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UVI releases Emulation II for UVI Workstation 2

UVI has announced the release of Emulation II, a sound library that features a set of unique instruments to reproduce that typical music from the 80s: from warm digital sounds to the most analog-ish textures.

UVI Emulation II

Hundreds of sounds and instruments were recorded and carefully selected from the authentic restored instrument : drums, bass, bells, choir-voices, fretted instruments, FXs, keyboards, mallets, percussion, synths, strings, orchestral hits and a lot more., with the very best analog and digital gear. This process allows preserving the original sounds’ lo-fi charm.

A simple, yet, complete user interface reproduces the looks and feeling of the most famous and essential machine from the eighties.

Free included : Drumulation, an utter beatbox with step sequencer from the 80s, loaded with 500+ drums and percussion sounds.

With 250+ best sounds and primary editing tools, create authentic spin-offs with infinite options of sounds and tones, from Depeche Mode, Peter Gabriel, Pet Shop Boys, Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney etc.

Make music without frontiers!

Emulation II for UVI Workstation 2 Mac/Win (VST/AU/RTAS/MAS/Standalone) is availble to purchase for $199.95 USD excl. VAT.

More information: UVI Sound Source / Emulation II


Rhim Samples Stylophone Beatbox sample pack

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Rhim Samples Stylophone Beatbox

Rhim Samples has released its Stylophone Beatbox sample library.

Stylophone Beatbox is a younger brother of the cultish Stylophone. The instrument is operated by a stylus and has three banks- drums, beatbox and bass.

It’s fun to play it through an external speaker, but when using headphone outputs the toy starts sound like a real, useful, drum machine. The dirty and nasty sample has got a charm of its own. What they need is modern way of sequencing music and some spicing up through scripting in Kontakt and racks in Ableton Live.

Stylophone Beatbox includes basic patches of drums, basses, beatbox and extra instruments in Kontakt and Ableton Racks formats. It is available to purchase for $2.99 USD. A free version (without scripts or macros) is available to download.

More information: Rhim Samples


Casual Underground releases MovBeats for iPhone

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Casual Underground has released MovBeats, a funny and a little crazy app for iPhone which allows you to create video clips easily and quickly, catching them in the surrounding space.


You don’t need to have any special skills to make your own music video in beatbox style.
Due to the inbuilt sequencer, video clips always play rhythmically, beat in beat.

Movbeats allows you to record clips and create video compositions, share movies with your friends on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Vimeo and Tumblr.

The whole surrounding world, including YOU holding the iPhone, becomes an endless library of samples and interesting video fragments. Turn your friends into a drum section, use your pets to make a melody, and your grandpa will perfectly suit for a bass part. Don’t forget sounds of your kitchen: add pans and plates to the percussion.

Movbeats is an audio-visual kaleidoscope of different moments in your life, rhythmically pulsating in time with music, creating music itself, with the first touch.

MovBeats features

  • Live record from camera.
  • Edit & trim clips.
  • 192 slots for clips.
  • 128 slots for patterns.
  • 16 steps sequencer.
  • Tempo correction, tap & cue.
  • Record compositions on the fly.
  • Export records to Youtube & Vimeo.
  • Share records on Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr.

MovBeats is available to purchase for $0.99 USD.

More information: MovBeats


Daniel Gooding releases Sonic Beatbox sample library

Daniel Gooding Sonic Beatbox

Daniel Gooding has released the Sonic Beatbox sfx/sample library.

“Human language is unique in comparison to other forms of communication, such as those used by other animals, because it allows humans to produce an infinite set of utterances from a finite set of elements.”

The Sonic Beatbox library takes the abilities of the human voice box, and uses it as an effective tool for sound design.

Sonic Beatbox features

  • Almost 300 recordings of different vocally produced sounds. Great for working with abstract sound design, or layering with other sounds for a human element.
  • Over 100 designed sounds, produced entirely from the vocal recordings, and show many of the possibilities.
  • For musicians, there are over 50 individual samples, of vocally produced drum sounds, just put them in your favorite sampler, and start playing instantly. Also included are some simple beatbox loops, that you can throw right into a mix, if you want a quick beatbox sound in your track.
  • Each File is recorded in 24-bit 96kHz.
  • All sounds were recorded with a Rode NTK Condenser mic, with an Apogee One Pre-amp.

Sonic Beatbox is available for a “pay what you can” price. All proceeds above $5 USD are donated to AutismSpeaks.

More information: Daniel Gooding / Sonic Beatbox


TC-Helicon and Beardyman Go Absolutely Loopy

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TC-Helicon has announced the ‘Gone Loopy’ competition, which runs from 30 June to 30 September.

TC-Helicon Gone Loopy competition
Requirements to participate: a TC-Helicon product with looping capability (VoiceLive Touch, VoiceLive 2 or VoiceJam app for iPhone), a personal YouTube account and an open, creative mind.

The grand prize of the ‘Gone Loopy’ competition is a US$1000 in cash plus a 45-minute lesson via Skype with the vocal looping master, Beardyman. Additionally, there are 5 runners up prizes – a ‘mystery’ TC-Helicon product – and the 5 perticipants who upload the most video entries will also be awarded with a TC-Helicon MP-75 Modern Performance Microphone.

To enter the competition, participants just have to complete 3 simple steps. First, they must record a video of themselves creating layers of vocal loops, using a TC-Helicon looping device. Second, upload the video to a personal YouTube video channel, making sure that ‘TC-Helicon Looping’ is included in the title of the video, and third, complete the online entry form on TC-Helicon’s website. To increase the chances of winning all participants are free to loop these 3 steps as many times as they want to – a new video must be submitted each time, of course.

All winners of the competition will be selected exclusively by the amazing voice loop and human beatbox master: Darren Foreman aka ‘Beardyman’. In a way, he could be seen as the personification of TC-Helicon’s overall goal: to support all singers’ natural right to express themselves in any way they feel like. Beardyman currently uses an impressive setup of looping devices and effects when creating his layers of vocals, including several pieces of gear from the TC-Helicon family of products.

More information: TC-Helicon / Gone Loopy competition


MPD Software mobileRhythm mR-606 classic drum machine app for iOS updated to v1.2

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MPD Software mR-606

mobileRhythm mR-606, adding MIDI support to the classic drum machine for iOS.

You can now use your iPhone/iPad and mR-606 with other drum machines, sequencers, samplers, synths, arpeggiators, DAW’s etc.

mobileRhythm mR-606 features

  • New features:
    • Copy/Paste patterns in play mode
    • MIDI notes send/receive
    • MIDI clock send for syncing with other hardware
    • Core MIDI and Line6 MIDI Mobilizer compatible
  • UI improvements:
    • Last step selection – deselect with a second tap
    • Drag finger across steps to set beats quickly
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fixed bug that prevented patterns from saving properly under certain circumstances
    • Fixed bug that made toms volume occasionally load incorrectly

mobileRhythm mR-606 for iOS 3.0 or later is available for $5.99 USD.

More information: mobileRhythm mR-606


Free Stylophone Beatbox sample pack

Patrick McNally wrote in to share a free sample pack featuring samples from a Stylophone Beatbox

The drums sounds from the Stylophone are recorded from the inbuilt speaker and the headphone out at the highest and lowest possible pitches. They sound nasty, grimy, crushed and noisy and not just because of my recording skills. They have a lot of energy though and will be of use to someone. Just not someone wanting subtlety. The naming of what is kick, snare or tom is sometimes a bit iffy as these sounds can fall somewhere between them all.

You can download the free samples from this Mediafire link.

Thanks, Patrick!