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Bela D Media introduces DLV products

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Bela D Media DLV

Bela D Media has announced the release of DLV (Download Versions), customized LE products created from the Bela D Media catalog.

All DLV versions maintain the very same high quality of the full version counterpart. There are no stretched zones, bit reduction alterations or EULA limitations. In some instances, you will also be able to take hold of a full version. All digital downloads are secure and instant.

DLV products can be upgraded to the full version, by paying the difference between the price of the DLV and the full product. All full versions upgrades are shipped via hard copy DVD.

Visit Bela D Media for more information.

Bela D Media releases Retro Flute

Bela D Media Retro Flute

Bela D Media has released Retro Flute, a flute sample library for Kontakt.

Though it will sit extremely well in a Cinematic, Classical or Jazz ensemble track, it is the retro sound used by many progressive rock artists that produces a pure and powerful tone.

Retro Flute features

  • Sustained Straight Tone & Vibrato.
  • Sung Style.
  • Various Staccato Options.
  • Repetitions, Overlaying Options.
  • Player Breath Noise, Key Noise
  • Slide Down, Runs, Flutter, Mordent, Half and Whole Tone Trills.

Retro Flute for Kontakt 2.2.4. or higher (K3 compatible) is available for $119.99 USD.

Visit Bela D Media for more information.

Bela D Media releases DSynth – Shadows of Luminosity

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Bela D Media DSynth - Shadows of Luminosity

Bela D Media has released DSynth – Shadows of Luminosity, a sample library for Kontakt 2 and higher.

DSynth is a power tool combined with a collection of unique and awe-inspiring synthetic sounds and instruments. With very little mechanical effort, the composer can quickly create full arrangements of music in almost any genre. From electronic dance to ambient film score, your sonic vision can effortlessly be made into reality.

DSynth – Shadows of Luminosity features

  • 2 DVD set, 24-bit/44.1KHz.
  • Advanced Scripting (DARP, a real-time and step time pattern recorder, arpeggiator, drum machine and much more).
  • 9 categories of sounds: Analog, Digital, Hybrid, Organic/Thematic, Instrument, Soundscape, IES – (Impulse Excitation Synthesis), SFX – Sound Effect, Percussion.
  • DTools, includes templates for quickly building your own DSynth patches.

DSynth – Shadows of Luminosity is available now for $149.99 USD.

Visit Bela D Media for more information and audio demos.

Bela D Media releases Anthology: Spiritual Wind Vol. 02

Bela D Media Anthology: Spiritual Wind Vol. 02

Bela D Media has released Anthology: Spiritual Wind Vol. 02, a projected multi volume sample collection of authentic instruments from various countries and cultures.


  • 24-bit/44.1KHz instruments: Armenian Duduk, Bulgarian Kaval, Didgeridoo, Koncovka (High Overtone Flute), Fujara (Low Overtone Flute), Dizi, Low Bansuri, Shakuhachi, Turkish Clarinet
  • Multi Speed Legato Control
  • Male and Female Vocal Breath
  • FX: 24-bit Redeemer IRF
  • Auto Default / Manual Key Switching
  • Auto / Manual Drone Mode
  • Noises for true sounding performances
  • Speed mode, real time ornamentations and/or vibrato to tempo
  • Real Time Velocity and Vibrato Cross-Fade Control
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Auto Random or Selected Round Robin
  • Latch and Pan Tables
  • Volume Sens
  • Wind Controller Compatibility (i.e. Yamaha WX5)

As a bonus, Bela D Media has included the Giovani Edition’s 19th century church impulse response file.

Anthology: Spiritual Winds Vol. 02 is released in Native Instruments Kontakt 2 format and costs $199.99 USD.

Visit Bela D Media for more information and some demos of Anthology: Spiritual Wind Vol. 02.