kit is a vintage emulation of the classic Roland drum machine. The SLD 808 Kit is a hybrid between real drum samples and synthesized sounds. The Old School Kit is perfect for Hip-Hop tracks, giving you classic Hip-Hop sound. Finally, The RnB Kit is ideal for contemporary RnB sound. (Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige, John Legend…)

The Sounds Like Drums RnB and Hip-Hop Kits for GarageBand include the 808 Kit, the Old School Kit and the RnB Kit.

SLD RnB Hip-Hop Kit features

  • 5 processed presets ready to play for each kit, totaling 15 different presets
  • Compatible with GarageBand, Logic Express and Logic Pro
  • Synthesized components included with the 808 Kit and RnB Kit
  • Multiple velocities for dynamic performances
  • Audiophile sound quality

SLD Rogers Reggae Kit is available for download for $19.95 USD, while the SLD Rock Pop and RnB Hip-Hop kits are $24.95 USD each.

Visit for more information and audio demos.

comment releases L8 Night Vocals

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200904 has released L8 Night Vocals, a collection of over 700 spoken Vocal hits and samples perfect for Electro, Progressive House and Trance tracks.

These samples will add the perfect touch to your unfinished songs and can also work as a foundation to build your project around.

L8 Night Vocals features

  • Over 740 one-shot wav voice samples, 112 MB.
  • Spoken word samples for complete flexibility.
  • All samples are dry (without FX), so you are free to color them to suit your particular project.

L8 Night Vocals is now available for download for $55 USD.

Visit for more information and audio demos.

comment releases Arquitecto Caribbean and Hip Hop Xpression has released Arquitecto Caribbean and Hip Hop Xpression, two new downloadable sample packs. Arquitecto Caribbean

Arquitecto Caribbean features 215 rich, exotic Caribbean style loops.

Arquitecto Caribbean is a rich, deep groove loop collection- a fuego- specially made for Dub, Reggaeton and Dancehall music fans. Fifteen unique Style Kits featuring complete rhythm and instrument breakdowns firmly place you as the musical architect.

Let the powerful fusion of multi-ethnic styles and flavors super-charge your creative process. Take control of your inspiration with Arquitecto Caribbean and feel the riddim. Hip Hop Xpression

Hip Hop Xpression features fifteen Hip-Hop Style Kits and over 200 loops.

Get ready for an extra-versatile, extra-luscious base of contemporary Hip-Hop loops and beats. Hip Hop Xpression offers three powerful session sets with five Style Kit variations in each.

You get fifteen all-out Hip-Hop Style Kits for endless customization and inspiration. Mix, match, chop and layer for days. You’re sure to discover something new or invent something smooth with your tracks. It’s all up to you, so Xpress yourself.

Arquitecto Caribbean and Hip Hop Xpression are available for the introductory price of $29.95 USD each.

Visit for more information and audio demos.


Equinox Sounds releases Trance Synths

Equinox Sounds Trance Synths

Equinox Sounds has released Trance Synths, a powerful collection of synth motifs designed for creating authentic Melodic, Deep and Ambient style Trance tracks.

Trance Synths is divided into Loop and Arpeggio sections for effective track construction. Build a solid foundation for new Trance compositions or add a distinct complement to existing tracks.

Trance Synths features

  • 142 MB of samples.
  • 60 Synth Arpeggios.
  • 60 Synth Loops.
  • Formats: Acidized Wav, Apple Loops, REX2.

Trance Synths is available as a download from for $19.95

Visit for more information and audio demos.


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