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LinPlug releases RMV for Mac

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LinPlug RMV kit screen

LinPlug has released a Mac version of RMV Drum Addiction, the drum synth, sampler and loop slicer plug-in previously available for Windows.

RMV features a Drum Synthesizer, Drum Sampler, Audio Loop Modules (Slicer & Player) and a Drum Librarian including 1,500 Audio Loops, 2,600 MIDI Grooves and 10,000 sounds.

Check the product page for detailed information on RMV’s many features. A demo version can be downloaded here.

RMV is available for purchase for $179 USD / 139 EUR including VAT. An upgrade from RM IV and RM III is $79 USD / 59 EUR.

Visit LinPlug for more information.


Image-Line updates Ogun to v1.0.5 + releases Gross Beat public beta

Image-Line Ogun

Image-Line has released version 1.0.5 of Ogun, a VST instrument for Windows and Mac.

Ogun can produce exceptionally rich metallic and shimmering timbres, although it’s not limited to this genre. Ogun’s distinctive synthesis engine can generate more than 32,000 harmonics, modulated by high-level ‘harmonic mapping’ functions, that hand tonal control directly to the user.

Changes in Ogun v1.0.5

  • fixed a small bug with unison
  • updated envelopes
Image-Line Gross Beat

Image-Line has also released a beta version (for Image-Line customers) of Gross Beat, a time manipulation effect designed for repetition and scratching effects.

Gross beat is perfect for real-time or rendered gating, glitch, repeat, scratching and stutter performances. Gross Beat stores audio in a 2-bar rolling buffer under the control of 36 user definable time and volume envelopes, giving you unlimited creative control.

Gross Beat features

  • Powerful MIDI controlled envelopes.
  • 2 bar audio buffer.
  • Real time effect, perfect for live performance.
  • 36 volume/gating envelopes with user-controlled smoothing.
  • Linked or independent volume & gating slot operation.
  • A large number of creative presets ready to go.

The Gross Beat public beta will expire on December 19th. The final version will be $99 USD but you can get it free with any purchase of $99 and more until the end of the year.

Note: New Image-Line customers can use this promo link to get (an additional) 10% discount.

Visit Image-Line for more information.


Tekky Synths releases SlIsTErYx v1.3.2

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Tekky Synths SlIsTErYx

Tekky Synths has released version 1.3.2 of SlIsTErYx, a combination of a slicer and a remixer.

Version 1.3.2 includes some GUI adjustments, the option to select your sample root disk and some other improvements.

SlIsTErYx features

  • Just 4 buttons to create instant variations of a 4 tracks song.
  • Integrates in major standard hosts.
  • Prepare and import your own sample banks.
  • Dust off these old web and magazines sample banks collections.
  • Just double-click a sample to insert it in the mix.
  • Samples automatically fit into the mix.
  • Adjust individually each sample in each player.
  • Midi learn for all parameters.

SlIsTErYx is available as a VST instrument for Windows PC and costs 30 EUR. A demo version can be downloaded from the product page.

Visit Tekky Synths for more information and audio demos.


Livid Instruments releases Livid Looper

Livid Instruments has released Livid Looper, a freeware audio looping tool for Windows and Mac.

The spacious, colorful, illustrated interface is designed to inspire the artist, the simple rules provide for never-ending complexity, collaboration on a network makes computer music social, and the open source distribution keeps it mutating and alive.

Livid Looper
Computer interfaces are often referred to as “environments.” The natural world surrounding you is often called “the environment.” We took a cue from the natural term, and created Livid Looper.

Livid Looper features

  • Up to six files loaded in each looper for quick recall and playback.
  • Loop is automatically pitch shifted to match the BPM.
  • Automatic segmenting for slicing up a loop.
  • Interactive waveform display for arbitrary loop selections.
  • Assignable to crossfader.
  • Record live audio and instantly loop it.
  • Multiple audio effects, including a VST effect.
  • Granulator for scramble or time-shift effects.
  • Record up to 8 synced sequences of knob turns and effect changes.
  • Record up to 8 synced sequences of segment and file changes.
  • All actions are quantized to the master BPM.
  • Easy MIDI learn function.
  • Tight integration with Livid’s Ohm controller.
  • Free of charge and open source (developed in Cycling 74‘s Max/MSP).

Livid Looper is available as open source software for Windows and Mac. Download it here.

Visit Livid Instruments for more information. (via CDM)


yedey releases LoopDrive3

yedey has released LoopDrive3, a freeware loop slicer and rearranger plug-in for Windows PC.

Maik writes:

I’ve made it long time ago, and as image-line asked me to update it, so they can include it in their new FruityLoops Studio8, I did it. To give users a chance to play with it without having to buy FL-Studio, I decided to publish it here.

yedey LoopDrive3

LoopDrive3 features

  • Built-in sequencer grid to rearrange the beats.
  • “Reverse sequencer” which enables you to play selected beats backwards.
  • Effects: filter, bit crusher, distortion, overdrive and a grain FX.
  • LFO modulation of volume, balance, cutoff, resonance, overdrive and pitch grain.
  • Set FX order for more control over the effects.

LoopDrive3 is available as a VST plug-in, and the SynthMaker source file can be downloaded as well.

Visit yedey for more information.


Clear Complex releases Transistor

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Clear Complex Transistor

Clear Complex has released Transistor, a slicer/sampler plugin to create fills from drum parts or to recreate loops and apply various effects to modulate the sound.

Clear Complex features

  • 16 step sequencer for modulating effects.
  • 7 effects with a total of 9 controls: Realtime slicer/sampler, Level, Pan, Distortion, Lowpass filter, Highpass filter, and Reversing.
  • Each control has 4 patterns with 4 subpatterns with seperate startpositions and lengths.
  • Each subpattern is triggered by a MIDI-note you choose.
  • Automatable global controls for modulating the pattern.

Transistor for Windows (VST) is available now for 89 EUR / $129 USD / £65 GBP.

A demo version with the following limitations is available for download:

  1. Only works on the first bar of a project.
  2. After 20 minutes continuous play you must restart the sequencer.
  3. Preset saving is disabled.

Visit Clear Complex for more information.

comment updates LiveSlice to v1.47

Related: , , , , Posted in news on Apr 08, 2008 - comment 0 comments LiveSlice v1.47 has released version 1.47 of LiveSlice, an advanced beat slicer instrument plug-in for Windows PC.

Changes in LiveSlice v1.47

  • REX import.
  • Resizable file browser.
  • Faster GUI and a new “lofo GUI” for smooth operation on older machines.
  • Improved waveform display: visualizes both the average and the loudest frequency so there’s a visual difference between a bassdrum with or without hihat – even when the hihat is quiet.
  • More midi automation options: slicing and recording can now be controlled by midi (for example: hit a midi-key to record, use mod-wheel to auto slice the recording).
  • Time signature support, durations in bars + beats in both slicer and arranger.
  • clicking the “play” button now results in a monophonic preview mode (play one arrangement at a time, select the currently playing arrangement with the mouse).
  • Loops list no longer auto-scrolls on click.
  • Removed the “clear event” feature (there’s no need to have empty events in an arrangement).
  • Middle mouse now deletes events if no parameter is selected, and resets parameters if a parameter is selected.
  • New option to reset event parameters by clicking and dragging with middle mouse button down.
  • Various bug fixes.

LiveSlice is available for 49.95 EUR.

Visit for more information and a link to download a demo version of LiveSlice.