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Jeremy Evers releases xi2bmk2

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Jeremy Evers

Jeremy Evers has released xi2bmk2, a tool for converting .xi instruments to samples for Beatmaker 2.

Here’s a little tool that I cooked up to share with old-school fast tracker 2 heads that play with beatmaker 2.

xi2bmk2 will rip through your dusty old .xi instrument collection, and convert it to a shiny new .bmk2 and .wav collection.

xi2bmk2 features

  • xi2bmk2 will operate recursively on an input directory that you specify. The first folders that it encounters will become the category names in the .bmk2 file.
  • You can use the .wavs for whatever you like, but the tuning information, key maps, and loop points are all stored in the .bmk2 xml.
  • Since fast tracker‘s envelopes were so radical, they are not converted to the standard ADSR that beatmaker 2 uses.
  • Stereo pair instruments (identified by two files, *L.xi and *R.xi, in the same folder, with matching keymaps and samples) will be magically welded back together into a single stereo instrument.

xi2bmk2 is available to download for Windows PC at no cost.

More information: Jeremy Evers


Intua releases BeatMaker 2, mobile music workstation

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Intua BeatMaker 2

Intua has released BeatMaker 2, a mobile music workstation for iOS.

Combining music production tools that made the success of countless artists, BeatMaker 2 brings a powerful and easy-to-use composition interface for amateurs and professionals alike.

Build your own virtual home-studio creating multiple instruments, connecting them to a full-range of audio effects. Compose, record, arrange and transform your ideas into complete songs, ready to be shared with others.

Import your own sounds or use the included sound library: more than 170 high-quality instruments and drum presets from synthesizers to realistic orchestral sounds.
You can even import songs from your iPod library!

BeatMaker 2 for Requires iOS 3.1.2 or later is available to purchase for $19.99 USD / 15.99 EUR / £11.99 GBP.

More information: Intua / BeatMaker 2


Short links for September 23rd, 2009

Percussa DeckaBridge

Some interesting things I found recently:

# AudioCubes DeckaBridge

Percussa’s AudioCubes meets Deckadance in DeckaBridge, a software designed with the digital DJ in mind.

Deckabridge is a software application developed specifically for the Percussa AudioCubes hardware. It lets you use the AudioCubes with Deckadance, well known professional DJ software from Image-Line, the company that created FL Studio.

DeckaBridge allow you to:

  • Control the transport (CUE, seek fwd / backw)
  • Control EQ and effect sections (bit crusher, lowpass filter, …)
  • Control loop length and enable/disable
  • Control various parts of the relooper beat slicer (a unique feature in DJ software!)

Download DeckaBridge here.

# little-scale: 3 Sega Sample Kits for BeatMaker (iPhone)
Sebastian Tomczak has a few free Sega kits for BeatMaker.

Today I picked up the brilliant application BeatMaker for iPhone and iPod Touch. It is a great combination of a simple interface with enough flexibility to do some interesting things with it.

Here are three Sega kits for BeatMaker:

• YM2413 Drums (recorded from a Sega Master System 1)
• YM2612 (recorded from a Sega Mega Drive 2)
• SN76489 (recorded from a Sega Master System 2)

# Arduino playground – Un looper pour guitare électrique (French)

Arduin based Guitar Looper

Arduino based Guitar Looper:

Here's how to make a little pedal for electric guitar. The idea is to connect the Arduino pedals, and using software to control sound processing, we made ourselves with Pure Data. Here I show you an example of a looper, but it can also be a rack of effects without problem.

# Going the Extra Mile for Unique Timbres: Part 2

Nick Maxwell takes a look at some more sound-shaping tools that will aid you in your quest to develop unique timbres.

Continuing the series of posts I began last week, let’s take a look at some more sound-shaping tools that will aid us in our quest to develop unique timbres. As usual, I’ll be using Ableton Live to illustrate when needed.

Jakob Penca iloveacid

# Wild Musical Inventions from Berlin Hackday

Peter Kirn writes:

The Berlin Hack Day, which wound up earlier today, offers still more projects focused on the creation side of music hacking. Having Ableton and Native Instruments as sponsors likely helped the mood. And as you’d expect from one of the world capitals of creative hacking, Berliners don’t disappoint.

Among the projects: a beautiful, elegant 3D sequencer, a fun bird-and-sky multitouch soundmaker with multitouch trackpad input, and a robotic xylophone controlled by monome. Someone even worked out a way to turn NI’s Maschine into a rhythm game, complete with Street Fighter sounds.


Sinevibes releases sound expansions for BeatMaker iPhone app

Sinevibes BeatMaker Sound Expansions

Sinevibes has announced the release of sound expansions for BeatMaker iPhone app.

In the past 40 years, music production has evolved enormously, and the latest great step in this evolution is the BeatMaker running on Apple’s astonishing iPhone and iPod touch. What used to be available only to high-profile studios just a few decades ago can now fit into your pocket – never before making music was so amazing and so accessible. However, it’s not only the technologies that allow people to bring their musical ideas to life anywhere they go: they obviously need high-quality and original sound materials to start with.

The BeatMaker Sound Expansions from Sinevibes deliver exactly that: a wide variety of fresh and unique instruments, loops and kits for modern electronic music styles. Now, you can instantly turn your mobile device into a full-blown, professional music workstation, with quick access to all sounds you need no matter when and where inspiration strikes.

Three sound expansions are available

  • Bass: includes analog and digital synth bass sounds. Contents: 25 multisampled instruments, 100 individual samples.
  • Rhythm: includes kicks, snares, claps, hats, drums, toms, shakers, hats, scratches, glitches, noises, lo-fi sounds, acoustic percussion, vocoder, special effects, etc. Contents: 18 rhythm kits, 20 loops, 204 individual samples.
  • Synth: includes synth sounds, bells, hits and chords. Contents: 10 multisampled instruments, 30 single sounds, 70 individual samples.

The BeatMaker sound expansions are available as a download in a bundle for $19 USD. Later on, they will also be available individually for $9 USD each. Future free upgrades with new sounds are planned.

More information: Sinevibes