LinPlug updates RMV to v5.0.4 and releases Lambik Loops

LinPlug has released version 5.0.4 of RMV Drum Addiction, a complete drum solution for Windows and Mac. Changes in RMV Drum Addiction v5.0.4 fixed multi import of samples on pads other than first pad. fixed … read more

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LinPlug releases RMV for Mac

LinPlug has released a Mac version of RMV Drum Addiction, the drum synth, sampler and loop slicer plug-in previously available for Windows. RMV features a Drum Synthesizer, Drum Sampler, Audio Loop Modules (Slicer & Player) … read more

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Image-Line updates Ogun to v1.0.5 + releases Gross Beat public beta

Image-Line has released version 1.0.5 of Ogun, a VST instrument for Windows and Mac. Ogun can produce exceptionally rich metallic and shimmering timbres, although it’s not limited to this genre. Ogun’s distinctive synthesis engine can … read more

Tekky Synths releases SlIsTErYx v1.3.2

Tekky Synths has released version 1.3.2 of SlIsTErYx, a combination of a slicer and a remixer. Version 1.3.2 includes some GUI adjustments, the option to select your sample root disk and some other improvements. SlIsTErYx … read more

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Livid Instruments releases Livid Looper

Livid Instruments has released Livid Looper, a freeware audio looping tool for Windows and Mac. The spacious, colorful, illustrated interface is designed to inspire the artist, the simple rules provide for never-ending complexity, collaboration on … read more

yedey releases LoopDrive3

yedey has released LoopDrive3, a freeware loop slicer and rearranger plug-in for Windows PC. Maik writes: I’ve made it long time ago, and as image-line asked me to update it, so they can include it … read more

Clear Complex releases Transistor

Clear Complex has released Transistor, a slicer/sampler plugin to create fills from drum parts or to recreate loops and apply various effects to modulate the sound. Clear Complex features 16 step sequencer for modulating effects. … read more

Related: , , , , Posted in news on Apr 25, 2008 - comment 0 comments updates LiveSlice to v1.47 has released version 1.47 of LiveSlice, an advanced beat slicer instrument plug-in for Windows PC. Changes in LiveSlice v1.47 REX import. Resizable file browser. Faster GUI and a new “lofo GUI” for smooth operation … read more

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Kammerl Audio releases Kammerl Kaske Plugin Pack

Kammerl Audio (quite possibly NSFW) has released Kammerl Kaske Plugin Pack, a comprehensive set of five soundmanipulating VST audio plug-ins, ready to be used with your favourite music production software like Steinberg’s Cubase or Ableton’s … read more

Clear Complex announces Transistor

Clear Complex has announced Transistor, a slicer/sampler plugin to create fills from drum parts or to recreate loops and apply various effects to modulate the sound. Clear Complex features 16 step sequencer for modulating effects. … read more

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Prodyon releases Asteroid v1.0

Prodyon has released version 1.0 of Asteroid, a new DJ effects VST plugin for Windows PC. Asteroid features 5 Effects + Delay: Mono filter Poly filter Lo-fi slicer Comb filter Multistage phaser Tempo-sync Low CPU … read more

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FXpansion updates GURU to v1.5

FXpansion has updated GURU to version 1.5. GURU is a combination of sampler, drum machine, beat slicer and step sequencer – in short, a complete rhythm production workstation for your computer or DAW. Updated in … read more updates LiveSlice to v1.45 has updated its beat slicer LiveSlice to version 1.45. Main changes in v1.45 Time stretching Loop cropping Mormalize MIDI learn VST 2.4 compliant Volume envelope improvements and enhancements Several GUI optimizations Lots of bugfixes … read more

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AcousModules releases Elasticometre, Echonomitron and Polyfragmenteur

AcousModules has released 3 new stereo VST plug-ins, Elasticometre, Echonomitron and Polyfragmenteur. Elasticometre is a granular time stretcher / pitch shifter / slicer-looper. It has an integrated 16 and 24 bits wav file player and … read more

Pyjaman releases strr, frnds and frndsab (Pluggo)

Pyjaman has added a few new Pluggo plug-ins to his collection, strr, frnds and frndsab. strr is an experimental beat slicer that works like an arpeggiator on the slices/notes played. After loading a sample you … read more

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Pyjaman’s Pluggo Collection

Pyjaman’s Pluggo Collection consists of a number of experimental plug-ins (currently 13) including beat slicers, buffer loopers and sequencers with various randomize controls. You will need Cycling ’74 Pluggo to use these plug-ins, so get … read more

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Audio Damage releases Replicant

Audio Damage has released Replicant, a delay-based effect in the “beat slicer/looper” vein, with some tricks of its own that separate it from the herd. From a simple delay or panning effect, on up to … read more

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mdsp @ Smartelectronix releases LiveCut v0.9

mdsp has released LiveCut v0.9. Livecut is based on BBCut the BreakBeat Cutting library written by Nick Collins for SuperCollider. LiveCut is a live beat-slicer but instead of manipulating equal chunks of audio like most … read more

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arcDev Noise Industries releases H4xx0r

arcDev Noise Industries has released H4xx0r, a twelve-part beatslicer mapped to each note of one midi octave. H4xx0r features stretching of sample to fit host tempo, and independent, realtime control over slice points, looping, amp … read more releases LiveSlice v1.3 has released LiveSlice v1.3, a beat slicer for Windows. New in v1.3 Live input recording – record loops from your tracks for instant liveslicing of any sequenced materia, or use LiveSlice as an effect … read more

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