Casual Underground releases MovBeats for iPhone

Casual Underground has released MovBeats, a funny and a little crazy app for iPhone which allows you to create video clips easily and quickly, catching them in the surrounding space. You don’t need to have … read more

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Daniel Gooding releases Sonic Beatbox sample library

Daniel Gooding has released the Sonic Beatbox sfx/sample library. “Human language is unique in comparison to other forms of communication, such as those used by other animals, because it allows humans to produce an infinite … read more

TC-Helicon and Beardyman Go Absolutely Loopy

TC-Helicon has announced the ‘Gone Loopy’ competition, which runs from 30 June to 30 September. Requirements to participate: a TC-Helicon product with looping capability (VoiceLive Touch, VoiceLive 2 or VoiceJam app for iPhone), a personal … read more

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Loopmasters releases Dub FX – Vocal Beats, Bass & FX Vol. 1

Loopmasters has released Dub FX – Vocal Beats, Bass & FX Vol. 1, a collection of samples by Dub FX aka Benjamin Stanford, a unique and original talent who creates live songs, beats and melodies … read more

MPD Software mobileRhythm mR-606 classic drum machine app for iOS updated to v1.2

mobileRhythm mR-606, adding MIDI support to the classic drum machine for iOS. You can now use your iPhone/iPad and mR-606 with other drum machines, sequencers, samplers, synths, arpeggiators, DAW’s etc. mobileRhythm mR-606 features New features: … read more

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Free Stylophone Beatbox sample pack

Patrick McNally wrote in to share a free sample pack featuring samples from a Stylophone Beatbox The drums sounds from the Stylophone are recorded from the inbuilt speaker and the headphone out at the highest … read more

Short links for December 3rd, 2010

Some interesting things I found recently: # Designing Sound TV Miguel Isaza introduces Designing Sound TV, Television for Sound Designers. Could you imagine the concept of television re-imagined for sound designers only? How would that … read more

MPD Software releases mobileRhythm mR-606, classic drum machine app for iOS

MPD Software has released the mobileRhythm mR-606, a music app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, inspired by the look and sound of classic 1980’s drum machines. The mR-606 drum machine is reminiscent of the … read more

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Propellerhead Software ReBirth, Techno Micro Composer now for iPad

Propellerhead Software has announced the release of ReBirth for iPad and iPhone. ReBirth is back! Propellerhead Software’s legendary Techno Micro Composer has been resurrected and customized for the iPad. ReBirth faithfully emulates dance music’s three … read more

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Korg updates iELECTRIBE to v1.1.0

Korg has announced the release of version 1.1.0 of iELECTRIBE, a virtual analog beatbox for iPad. With the iELECTRIBE, sound creation is easy, fun and intuitive – just as on a vintage analog synthesizer. Simply … read more

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Future Loops releases Beatbox All-Stars

Future Loops has released Beatbox All-Stars, a comprehensive human beatbox sample pack. “Beatbox All-Stars” was produced in collaboration with mic(ism) and The International Beatboxers Association (IBA), which have contributed to the definite expansion of beatboxing … read more

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Korg releases iElectribe

Korg has announced the release of iElectribe, Korg’s first dedicated iPad musical instrument app. For over a decade, Korg’s Electribe•R has been go-to gear for creative musicians from around the world and across multiple electronic … read more

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Short links for March 18th, 2010

Some interesting things I found recently: # Phillips SAA-1099 Sample Pack (Copyright-free and License-free) A new pack of samples by Sebastian Tomczak: I have made a copyright-free and license-free sample pack of the Phillips SAA-1099 … read more

Tonehammer releases Gnomehammer: Human Beat Box

Tonehammer has released Human Beat Box, another free sample pack as part of the Gnomehammer December Celebration. Human Beat Box (HBB) is one of those things that was cool, then uncool, then cool, then uncool … read more

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Dübreq releases Stylophone Beatbox

Dübreq has released the Stylophone Beatbox, a portable electronic beats machine. The Stylophone pocket synthesizer steps into the future with the all retro classic instrument taking the next leap on the evolutionary ladder. The result … read more

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Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs Inc. featuring Shlomo

Here’s a wild video for you (via wire to the ear). Chris Cairns’ Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs Inc. Kingdom of the unreal but also a higher state of being, ultimately free of the limitations of the … read more

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Short links for August 10th, 2009

Some interesting things I found recently, and not so recently (since it’s been a while since I posted short links). # Guitare à crayon The idea behind “la Guitare à crayon” is to be able … read more releases BeatVox has released BeatVox, a rompler that replicates percussion sounds, performed by the voice. The set contains a half dozen different percussion, as well as two «voice» chromatic set: phonemes «too» and «poo». Percussion sounds … read more

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Native Instruments releases Urban Arsenal 2

Native Instruments has released Urban Arsenal 2, a new KORE SoundPack which brings yet more of the beats, samples, sounds and loops for creating the freshest urban music productions. URBAN ARSENAL 2 follows up on … read more

9 Soundware releases Beatbox

9 Soundware has released Beatbox, a multi-format set of human beatbox loops. While it is widely acknowledged as an “extended element of hip-hop”, beatboxing has been a long overlooked craft outside of the culture that … read more

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