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Uppercussion releases Vocalisms sample pack

Uppercussion Vocalisms

Uppercussion has announced the release of Vocalisms, a collection of 58 drum kits made exclusively from sounds produced by the human voice and mouth.

The VOCALISMS drum kits feature all kinds of vocal percussion: beatbox, shouts, buzzes, chirps, hard consonants, exaggerated vowels, phonetic exploration and a lot of experimentation. Each kit includes the standard drums such as kicks, snares, hihats, cymbals and toms, but also melodic elements such as bass lip buzzes, tonal hits and other sung one shots.

The sounds in Vocalisms are 100% “orally originated”, meaning that no other non-vocal sounds were used and the human voice is the only sound source…even if it doesn’t always sound like it. The samples were processed in a plethora of different ways to give an even broader palette of drum kit sound possibilities.

Vocalisms features

  • 58 drum kits in 4 categories (Advocal, Evocal, Havocal, and Provocal).
  • 928 samples, 16 samples per kit (24-bit, 44.1 kHz).
  • Formats include Ableton Live Pack, Maschine, Geist, Battery, Kontakt, EXS24, Halion and Reason NN-XT, and single WAV samples.
  • Sample folders are easily accessible and sorted by sound type.
  • Total size is 120 MB.
  • Additional Ableton Live Pack content:
    • 58 Live Clips.
    • 58 MIDI patterns (one in each Live Clip).
    • 8 Macro assignments per kit.

The sample pack is available to purchase for $49 USD. The Ableton Live Pack is only sold through, priced at $49 USD / 39 EUR.

More information: Uppercussion / Vocalisms


Soundiron releases The Beat Boxer for Kontakt

Soundiron The Beat Boxer

Soundiron has released The Beat Boxer, a comprehensive and fully playable human beatbox vocal percussion library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

This hybrid multi-sample/groove library transforms the creative vocal art of up-and-coming East Bay beatboxer “Jbox” (Jerry Girard) into a flexible and detailed virtual instrument.

The Beat Boxer contains over 100 different instrument articulations spread across 11 distinct “drum” categories, each with an average of 12x round robin variation. Articulations range from essential drum sounds to classic beatboxing sound effect such as snares, kicks, toms and hi-hats as wells as turntable scratches, synths, breaths, clicks, pops, stutterbeats and more. An advanced user interface and custom scripting allow users to shape the sound by means of volume, attack, offset, dynamics, humanization and more. The library includes an integrated MIDI Groove playback system with custom controls such as a complete remapping feature with user map saving and loading. It ships with a number of industry-standard drum maps.

The library also features 100 live performance loops and 108 augmented loops. Loop playback features include tempo-syncing, time-stretching, pitch transposition and more. All loops can also be played back through the integrated Phrase Sequencer, which allows per-slot phrase start, end and pitch transposition for extensive flexibility.

The Beat Boxer features

  • 24 Instrument Presets, 4,416 Samples (standard PCM wav).
  • 100+ multi-sampled Articulations in 11 different categories with an average of 12x round robin.
  • 2 mic positions (dynamic & condenser) w/independent volume, panning and routing.
  • Midi Groove playback system featuring on-the-fly quantization, swing and dynamics adjustment.
  • Midi remapping system with user map saving and loading.
  • Dozens of rhythmic, atmospheric, and tonal pad sustains.
  • Megamixer 12-slot drumkit designer with user kit saving and loading.
  • 100 live loops and 108 augmented loops with full tempo-syncing, time-stretching and pitch transposition.
  • Advanced phrase sequencer allows for per-step phrase start and end markers as well as pitch transposition.
  • Custom real-time user interface with full FX Rack.

The library is available to purchase for the introductory price of $59 USD until February 1st, 2014 (regular $79 USD).

More information: Soundiron / The Beat Boxer


Loops de la Crème releases Beatbox Pack

Loops de la Crème Beatbox Pack

Loops de la Crème has announced the release of Beatbox Pack, a sample library featuring sounds by beatboxers.

Performed by four beatboxers, recorded through a wide range of microphones and studio gear, BEATBOX PACK features perfect kicks, snares and hihats, as well as a multitude of vocal percussions and vocal FX.

The included Kontakt patches add a great functionality to this energetic and versatile sample set: you’ll find inspiring, punchy DRUMKITS, original melodic instruments and sound design patches.

And for instant inspiration and groove, a bonus folder with over 120 audio loops is included.

Beatbox Pack features

  • 614 human beatbox samples organized in 9 sample sets (mono WAV, 48kHz, 24bit).
  • 4 beat-boxers (three men, one woman).
  • Wide range of mics and studio gear used for maximum versatility.
  • 37 NI Kontakt patches (full version of Kontakt 4+ required): 18 drum kits, 15 melodic instruments, 3 category patches, one sound design patch.
  • 121 bonus audio loops (stereo WAV, 24bit, 48kHz).
  • 17 custom IR samples (Impulse responses).
  • total size unzipped: 170MB.

The Beatbox Pack is available to purchase for the introductory price of 12 EUR until September 20th, 2103 (50% off regular).

More information: Loops de la Crème / Beatbox Pack


Virtuasonic releases Twisted Beatbox for Kontakt

Virtuasonic Twisted Beatbox

Virtuasonic has released Twisted Beatbox, a sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

TWISTED BEATBOX contains 400+ Loops organized in 35 Suites. This collection features unique vocal percussions, electronic drums and hybrid sounds, designed from processed human and drums recordings.

This particular collection has been created to spice up many modern and hybrid music styles with some of the most fresh and cutting-edge vocal percussions.

The loops are available in many popular formats (Apple Loops, Rex2, Acid Wav) and optimized for a smooth conversion to the Stylus RMX format.

Each Suite contains one or more main mixes (e.g. Airbeat A MIX, Airbeat B MIX) and other submixes (e.g. Electronic Drums, Vocal Percussions, Human HiHats-Kicks-Snares, etc.). This kind of structure gives great flexibility, since allows you to mix, process and mangle the loops to your personal taste.

TWISTED BEATBOX also includes 11 Kontakt instruments: 7 Vocal Percussion Sets and 4 Hybrid Electronic Drum Kits.

Twisted Beatbox is available to purchase for the introductory price of 24.95 EUR until August 15th, 2013 (regular 29.95 EUR).

More information: Virtuasonic / Twisted Beatbox


Boscomac releases Retro Beat Mk2 for Reaktor

Boscomac has released Retro Beat Mk2, a free instrument ensemble for Native Instruments Reaktor.

As you know, RETRO BEAT met international success, even intergalactic! What, you did not know this? The shame …

In short, it was necessary to extend the story and it’s done because RETRO BEAT becomes RETRO BEAT MK2! The principle is the same except that instead of 7 machines vintage, there is … not 8, not 9.. but 27 drums. Yes ma’am, yes sir. And every sound was of course worked with analog processing. Yes ma’am, yes sir. And tape simulator was adjusted. Yes ma … okay.

Boscomac Retro Beat Mk2
The Retro Beat Mk2 for Native Instruments Reaktor.

RETRO BEAT MK2 features

  • 27 vintage beatboxes and drums synths.
  • Includes sounds of Roland, Mxr, Vermona, Hohner, LinnDrum, Mattel, Simmons, Boss, Korg, Wersimatic, Hammond, Boehm, MFB, Polyvox, Casio, Electro Harmonix, etc.
  • Analog treatment with Cartec Audio preamp, Chandler Limiter EQ, Shadow Hills compressor.
  • Supports multi-out.

The ensemble is a free download. Requires Reaktor 5 full version. Donation are appreciated.

More information: Boscomac / Retro Beat Mk2


BOSS introduces RC-505 Loop Station

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BOSS has announced the RC-505 Loop Station, the newest addition to its industry-leading lineup of live looping devices.

Boss RC-505 Loop Station
The Boss RC-505, a unique and powerful live performance tool that’s perfect for next-generation loop artists.

Featuring five phrase tracks, onboard effects, rhythms, and a powerful tabletop design that can be easily operated with the hands, the RC-505 is ideally suited for next-generation loop artists such as beatboxers, singers, and club performers. In addition, the RC-505’s extensive MIDI control options and ability to import audio phrases via USB open up a wealth of creative opportunities for all musicians.

RC-505 Loop Station features

  • Tabletop Loop Station that can be operated with the hands, perfect for beatboxers, vocalists, and club performers.
  • Five simultaneous stereo phrase tracks, with dedicated controls and independent volume faders.
  • Wide range of Input FX and Track FX for processing loops, including DJ and sampler-style effects.
  • Independent play mode and tempo sync settings enable a flexible combination of track behaviors and advanced performance options.
  • 99 phrase memories, each containing five phrase tracks, custom effects/playback settings, and more.
  • 85 onboard rhythm patterns, including odd-measure beats.
  • External control via MIDI and optional footswitches or expression pedal.
  • USB for phrase import/export with computers; USB audio/MIDI functionality for integration with DAW software.
  • XLR mic input with phantom power, mono/stereo instrument inputs, and stereo AUX input.

More information: Roland / RC-505 Loop Station


Camel Audio Alchemy sample manipulation synth updated to v1.5 + Shlomo Beatbox library released

Camel Audio has announced version 1.5 of its Alchemy sample manipulation synthesizer for Windows and Mac.

Alchemy v1.5 is designed to keep inspiration flowing with a fully-featured preset browser, over 1000 presets, faster loading times, improved remote control from the Alchemy iOS app, and many more enhancements.

To celebrate the release, Camel Audio is offering 20% off Alchemy till 15th October and even better value bundles.

Camel Audio Alchemy
Alchemy version 1.5 features a new fully-featured browser.

Changes in Alchemy v1.5

  • Powerful new browser—The new browser is probably the most fully-featured sound browser available anywhere, allowing users to find all their slow attack strings, glitchy dubstep basses, tempo-synched warm pads, or whatever they need in a matter of seconds. Over 4,000 previously-released Camel Audio presets have been carefully tagged by category, subcategory, genre, sound library, sound designer, articulation, and timbre. Finding favourites is a breeze — simply rate presets with a single click and then sort by rating. Users can add tags to make it easy to call up presets associated with a particular
    project or live set, and can also add comments to presets with playing tips or other notes. Track down the perfect sound in a host of different ways with this powerful browser.
  • Dedicated iOS remote—Alchemy v1.5 with the latest update to Alchemy on iOS offers even smoother and more expressive remote control. Change preset, move the remix pad, and access performance controls — all without leaving the comfort of your controller keyboard. Previously the domain of multi-thousand dollar devices, polyphonic pitch bend is new to this update, and offers an amazingly expressive
    way of playing instruments — especially when combined with polyphonic aftertouch. Also users can now save
    desktop presets and all referenced WAVs in a single .CamelSounds file, making it easier to move sounds to
    the mobile version, or another PC.
  • Bigger and better bundles and 20% off Alchemy—Alchemy Complete comprises Alchemy with all 24
    sound libraries installed, including the newly-released Shlomo Beatbox. It now features over 14GB of samples and 4,000-plus presets, including 32,000 hand-crafted variations, all fully tagged for the new browser. Whether writing soundtracks, electronica, or dance music, users now have all the sounds they need at their fingertips for a newly-reduced price of 785.00 USD / 649.00 EUR / 529.00 GBP — a 50% saving on buying the products separately. The Alchemy Atmospheric and Electronic bundles have also been generously increased in size, each now offering 1,900 presets and over 6GB of samples for 399.00 USD / 329.00 EUR / 269.00 GBP. Alchemy itself is now bundled with 1,000 presets including a free sound library of choice, totalling a massive 5GB of exclusive samples.

Full details on what’s new in Alchemy 1.5 here.

The Alchemy v1.5 update is free to all existing users. New users can purchase Alchemy at 20% off till 15th October, 2012 – 199 USD / 159 EUR / 143 GBP.

Camel Audio’s new Shlomo Beatbox library for Alchemy is now also available.

Beatboxer extraordinaire Shlomo has recorded an exclusive sample set, utilising all of his amazing beatboxing and vocalising skills. Our sound designers have woven their magic – Shlomo has been morphed, mutated, mixed and layered, glitched and warped to create a unique and inspiring collection of loops, kits, vocal based instruments and inspiring effects.

The library features nearly 700MB of exclusive samples and 156 SFZ instruments. The sounds are fully tagged for the new Alchemy v1.5 preset browser.

The sound library is available to purchase for $59 USD / 49 EUR / £39 GBP.

More information: Camel Audio / Alchemy