Short links for March 2nd, 2009

Some interesting things I found recently: # The Oil Rig Turntable: The Turntable Paulo Rebordão writes: After coming across some DIY efforts at building turntables, I too decided to give it a try… For the … read more

Short links for November 6th, 2008

Some interesting things I found recently: # YouTube – “Monkey Jazz” : BEARDYMAN & mr_hopkinson™ Fantastic video of Beardyman doing the jazz thing. Combining the talents of 2 times UK Beatbox Champion Beardyman and master … read more

DSK releases DrumZ BeatVoiZe

DSK has released DrumZ BeatVoicZe, a freeware drum module plug-in featuring Human Beat box sounds. DrumZ BeatVoiZe features 8 sound slots (C3 to C4 white keys). Level and pan control. 8 stereo outs. 26 samples. … read more

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BeatPhone – beatbox for the iPhone

I·lusió has released v0.25 of BeatPhone, a beatbox application for the iPhone. BeatPhone lets you tap beats and manipulate samples on a beatbox-like interface for the iPhone. BeatPhone v0.25 features 9 one-shot pads 6 loop-pads … read more

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More human beatboxen: “concert sauvage dans le metro!”

Boing Boing is following up on an earlier post, Amazing human beatbox guy on French “American Idol”, with more human beatbox goodness. Boing Boing links to this video (by Naturally 7) Concert Sauvage dans le … read more

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Super Mario Brothers Theme Song – Homemade Versions

FanTent has compiled a list of Homemade versions of the Super Mario Brothers Theme Song. You can see Beatboxing Flute, Balalaika and Hand Farting versions of the popular Nintendo game theme song. Check the comments … read more

Human beatbox favorites

Beatboxing seems to have grown in popularity due to things like YouTube, people like Alex Tew (not just mr. Million Dollar Homepage, but also founder of, and sites like where cool video are … read more