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Beatserv releases Clash

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Beatserv Clash

Beatserv has released Clash, a new sample library.

Based on the Iron Chef concept, the Clash beats were played and recorded by Beatserv’s own Corey McCafferty before we sliced, diced, re-sampled and reassembled them into entirely new loops.

Both the original live loops and at least three interpretations of each are included as 42 distinct beat sets, a total of over 300 loops including multiple variations and breaks.

All loops are available as digital downloads in 24-bit WAV and Apple Loops format. Also included are three kits of processed individual hits (244 total) in Native Instruments Battery 3 and Live 8 drum rack formats.

Clash features

  • 42 Beat Sets featuring 333 loops.
  • Formats: 24-bit WAV, Apple Loops.
  • 244 hit samples arranged in NI Battery 3 Kits, Ableton Live 8 Drum Racks, and 24-bit WAV files.
  • Genre(s): Electronica, Glitch, IDM.

Clash is available to purchase for $49.99 USD.

More information: Beatserv / Clash


Beatserv releases Detroit Sound Pack

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Beatserv Detroit Sound Pack

Beatserv has released the Detroit Sound Pack, a new sample library.

The first in a series of urban soundscapes gone idm, Detroit turns the clamor of a city into an essential percussion library.

Our city series includes both raw unprocessed samples as well as bits and glitches created entirely from these original samples.

Detroit includes 105 samples within two kits — clean and procedural — in Battery 3 and Live Pack formats. 24 bit WAV files are also included.

The Detroit Sound Pack is available to purchase now, priced at $15.95 USD.

More information: Beatserv / Detroit Sound Pack


Beatserv releases Bombs and Bits

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Beatserv Bombs and Bits

Beatserv has released Bombs and Bits, a new sample pack.

Bombs and Bits is a meticulously designed sample library of epic low end blasts and warped, yet elemental, percussion.

The first of many forthcoming Beatserv sound packs, Bombs and Bits includes 50 original samples and comes in Battery 3 and Live Pack formats. 24 bit WAV files are also included.

Beatserv is offering 20% off on all its products through January 1, 2010.

The Bombs and Bits sample pack is available to purchase for $7.96 USD (regular $9.95 USD).

More information: Beatserv / Bombs and Bits


Beatserv releases Beatserv Series Two: Collection

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Beatserv Series Two: Collection

Beatserv has released Beatserv Series Two: Collection, a new bundle of sample libraries.

With over 340 loops, more than 180 original samples, plus 4 NI Battery kits, you get an arsenal of beats, and our best value.

Series 2 was built from the ground up, starting with the best drum microphones and Lavry converters. From there, we compressed, recompressed, synthesized, and tricked-out the samples until they became our own. In Series 2, you’ll find everything from solid, fundamental drum hits to the most warped styles.

Beatserv Series Two: Collection features

  • Dark Downtempo 2 — A continuation of our top seller from Series 1, Dark Downtempo 2 expands upon an already classic approach to the chill out beat. Timed vinyl and tape artifacts mesh with carefully placed ghost notes and all original samples to create yet another essential set.
  • Syntax — Electronica producer Bounte sliced and sequenced found sounds, field recordings, synth bits, and Beatserv studio samples into these diverse original grooves.
  • Ocular — “Dope as fuck” was our initial reaction. Constructed by acclaimed producer Andrew Sega (Iris, The Alpha Conspiracy, Stromkern), Ocular features big, hard-hitting, but decidedly intricate beats.
  • Broke Bias — With a tape and razor blade ethic plus the added perspective of an accomplished drummer, Corey McCafferty’s Broke Bias loses the rigidity of programmed beats and explores an entirely unique direction. Part 70′s oversaturation, part futurist beats, and 100% original samples.

Each loop in the Collection comes in 24-bit 44kHz wav, REX, and Apple Loops formats. Additional samples are 24-bit wav.

Beatserv Series Two: Collection is available for purchase for $69.99 USD. The sample packs are also available separately, priced at $19.99 USD each.

More information: Beatserv / Beatserv Series Two: Collection


Beatserv launches with Beatserv Series One loop packs

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Beatserv Series One Collection

Beatserv has launched with Beatserv Series One, downloadable collections of premium, royalty-free drum loops for use in audio production and performance.

Beatserv Series One

  • Dark Downtempo, a collection of sophisticated downtempo beats with hints of timed vinyl effects and manipulated ambience. An instant classic for the chillout set.
  • Residence, we spent years studying the darkest corners of the hippest Chicago clubs to bring you these 10 sets of fresh house loops. We used Beatserv technique to add updated flavor to a bumpin’ old-school sound.
  • Stridence, a profusion of glitched and broken materials grudgingly come together to form the Stridence beat collection. Assembled by legendary electronic/industrial producer Wade Alin (Christ Analogue, Sister Machine Gun, Chemlab).

The loop packs are available for the introductory price of $17.99 USD each (10% discount until June 2009).
All three packs can be purchased bundled in Beatserv Series One: Collection for $44.99 USD.

Visit Beatserv for more information and audio demos.