The Loop Loft launches Guitar Week Sale

The Loop Loft has announced a Guitar Week Sale, offering 50% off its guitar and bass guitar libraries.

The Loop Loft Guitar Week Sale

The best guitar & bass tracks at your fingertips.

It’s Guitar Week at The Loop Loft and we’re celebrating by slashing prices by 50% on all of our guitar and bass loops, samples, MASCHINE kits and more!

Hurry – Offer Ends February 15th at 12:00am ET

More information: The Loop Loft


Art Vista releases GrooveMaster – Tony Newton Bass Libraries

Art Vista has announced the release of GrooveMaster, a collection of electric bass instrument libraries for Kontakt.

Art Vista GrooveMaster

These electric bass plug-ins feature Antonio “Tony” Newton, the legendary “Baby” Funk Brother whose career spanned from the early days of the electric bass – with John Lee Hooker and Little Walter, and as a staff bass player at Motown alongside James Jamerson, through his later fusion work with Tony Williams Lifetime.

The series includes three playable sampled bass instruments: Old School Bass, Double Neck Bass, and Bright Funky Bass. The instruments include intuitive “intelligent” playback features that are designed to automatically emulate the playback of a real bass player when played with a midi keyboard. These virtual bass instruments can be switched from fully automatic intelligent playback to complete, or, partial key-switch control.

The instrument comes in Kontakt 5 Player format, which supports all major plug-in formats and also allows use as a stand-alone applications.

The GrooveMaster libraries are available for purchase for $99 USD each; the bundle of all three is $199 USD.

More information: Art Vista / GrooveMaster


Prime Loops releases The Corney Mims Bass Pack Vol. 1

Prime Loops has introduced The Corney Mims Bass Pack Vol. 1, a new sample pack by MSXII Sound Design featuring a collection bass loops by famed bass player and multi-instrumentalist, Cornelius Mims.

Corney Mims Bass Pack Vol. 1

Corney’s rates are upwards up $300/hr. This is simply not feasible for most budding producers. However, here is your chance to have plenty of world class material to loop, chop, flip, sample, stretch, and manipulate for your own work.

59 original, live bass loops are included in this pack. All labeled by key and with REX files for easy time stretching. Don’t sleep, snatch the Corney Mims Bass Pack Vol. 1 now!

The Corney Mims Bass Pack Vol. 1 features

  • 59 original bass loops in .wav format.
  • Played on the Carvin JB5000 and Vanquish Series Bass models.
  • Samples provided in each key for easy pitch finding with your production (A-G).
  • REX files included for each loop for time-stretching .
  • No added compression or limiting preserving the original state of the bass guitar’s sound.
  • Recorded through high class Apogee A/D converters.
  • Compatible with all software/hardware DAWs and samplers that accept .wav format.
  • Royalty free for guaranteed clearance.

The pack is available from Prime Loops for £19.95 GBP.

More information: Prime Loops / The Corney Mims Bass Pack Vol. 1


ManyTone Music offers 50% off on all products

ManyTone Music has announced it is offering a 50% discount on all its products for a limited time.

Manytone ManyBass

ManyTone Music introduce the “Home Page Deal”. For the first “Home Page Deal”, ManyTone is offering all of their products for 50% off regular price. All products are included in the sale: The ManyBass, ManyGuitar, ManyStation and ManyOne plug-ins and all ManyTone sample libraries for Kontakt, sf2, Dimension, Wusik and other formats.

To receive 50% off you must email ManyTone through their website requesting the products that you want and they will send you a special PayPal link to purchase at the discounted price. See the Manytone website homepage for more details.

The sale ends February 14th, 2015.

More information: Manytone Music


Dream Audio Tools launches Black Friday Sale – 30% off

Dream Audio Tools has announced its Black Friday Sale, offering a 30% discount on its Indie Fingers Vol 4 acoustic guitar library and Repetitive Bass Vol 2 acoustic bass guitar libarary for a limited time.

Dream Audio Tools Black Friday Sale

Indie Fingers Volume Four: Acoustic blends together all the tools previously found in the serie like Played intervals, Patterns, Single notes, Bass repetitions, Combined patches, Noises, Percussions, Harmonics in order to provide a nice amount of flexibility both rhythmically and hamonically.

Repetitive Bass Volume Two: Acoustic features bass repetitions and tones from a pretty musical acoustic bass sampled using both direct (piezo) and microphone inputs, to offer the best sonic flexibility.

The sale ends December 10th, 2014.

More information: Dream Audio Tools


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