ELBySoniQ releases ’62 Pbass GrooveMachine – SP1

ELBySoniQ has announced the release of ’62 Pbass GrooveMachine – Soulplayer One, a hybrid instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt featuring the retro sound of a custom ’62 Fender Pbass.

ELBySoniQ '62 Pbass GrooveMachine - SP1

ELBySoniQ introduce you to the ‘62 Pbass Groove Machine Soulplayer One from the Groove Machine Series, a 1.95Gb NI Kontakt loop library, recorded with a customized Fender® P-bass, played between the bridge and the pickup to give the sound more bite and darkness. The bass guitar is equipped with a swamp ash body, LaBella flatwound strings, vintage dual coil SPB-1 pickup and string dampers for a sustain-less punchy tone.

The theme of the loop library from the Groovemachine series is about the sound and the type of loop patterns. The majority of these loops are basic building block loops, which should be used for playing progressions and or broken loop patterns by playing it like single notes. You can use it creatively to create different patterns in combination with the other loop patterns which could end up till over 30.000 combinations.

This loop library fits in genres such as pop and soul and can also be used as songwriting tool and for inspiration. All the key switches could be automatized by your midi sequencer in your preferred DAW.

’62 Pbass GrooveMachine – SP1 features

  • 1.92 Gb uncompressed in aif format.
  • 974 stereo samples (665 samples are loop patterns) 24 bits, 44.1 kHz.
  • Automatic sync to host bpm tempo.
  • Recorded in 12 keys.
  • 55 select-able groove patterns via dropdown menu’s.
  • 2 octave sustained single note section ranging from Low E to E3.
  • Transition note section also in 12 keys ranging from Low E to D#1.
  • Hammer-on in the velocity range 123..127 in the sustained note section.
  • 4 round robin one finger note attack harmonics.
  • 3 round robin one finger note stop harmonics.
  • Bass tone shaping and saturation FX with on/off buttons.
  • Frontpanel for engaging Cabinet, Compressor and Chorus with on/off button.
  • FX interface with adjustable knobs for Cabinet, Compressor and Chorus.

The ’62 Pbass GrooveMachine – SP1 for Kontakt is available for purchase for the introductory price of 45.50 EUR / $59.90 USD (regular 68.75 EUR / $89 USD).

More information: ELBySoniQ / ’62 Pbass GrooveMachine – SP1


VerySickBeats releases JFilt’s VerySickBass

VerySickBeats has recently released JFilt’s VerySickBass, a collection of bass guitar loops and samples.


Im excited to present to you the next sample library as part of this site’s collection. This time around I thought about beatmakers who may want some assistance with the bass line.

In my personal opinion, no very sick beat is truly complete without a bassline. For some, the dilemma may be in the amount of time it takes to dig and find a dope bassline loop for your beat. For others, it may be searching for authentic sounds to create your own original bassline. Well fortunately, the VerySickBass Sample Library caters to both issues.

VerySickBass features

  • 125 total audio files in 16-bit/44 WAV format.
  • 50 1shots of organic live bass samples including chords, single notes, octaves, and slides.
  • 50 original bass loops ranging from 80bpm-96bpm for that soulful midtempo feel.
  • All sounds processed through the classic MPC2000xl for added warmth.
  • Recorded live from a vintage 80’s era Yamaha 4-string bass.
  • All sounds are royalty free.
  • Adds that ol skool feel to your beats like having a live player in your recording session.
  • All sounds are key and BPM labeled.
  • 25 Bonus synthbass loops.
  • Compatible with any hardware/software system that uses WAV formatting.

The sample pack is available for purchase for $14.99 USD.

More information: VerySickBass


The Loop Loft launches Labor Day Sale – 40% off

The Loop Loft has announced a Labor Day Sale, offering a 40% discount on its libraries and bundles for a limited time.

The Loop Loft Labor Day Sale

Our massive Labor Day Sale starts now! Save 40% all weekend long at The Loop Loft.

Just enter the following code at checkout to save 40% on everything in your cart!
Discount Code: LDSALE

The offer expires September 1st, 2014, 12am ET.

More information: The Loop Loft


Organic Loops releases Funkified Guitars

Organic Loops has launched Funkified Guitars, a sample library featuring a collection of guitar and bass guitar loops.

Organic Loops Funkified Guitars

From chilled down tempo shuffles to distorted funk rock licks, a slice of jazz funk and a dash of cop show whacka whacka this collection of royalty free loops is the perfect loop package for songwriters and producers looking for some funky six string inspiration.

The collection features 47 different guitar riffs that develop over four to eight bars and are recorded at tempos of 95, 100, 105, 110 BPM. Each Electric Guitar loop is conveniently key labelled and has its own complementary Bass Guitar loop to be used alongside it if required.

The pack is available from Loopmasters for £19.95 GBP.

More information: Organic Loops / Funkified Guitars


Karoryfer releases Emilyguitar & Growlybass free sample packs

Karoryfer Emilyguitar

Karoryfer has released two free open-source sample libraries.

Emilyguitar features an Epiphone Emily the Strange model strung with thick flatwound strings.

After a few bass libraries, we’ve gone for a guitar. There are a lot of guitar samples out there intended for lots of styles of music guitarists like, from Latin jazz to metalcore, but this library is for music guitarists really hate, from hip-hop to EDM.

It’s designed to be easy to use for producers who don’t necessarily know a lot about guitars and don’t need a whole lot of different articulations, control over left-hand position, note off groups etc. Instead of all that you get a fat, percussive sound that’s great for crisp rhythms.

Emilyguitar features

  • Samples of an Epiphone Emily the Strange guitar with flatwound strings.
  • A total of 323 24-bit 44.1 kHz WAV samples.
  • Notes sampled every minor third.
  • Four velocity layers and three round robins.
  • String release noises with four round robins.
  • Various percussive and fingering noises with five round robins.
  • Six different SFZ mappings – four for single notes and two for chords.
  • 98 MB download size.

Growlybass features the sounds of a sampled Squier Jazz bass guitar.

Karoryfer Growlybass

We’ve released several bass libraries already, but these samples were played by someone who is the complete opposite of our usual bass sample guy. She not only has very good hair, but also actually listens to music that has bassists playing basses.

These samples are not polite and have a ton of character. The strings get plucked hard and rattle against the frets. The bass (a Squier Jazz) is a classic design and the tuning is standard, so this is our best library for an archetypal bass guitar sound which could never be mistaken for anything else.

Growlybass features

  • Samples of a Squier Jazz bass guitar with roundwound strings.
  • A total of 310 24-bit 44.1 kHz WAV samples.
  • Notes sampled every minor third.
  • Sustained notes with four velocity layers and four round robins.
  • Staccato notes and string release noises with one velocity layer and five round robins.
  • Pick scrapes with four round robins.
  • Seven different SFZ mappings.
  • 159 MB download size.

Both libraries are free to download (SFZ mappings are included).

More information: Karoryfer


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