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Beatluxe releases House Technik

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Beatluxe House Technik

Beatluxe has announced the release of House Technik, an ultra-fresh sound collection designed for Tech House and Minimal music.

It includes hundreds of world class construction loops which can easily be arranged and combined to create throbbing Minimal and Tech tracks.

The core of this release are 50 pumping drum loops which are included as full version as well as with all their individual drum layers. And for the first time we also created a large number of powerful bass loops and inspirational synth sequences.

House Technik features

  • 300 loops and 189 MB unzipped.
  • 50 full drum loops, 50 no-kick top loops, 50 kick grooves, 50 hihat and clap loops, 25 kick drum loops, 50 bass line loops, 25 synth loops.
  • The content is provided in 16-bit WAV format and 128 BPM.

House Technik is available to purchase for 20 EUR.

More information: Beatluxe


Beatluxe releases Minimum

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Beatluxe Minimum

Beatluxe has released Minimum, the follow-up to the bestselling Beatluxe library Minimalistech.

This pack includes 100% kick-free groove loops to spice up your Minimal and Tech House tracks.

These pared-down, minimal top rhythms should simply be added to your existing drum loops and instantly create a gliched-out feel and rhythm.

We also added a large selection of deep and fresh kick drums, hihats, claps and snares to get you started right away.

Minimum features

  • 90 MB of sounds (unzipped), including:
    • 100 minimal groove loops.
    • 50 deep kick drums.
    • 50 short hihats.
    • 50 short claps and snares.
  • Tempo: 125 bpm.
  • Format: 16-bit WAV and REX2.

Minimum is available as a download for 20 EUR.

More information: Beatluxe


Beatluxe releases Minimalistech

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Beatluxe Minimalistech

Beatluxe has released Minimalistech, a collection of 100% kick-free loops to build your own intricate Minimal grooves and pounding Tech House throbbers.

“Minimalistech” kicks off a new line of sample packs made by Beatluxe. The core of this release are groove loops with a large number of wobbling and glitched low-end grooves which literally fill the gaps between the kick drums, as well as pared-down, minimal top rhythms. We also added a selection of hihat loops and a lot of deep kick drums to get you started right away. You can use one loop or layer several loops to add even more detail – just like we did in the demo track. All sounds were engineered with teutonic precision and we promise you as much as this is the true Tech and Minimal sound coming straight out of Berlin.

Minimalistech features

  • 150 minimalistech groove loops, 25 pared-down tops, 25 hihat loops and 50 deep kick drums with a total of 167 MB (uncompressed).
  • All loops are available in 127 bpm and in 16-bit WAV and REX2 format.

Minimalistech is available for download now for 20 EUR. A free demo pack is available for download here.

Visit Beatluxe for more information and audio demos.